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Today we have a brand new puzzle, game ready for you guys, and this time we will show the mystery characters in the nintendo games. I hope you are ready for this and if youre new to the channel dont forget to hit the subscribe button, lets go Music lets check out round number one. What do you think luigi? I think its sumo blue? What do you think guys? Yes, sumo blue Music? Yes, thats right, congratulations! Thats! One point for you: luigi now lets check out sumo bro and mario bros deluxe Music. Oh Music, Music round number two. You know this is also easy. He looks a little bit like wario, but look at his big hands. That has to be boom yay its right one. One now lets check out boom boom in mario 3d world Music, hey Music, oh Music, Music round number three: this is definitely something with electric, maybe koopa Music. That makes it two one for you. Luigi now lets check out amp in new super mario bros, 2. Music round number four. I start Music thats wrong. Luigi Music. You know what i think its bone, goomba yay thats right, two two, the score is equal again now lets take a look at bone, goomba and new super mario bros, 2. Music. Oh Music round number five. Oh, i noticed luigi its definitely camella orca mac but which one should i choose. Um i see canelo camella. Okay, i will go for canela Music, oh Music.

Oh, not fair! You take the point now lets check out kamek in mario party star rush Applause, Music, start Applause, Music, oh Music Applause, finished, Music Applause, Music last round, and the score is 3 2. For you luigi. Let me start okay, its easy Music. Congratulations. Luigi now lets check out rasnar in new super mario bros, 2. Music, wow, Music, Music Applause, Music, okay, guys. This is the end of the video we hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for watching dont forget to subscribe and well see you next time. Bye.

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