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Oh spongebob hit him when all reliable at high percents, so im assuming thats his f smash or strong attack or whatever theyre going to call it im, just probably going to speak in smash terms because uh im, a casual and thats all. I know spongebob with the resets looks like those are all his lights and tilts and then strong would be your ko attacks and three strong weights. Oh, you can do strong attacks in the air thats gon na be crazy picture, if, like mario, could do in air. F smash other straws, okay, and this seems kind of like a round like a rock paper scissors thing, theres three types of attacks down and causes a spin out. So if they do, oh, you put the the references. Go deep in this directional system. Patrick put the trophy on his head from big pink losers. Were gon na have a lot of fun with this content a dashing effect. This indicates that you can perform a dash light or a dash straw, yo theres different kinds of dash attacks too. These attacks can and they cancel anything okay, thats pretty sick spongebob is strong. More specifically wait. Can he move? Hes got the cargo or maybe every character can move and throw actually grab in the air, thats sick, okay, so air grabs you can walk while grabbing and just like the ground. Oh my god, you can alley oop to yourself. A guard can become more effective by either timing it to the hit okay, so theres, perfect blocks or parries theres gon na be a lot of depth in this game.

I like how patrick falls asleep like hes on squidwards couch yeah, you mine, are all right. Oh spongebobs, a zoner, oh you can reflect them. Can you redirect any projectile? You can catch them. You can fast fall with an air dash. I think you can waveland and you can also wave dash. I think that was confirmed. Oh oh there. It is spongebob with the wave dash and last, but certainly not least, if you cant have a platform wait. They really included the meme from like a couple years ago as a taunt, they also dropped a couple of random matches. So i guess well take a look, because this is the best we got until the game releases next month, so jellyfish fields, kind of looks like town and city or animal crossing, because it has just the one platform going back and forth. All right, shes got the juggle. Shes got the up tilt up, airs theres gon na be some crazy resets, with all the things that you can do with dash attacks. This nigel player, though its nigel players, struggling, maybe nigels bottom tier up, the throw okay lets, see nigel got that spike. The ledge trap the edge guard nigel with a hard read on that one, but april oh hes done all right. We also got a little free for all action here, showing off some more characters. We have leonardo in here, but theyre also playing on the avatar stage. When are we going to see some aang and korra gameplay? When are they going to confirm that theyre in the game? First of all, we know it theyre on the box, art weve, seen it stop, hiding it from us ludocity.

I love patricks uh, his down air, the ice cream cone, the strawberry twist with a dip or whatever they called it in uh fry cook, games. Honestly, the first trailer i saw made me nervous for this game, but i think seeing recent gameplay and the polish it looks a lot better im, just hoping that the online is good. I know rollback netcode was confirmed, but not for every platform, because theres some serious potential here, especially if ficom decides theyre going to let ludosity support the game after launch yo april has like the brawl snake dash attack right into the mortar. I got a little 1v1 here. You got spongebob versus april for the win. I dont know who im gon na mean, i feel like i got ta play spongebob or patrick okay, all right spongebobs got this in the bag or or not or aprils got the juggle. I like that you can retreat and attack. Oh, my god that was filthy. So can we get the petition going to have me uh, commentated evo, when this is the the headlining game? I know nothing about lucy loud, but im kind of hyped for cat dog. Oh, it looks like they have the uh dog, the mighty upbeat recovery. This hang on dog just turned into dog. Where was it? He just turned into dog the mighty right there, the references go stupid and then you have uh whatever cats. Sidekick name was. Okay, all right, why is cat dog kind of snap? Oh, my god, you know i was joking when i made the title of the last video that cat dog has broken, but i think i was right.

Cat dog has got those min men hit boxes dog the money with recovery, lucy lab looks like she has some kind of uh coffin. This is gon na be a three stock. This is gon na be a three suck. Cat dog is absolutely cracked. I like how fast the game is too. The gameplay is pretty quick, okay, lucy loud taking a stock there and for anyone buying the game. Let me know down in the comment section: what platform do you plan on buying the game for because i just want to know the best way for me to play with a bunch of people if im being realistic, im, probably buying this on multiple platforms, i think Pc is probably going to be my go to, but ill probably also pick it up on playstation and switch some really cool stuff. Here, im excited for this game. It looks way more polished in these gameplay videos than previously and if youre not subscribed, go for it.

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