Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gameplay, Super Smash Bros. All-Stars is an ANIME FIGHTER

The objective is to read out your opponent such a shock, im so stunned by this news. Everything so basically smash doesnt have their own button in this case, as opposed to it being um. They know like tilting the sticks hard for the most part. These kinds of boots would be fair im not going to sign them to a c. Stick though, i really do light attacks in the air three special attacks, theres a lot of that combo in the air and three strong attacks in the air thats, one actual difference, theres kind of a smash attack in the air thats pretty if you choose that, determines The interaction with other strongs down beats bid and causes a stagger so theres a rock paper scissor mechanic here and causes it. So if theres a clash between two certain moves, one move will just win, beats down and cause it could potentially be broken or it could be cool either way. Its unique lets see how it goes. Primary exception to the directional system is in the form of dash attacks. This indicates that you can perform a dash light or a dash strong, so there and you could cancel the dash attacks into anything. You want thats some raw tech right there. You can do that with the right system, so thats, pretty cool or more specifically, every single grab. The cargo throws all right. All right, get a jumper patricks face during this grab is hilarious by the way whats more you can actually grab in the air.

Even after a double jump, air grabs, thats, pretty cool and just like the girl im telling you this game is an anime fighter. We got like air grabs, we got like air dash, we got air combos, its indefinite. There is no penalty for holding it. I hope the actual game has like a bubble, so you can know when theyre guarding, because uh i cant really tell from just that you enter teeter, oh okay, so if youre blocking against the corner, youre punished, you actually just eat a free punishment, a guard can Become more so starting timing, it too, probably not the greatest by holding in the direction both initiates a perfect guard where you can run: oh, my god, the parry, the spongebob parry. We got evil moment 37, but with spongebob squarepants, oh parry get a free smash, somebodys coming at you with projectiles patricks face like hes, taking the more theyre redirected, the more powerful they become, and they also added lethal league into the game as just a part of The game you can grant, i think they were just for players, so this game is basically its giving you a lot of options. Very anti defense, because if you block too much you get you just get eat, you just eat a free, punish projectiles. You can throw back, and this is a very uh offensive – focus game. As far as i can tell from that, this turning system can be locked by holding strength, a straight button, thats, actually a great idea for a game like this.

That way, if you want to shoot like projectiles and run backwards, you could do that easily at all uh some characters and some characters in smash can do that natively, but not easily. Without compromise im, probably not going to use the strafe too much honestly, im too used to how smash works at this point on the top of the board theres. So many new mechanics all right. Oh my god, it is an anime fighter. Air dash is grant no invincibility, its literally an animal fighter. Weve got air grabs. Air combos air dashes can go any direction. Eight directional air dashes from spongebob squarepants. They are sick. What is this? What is this? What is this into any attack and they could be cancelled into anything? You can waveland thats a hell of a wave dash holy crap. You can wave dash. Spongebob is so happy to be wave dashing dude. It looks like they made it really easy. Oh my good! God you cant have a black fighter without really made that spongebobs tawn – oh my god, all right guys so theres already more to this than i expected so im. Actually i was. I was following this game kind of as a joke, like most people were at first, but it actually is looking pretty good uh this one they also re. So they did also release some gameplay here of april versus nigel thornberry, and i think its a good idea to actually see how the game plays like in a full match in action that is very loud.

That is quite loud, definitely got ta lower that more alright. So, im, looking at the movement im looking at this movement, the air dashes are out of control theres like im, watching like the blazblue version of smash right now, all right all right. One thing i would definitely improve would be the sound effects, but the wave dashing wave landing sliding around the movement is actually not no literally better than smash like im loving this movement dude because, like im just loving this movement, it also has the mod where they Modded new 13 from blaze blue into smash ultimate and she had a wave dash like this uh in airdash i mean, and it changed the way that whole game was played. Look at these combos dude. Why does this look sick? Why does this actually look really good? Instead, she actually used the mechanic to break the the guard at the edge of the stage this is gon na. This is the anime fighter of platform fighters. Nicktoons nicktoons. All star brawl is the is literally the anime fighter of platform fighters, thats crazy, but right guys who you got. I think aprils gon na take this. I think thats, pretty obvious uh. Are there like final smash equivalents if there are im surprised, theyre not being used april, destroyed that man, theres cat dog, gameplay theyre, really just showing this stage? For now, all right cat dog might just be broken by the way. The range that hes got on all cat dog has a shoryuken dude.

The movement is out of control. I didnt think i would be so on board for this, but oh my god that forward smash like this game actually looks pretty good like it actually looks competitively like playing. Look at that wave there should that cat dog wave dash – oh my goodness, its literally not a meme. This game actually literally completely looks good. That is insane like why why why is this game? Look so good! I see the projectiles. I see im seeing a lot of in the way of movement here, movement from universals movement by the way like theres no limit here. Did she just do some kind of a teleport should fly on a bat. The the forward smash from cat dog is hilarious. Come out of a coffin, what i dont know what lucy loud is: i dont know what show shes from site. I dont get the references im. Sorry, a cat dog im all here for the cat dog air dash. You get two jumps and an air dash plus youre up b, but this game is unbelievably fast paced, like its really really fast. We all thought it was a joke. We all thought it was a joke, but this game is legit dude. I think theres, one more gameplay video, so lets just check that out real quick. There was one more of a four a four on four okay, a free for all, get to see. Some leonardo is the only character we havent seen out of all out of all this a new stage too.

What map is this? Oh, its the avatar stage. They didnt even confirm avatar characters yet but theyre like heres the stage theres apple, flying on the background, all right, so this game is gon na, have roll back all these advanced, mechanics and leonardo from the teenage mutant, ninja turtles in it. I am uh im gon na be a nicktoons creator now and um. I guess thats the future thats the future of this channel, because this game is, is everything i play its smash and an anime fighter. All in one im trying to watch the leonardo see like his moveset, because i know there was like some turtles and time references in the trailer. I want to see more of those im not seeing them right now, though, right now, my only real complaint is actually theres. No, like uh theres, no like voice clips from anybody like definitely still a budget game, so im kind of hoping they get like voices by the end, but i dont think they have a release date announced for this game. Yet i hope its soon, but not too soon, because, like im, gon na be away for two weeks in october, and i dont want to release then like every other game, i want to play us uh like demonstrate competitive platform fighter or are there items and stuff Like that, oh oh, leo, killed himself leo went out first, oh my god, patrick just did like the the suplex.

He did like the kirby uh super, not the curve kirby grab and jumped off the stage dude. This is down to the wire between april and spongebob april. Looks like shes got the competitive mechanics more down, though ive seen im seeing the air dash im, seeing the wave landings im seeing this movement im seeing this movement, she shes got the camera spike. Oh, you can actually jump after you use your up b bro, its, not a meme. The game actually looks good. Im stunned, like i, was hoping it would be because man i needed something new, but oh, my god, the spike dude april oneil, all right all right guys were playing this game were gon na make a ton of content on this game. It looks better than i thought it had any right to be. It is a platform fighter, anime fighter its got combos its basically like melee, combined with like blaze, blue or guilty gear and bro im on board. So guys, if you want to see more coverage for nickelodeon all stars brawl, please subscribe to the channel im going to be covering this game now like seriously, not as a joke anymore, because im actually impressed on this gameplay. Thank you guys so much for watching this. Video in the comments below, let me know which character you want added that has not yet been confirmed. I would love to hear it and uh for me that is squidward by the way.

Where is he? Where is he? But thank you guys so much for watching and ill see the next one.

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Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gameplay, Super Smash Bros. All Star Brawl is WILD

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