Life Is Strange True Colors Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

, One told the story of max and Chloe. A teen angst filled true Detective or woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey were replaced by two girls living in a private school.. It had 100 more supernatural nous and about 20, more Hella life is strange to less said the better. Now life is strange.. True colors follows Alex chin, a teenage broken home version of nancy Drew. If nancy drew also just said, screw it and beat the shit out of people by rage, pile driving them with their own emotions.. I love life is strange. One. Life is strange to with a sledgehammer. Writing tried a bit to break that fragile excellence of the first title, a little bit like dont nod zone version of garage inc compared to say the black album.. It wasnt all bad. Well, most of it was.. So when True colors got announced, I put my worries aside and just said: you know what lets check it. Out. Can true colors hit the emotional highs of the original game, or will it fade into obscurity Like the second season, Lets check it out and see? As always, if you like, the video give it a thumbs up and subscribe., I would love for you to do so stay tuned to the end of the video, where I also talk about a way for you to vote on what game gets reviewed. Next. Lets talk about some graphics, so graphically. Life is strange.. True, colors is not bad.

, It runs fairly well.. You do have some post processing effects that are unfortunately tied into chromatic operation, which is not the best.. Its got a good amount of adjustments that you can make in the graphical settings, however, and a lot of those will, let you sort of tune it. The way you want. That pastel look is perfectly mimicked here, as you walk through the small town, lower blocks of Haven.. Now, admittedly, haven can feel a little bit like a Hollywood movie set where each sections cordoned off from the others. Like everybodys, worried a fast camera sweep is going to show you behind the scenes and youre gon na realize its just the same stages. Some police, procedural. But they do a pretty good job with what they have, and this cant be highlighted more than the actual look, Both elegantly artistic, as well as excellently animated characters and faces.. Now, while the lip sinking may not be on spot all the time., The faces in true colors are a high offering that look of frustration or anger or surprise or happiness, or maybe a good deal of corniness depending on the situation, shows through perfectly. The game isnt Going for that ingrained next gen definition that makes console memory, managers grown, trying to figure out how to swap out entire sections.. So some dudes laugh lines can look perfect. Its a more subtle and definitely softer approach that I think works incredibly well, as it did for the original game and all of the titles afterwards.

. It is a bit cartoon its a bit washed out memory that you get in your minds eye. When someone asked you about that awesome birthday, you had 10 years ago.. Now this pays off in the game based around the power that Alex has and that ability to sense other peoples, emotion. Theres, a scene where I wont spoil it, but the embarrassment and almost weird excitement in someones face is perfectly replicated, as is the differences in what Alexis in a world compared to some of the other characters., Now direct X, 12 mode, there is the ability to use basic raytracing, which looks excellent, especially as demonstrated in Alexs glasses and some of the reflection in the light sources.. Those are very good, as you would expect. Well actually, as you would hope. The 10 80 T. I, the 28 E. T. I. They ran the game spectacularly well from 10, 80 P up to four K on the 2080, both continually knocking it above 80 frames per. Second, for the majority of the time. Now in a lot of games, the exemplary accused of emotion and hesitation are missed as some new shiny nous explodes on screen.. True colors has a very relaxed stance in its delivery.. It puts the attention where it needs to and thats on, the characters faces and the locations when those places are being explored., Whether thats playing a guitar alone or helping someone threw a life altering event.. True colors really does a fine job in understanding exactly what its trying to put on screen and where attention needs to be placed.

Its not going to win any awards, but I think for what its trying to do. It does a very excellent job, as does the audio for the most part now., Pretty sad theres, not a single hello dropped that I could find in the game. I was hoping for an easter egg.. That being said, the voices are excellently done.. They have tonal shifts as the characters realize situations have gone absolutely out of control, all the way to some really truly hilarious, one liners and in jokes, when it comes to social media and the writing there, though, some of that is not actually vocalized. The writing and the delivery here is a step up from the second game.. By far, the only big issue I have is that the games choices, many of them sort of poignant, at least in that moment, have a tendency to play out a bit after some facial animation or look is passed between characters and a lot of times. When you choose something to say, as Alex, the game has a tendency to sort of soften that moment and have a lot of animations play out and a lot of looking around before someone says anything. This can lead to a couple stilted advancements in discussion. Some shout out to well written side comments and moments of discussion as well.. There are really nice spots, here., Sometimes sensitive ones, as well as ones that you happen to engage in in more than one place between 10 pcs that are just walking around the world.

. I love that wasnt really expecting it here. What I was expecting as good music., I think the life is strange. Games have always knocked it out of the park musically its hard to come into that rarefied air that that first game had that stroll down that classroom. Hallway, as max is amazing as a true setting of the time. True colors tries., It comes close a couple times like moments where you can sit down and play the guitar or watch well a lake, because life is strange, isnt about a bunch of Kardashians. All celebrating the 4100 lips injection by going to the caribbean., The music is indeed very dour., Its sad and, for the most part, acoustic accompaniment. So be prepared, for that is very indie. Scene. Feeling the same workmanship attitude goes towards the sound., Its not bad.. It works. Well, for what it does. And in some locations, exploring old, sawmills or reminiscing about memories on a mountainside. Actually do sound pretty much like they are in those locations and spots and thats something weve seen a lot of games, miss even in point and click walk around Talk to people adventure, style games like this as a complete audio category., I think its excellently done.. The music is going to be a little bit more hit and miss, I think, than the prior games, But this is still well worth your time to make sure that that audio is on. There is a streamer function for you to turn most of the license: music.

Off., If you decide to stream this on twitch, now lets talk a little bit about gameplay and about the story. Im gon na try to keep this as spoiler free as humanly possible and thats. What weve also been asked to do. You play as Alex recently released from well just bad decisions and adolescent prison at the foster home system and various poor choices, and you decide to go live with your brother in Haven.. First things. First, any place called Haven should be suspect. No place called Haven has actually been that no place called. Haven hasnt been a spot where demonic entities are taken over the town populist. The moment you see it should just run away. Second thing: her brother is a frigging dope and by dop I actually mean the dopest motherfucker you could ever meet. Hes got a room above a bar that somehow looks like its out of Highlander.. He has his own arcade cabinet that seems to have somehow walked itself up and teleported through a wall.. Even Alex is like how the fuck did this get up here And another question, and this is something true: colors does a lot of times that asks questions of the gamer and of the story. How did Gabe, who went through the same broken home styling as Alex turn out so well, and he did? The game starts with you getting to know him as the apology tours his way through the small town.

But overall Gabe is awesome and everybody thinks he is Im notoriously hard to please when it comes to characters in games. I think a lot of times devs write them so despondently see through that it comes across as artificial.. Most of the characters in this world are just people trying to get through their lives without screaming too much.. Gabe is one of them and you sort of see the lines between Gabe Alex and everybody else in this world. As you explore it., However, all good things must come to an end, as you know gave us so awesome that he pretty much has to die and thats where the story in the crux of the action actually begins.. Sometimes you also wait some tables. Are you turn into a 21 under version of Zeng from Street Fighter Alex for as long as she can remember, has had this ability to actually see and feel and understand other peoples emotions. Now, while max had the ability to reverse Time, Alex can leap into someones Memory box and kick the shit out of all their emotions until she finds out whats, bothering them then. As the game progresses forward. She has the ability to either help them through their issues like a psychic, dr Phil, or just ignore them.. Also, like a psychic, dr Phil., The changeover in the story here is that familiarity with family, even though its a family thats been split up and the feeling of them getting back together in a shared history of violence and problematic childhood.

. You do have some of that with max, but theres no support like max had from their parents, and this is closer a little bit to the second season. Gabe has made a life for himself, Alex says pretty much made a mess, and now she has to decide. Does she want to continue that mess with Gabe gone? True colors is very adventure, point and click centric with you. Moving through the locations. You talk to characters, you learn a bit more about them and you occasionally use this special power to change the situation. Youre in find out more information or help someone threw a bad situation, Alex controls, as you would pretty much expect. Shes a slow plotting, jogger its the fastest. You can coax out of her because she isnt laura from Tomb raider, its very sedate. Much of the town is closed off and a lot of those locations are only open for specific instances.. However, one bonus here is theres a fleshed out feeling to true colors. That didnt really exist in the other games. You can listen and talk to people and then return with data youve collected elsewhere and hear more or unlock more dialogue.. It happened in the other titles a little bit, but it just feels way more organic hair flowing with you. Reading some list to you now understand what a character somewhere else is actually fretting about. Game. Also made me care about somebody in reverse. Without going into the story, territory.

Ill just say that its one of the better written games where world feels like it existed prior to you getting there and while it may not be up to say the longest journey, dream fall levels of writing its actually quite close.. Also, the differences between this and the second season plays through right away without spoiling anything jumping into other peoples. Minds is not always about solving some crimes, sometimes just helping someone and thats where life is strange. True, colors, slowly burns at this ebb.. That is far more satisfying than life is strange to and feels more like life is strange, one, its a cool mix.. They also remind me a little bit of tell me why now as youre, exploring and doing odd jobs and learning about all these characters, the game does have a couple, mrs, like the fact that a good deal of that first episode revolves around this small dustup between A couple people and everybody actually acts like somebody straight up got murdered. Admittedly, I know that not everybody has probably seen a fistfight in their life., So I think at the ages of these characters and what theyve been experiencing in life.. I think thats a little bit far fetched something that true colors does have a bit of problem with, though, is understanding exactly where it wants to lay its emotional blanket down. It can meander and not in the way that you may like, when the main narrative isnt, pushing forward you explore a bit or learn about the town and its history, but due to the one or two lines per character, NBCs that you get it delivers it in A way that feels a little bit like a vocal scavenger hunt.

Its where the games brevity in those side, characters that usually is awesome. Dont get me wrong. Could have actually helped with some length in a little bit more feeling out, especially when the game knows that Youre pretty much waiting on something., Also when Gabe and Alex didnt get to visit one another for years, then gave dies. It doesnt feel super impactful to her, and I get that youre supposed to identify. And since this distance – and I didnt want to sit in there in the bed or underwear bowling for three weeks as he tries to put her life together., But her first comments about his death. Didnt really feel like that, punch that I needed for her to investigate his demise and the ideas behind well, the possibly supernatural events in Haven itself, but you really cant argue that feeling of a lived in location, it was fine. Just felt really nice.. Also, when you look at life is strange, one you have max and Chloe and that feeling of them getting this power here, its handled a little bit differently.. I dont want to spoil it too much, but a lot of the people sort of find out about it and Im like yeah thats, pretty cool., And I think we all agree if one of us have that power wed be doing some crazy shit with it. It really doesnt pop up here and its never accept once or twice really explained why that hasnt been horribly misused.

You do find out. On the other hand, why Alex doesnt necessarily like being close to people., And I think its an expectation we all would have if you hear this story, but its handled quite well in the various different memoirs and items that Alex actually collect throughout the game., Its something Thats also replicated by her replacing Gabe in the location and in the town once he has been gone and you driving forward the investigation to what could possibly happen. While there is romance in the game., You can romance.. I think two of the characters, if not a third one. I really am not a fan of that in most games, Its never really written quite well, and it isnt here that feeling of being smitten sort of is written at first. Thats a rhyme after that it sort of falls apart, no matter how you engage with it. Overall, though heres the thing life is strange, true colours., It feels definitely better than the second title by a good deal., And that, in your face, writing that the second title just continually had no matter what you did is replaced here with the subtlety that is highly Enjoyable and to me much more gratifying., Another thing: thats gratifying is fun fun factor for this game., Its quite high, if you like these kind of titles, exploratory titles in the minds of others, and sometimes using a magical power to figure out things looking around and just Exploring is all done very well.

. I will say that that feeling of mystery and supernatural ability is not as engaged as it was in the first game.. That was something that I really felt was risen to the top here. Its a little bit more just about a character. Who also has this ability to do a thing. Now, when you think about it. That makes a lot of sense, because life is strange. One., The person could reverse time. Thats a pretty big goddamn deal., And here you can just jump into peoples, brains and well, learn what theyre thinking, which also seems like a pretty big deal. But you get my drift. Its just, not as poignant doesnt hit as hard when it comes to the game length.. That is exactly what you would expect. Its 56 hours, depending on how you play through it all.. It can be even longer if you want to explore. You want to look at things and you want to collect various different little collectibles when it comes to memoirs or identify whats going on in the city itself. Fucking around. Theres, also a very cool scene. Cant show it to you, but a very cool scene. In chapter five about four or five, I believe that involves some rule Plain and its really well done. Its very cool, complete surprise.. So when it comes to these kind of games, the fun factor is really in engaging in the storytelling itself and yeah its very, very fun.. So you guys know me, I rate games on a by wait for sell, rent or never touch it again rating system.

This is definitely worth getting.. I think its a phenomenal game. I think its quite enjoyable. Doesnt hit the lofty highs that life is strange. Number one hits, but that is very hard to do.. I also think Alex is quite a tremendous character for the most part very engaging for the most part, very emotional, when it mattered.. I do feel that the technology or the desire to show the technology, especially in some of those conversations, stretch them out a little bit too long, and they could have actually done with a tiny bit of editing sort of like this review So thats it. For me. Give it a thumbs up if you like it thumbs down if you didnt, subscribe regardless, because you guys know subscribing, is what helps the channel check out the patron.. That also helps the channel.. We got D and D and we got board games stuff and we got people getting together and just streaming games.. We got people talking about various things like movies and shows and personal problems., So its pretty much just like life is strange.. I have a lot of games to review.. I want to know what games you want me to review. Put it in the comments put down the game. In. The comments were going to add it up, and if the game is not already on my list, I will add it to the list and get it and review it when it comes out here in september.

, So thats it for me.

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