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How it even makes sounds and the eyes move yeah. This one is so cool, so you turn the cloud on top and then he dropped and then this little guy just goes Applause. Music. Alright, so you walk up here and when you step on this, it launches out, lift it up. He goes down. This one is one of my favorite. So when you press this, he starts wobbling at the top and look at his arms and hes, like so cool hes smashing his chest. Look at the bottom yeah thats. What makes it? Oh all right, ready, carson, yeah good. This is so cool, so the bottom bit is just spinning. Oh no luigi, when you do this, you get coins all right, so you want to put luigi on and then keep on, spinning it and try and knock him down. Oh almost there almost there come on come on, come on Music, all right for this one. You got ta keep on stepping on these butts and then king boo will fall down. Oh, oh, oh hes gone hes falling back, oh Music, oh my goodness! That is so cool Music that is so cool. I think you continue from here question. So you get a coin every time you step on that. Oh you got nice. Oh hes made this sound um! Oh did i finish. I got 27 coins. All right guys now were going to be doing a challenge. You start over there and ill start over here and we have 60 seconds to collect coins.

Okay, cousin, yes, lets see who gets the most ready. Yeah all right go over there, three two one: Music: Music! Oh, i got 74 coins that Music Applause. I got 74 coins kyson. What are you doing? I was driving. I was trying to get on zapper. This was covering it. Oh guys and i was trying to go. You should have seen her ill.

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