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Yet this is moussa and its quite quite interesting. I like it a lot now. One a friend suggested that i should um. Actually nazi from the council suggested, i should make a video on. I wasnt really, i thought about it, but after seeing how many people got excited for it and how excited you know, my friend was for it. I was like yeah, you know what let me actually make a breakdown video of spongebobs move set, because this is full of references and full of things that spongebob fans would love, and i know a lot of people most people. I know my age group a little older, a little younger are spongebob fans, so they would love these references um, so actually lets get started. So, as you can see up here, says: swatch spongebob squarepants, of course, light attack, strong attack and special attack. Uh lets e uh. You have the horizontal punch up, kick fluorescent im gon na go through all of these, but each symbol is gon na basically designate what kind of attack that it is my cats mess with me. You can get up on the chair, though. Every video it seems like every single video he has to make a guest appearance. He might just like the camera hes, the diva – maybe i dont know anyway, each one of these attack symbols designate a different type of attack so that first one with no effects is light attack. The one with kind of like a boom effect is strong attack and the one with like the electricity effect is a or a sparkle effect.

I dont know what you want to call that would be a special attack, so lets actually get it started on here. I really like this graphic too, if they, hopefully they do these do one of these for every character. I understand they start with so much bob hes, the most popular, so theyre going to do one for him, but hopefully they do one for each character, because i would love to see what danny phantoms moves are uh other characters too. Of course, i want to see cat dogs moves. I want to see a lot of moves actually, but danny phantom is the one i want to see the most so actually lets get into these move sets and references, so imagination, clap. So this is a down strong attack, a down heavy attack uh. So you down heavy youd, get the imagination, clap now im assuming the hitbox i dont, if its a clap, well, its called the imagination clap. So i would assume the hitboxes will be towards the hands, but maybe its kind of like it can be an anti air so that entire radius or most of that radius of that rainbow, maybe up to maybe like the last color, could be the radius of the Attack or the hitbox for the attack, so that looks pretty. I love the reference, of course from the idiot box episode, uh, lovely theyre, putting their heart and soul into this. I love seeing stuff like this for these games, so lets go on to the next one.

Weve got bubble blow expected spongebob blow bubbles uh. Yes, the bubble stand uh episode when he was showing squidward how to blow bubbles. You know uh swinging around town. He had to do the whole technique technique. You know that episode so bubble blow projectile. That is just that is his neutral special. So if you dont press anything like any movement and just press the special button, youre going to get bubble blow, lets see what is next order up so from the first episode of spongebob amazing when he had the uh cant. Think of the name of that spatula. But he had, he had got it and then he ended up getting the job because he saved the krusty krab from the nematodes thats, his up special um, so thats like his upbeat, his recovery move. That makes sense so much thats. A great great recovery move on you could have did a lot for spongebob that one is probably the best i like that, a lot, especially because its just a clear and easy reference and its called order up and thats just great thats amazing. I love that lets see culture shock, talent, show episode, so this is down regular attack or down a light attack floor sweep now so down. That would be his down jab, so thats his uh. His leg sweep his down move thats, amazing, so thats not really a special move. So basically its a you probably start a combo with that so floor, sweep into something else, maybe uh just because its a down a downward jab, so thats, basically going for the opponents leg, thats, really cool.

I love the reference culture shock. You, like spongebob, so iconic, im gon na end up over explaining the episodes, because thats usually what i do. I over explain things but man, just the history, the comedy thats that the old brother, this guy stinks like man thats just great. Well, no, no, that wasnt that episode nevermind, that was the the um episode when he was making fun of sandy. There were two episodes like that. This is the episode where squibber did his his psychedelic dance and thats thats great thats. Great all right so lets go on keep going jellyfish swing, so this is more of a general attack like if he had a jellyfish uh net. He would swing it as an attack, its probably also from the battle before bikini bottom video game. I never played that game. Alright, it was a great they did just did a remaster heard that was pretty decent, thats pretty cool, and that is his neutral heavy attack. So hes, not if you dont press any like directional inputs on the uh on the controller or keyboard, whatever youre using youll, just get this jellyfish swing, which im pretty sure that might be what he uses to finish. People to get kills and stuff. So thats pretty interesting, all right, imagination kick or theyre kind of running with the imagination thing so thats his jumping jump down heavy, so jumping down heavy okay, thats a was it down air? Well, i guess you call it thats, basically its down there where and that might have a spike, so thats really cool, so theyre kind of running with that same imagination, clap theme of him using like the imaginations, uh imagination and then doing a kick so that could Spike, i dont know i dont know i dont know but im liking.

It so far, like i said, loving the references i love. What theyre doing were doing new things. They could have just been a regular kick, but they actually made it a um. You know downward something that actually mattered, so thats cool, spin attack bringing around town thats great thats. His rats is uh whats called dash attack, thats cool, so its kind of like uh tatsumati simpaku. Like ryu, i made a tweet, and this is what im looking at this is coming true, that spongebobs the shodo spongebob might be a freaking shout out, because he he has the fireball, which is the uh bubble. He has to spin uh the tatsumaki so thats. The spin attack thats uh thats, pretty cool, and i love the reference like im im just gon na. I love it so much its great its great im with stupid chomp. So that is just down special that i dont know how that would work. I dont know how maybe itll keep me it could stun it could stun because youre getting bit somebody bites. You youre gon na stop for a second or youre gon na freak out, so it could stun it could do just regular uh launch. I dont know it. Could go up could go down. I have no idea, love the reference, though great great reference, hope i would love if this game had skins. Maybe it might not be something that the game has at launch. It is, you know, a game, but the lower budget than usual games, but if they had skins, thats gon na be perfect and doing the chomp with that skin is just music, its just magic, music, just lovely, lovely things, just beautiful.

I love it all right, running thats, great, no thats, amazing um, so that is just running his running heavy. Yes, that is a heavy dash attack which is crazy, okay, so its heavy dash and its heavy heavy light or two different attacks, which is really really cool. Um crabs, ala mode, the episode where you know plankton turned thermostat all the way down a spongebob ran in and slipped love that episode its a great episode. Um running slip is a really cool reference. I just look at that man. Look at this. Look at the play this soon look how cool that is just look at it: thats, just great sidekick, okay from the chaperone that that is his forward, so that is actually no thats. Jumping thats thats neutral here neutral, hair, yeah thats, this neutral layer. So sidekick is this neutral air hit boxes on both legs, easy chaperone, doing the sponge. Now, first, you take your leg. You stick it in the air that that that is amazing like i was. I would have not expected to have them do something, like i wouldnt say its subtle. You know its spongebob, everybody has seen it or a lot of people have seen it. Let me not say everybody, but thats, actually quite crazy, that they have a reference like from that and thats great, its just really good man like ludocity theyre, doing their thing like theyre marketing. Now why cant you say that i was dancing like gaming was marketing at first towards, like the first half of the announcement of the game like around that era.

Around that time the marketing was kind of rough, but seeing stuff like this man, its more of a small heart because i spongebobs great spongebob – is like its true comedy like this – is amazing aerial jellyfish swing so its just like that one jellyfish swing so its gon Na be his uh forward, you know his jumping heavy okay jumping heavy, so this i cant even like you, can compare it to smash right, but its different. They, the dev, set themselves theyre not trying to make this like slap city, theyre not trying to make this. Like smash its gon na be its own thing, and one thing i mean: i love it because its not youre not gon na need too much prior knowledge of like these other platform fighters. So thats amazing uh, looks good. You know. Jellyfish swing nothing too crazy id like to never play battle for bikini bottom, probably like it more. If i did play that game, but its a jellyfish swing, thats, pretty pretty basic karate uppercut. So, yes, he gets his karate hand. Now. This might just be something a general thing because its so this is jumping. This is up heavy, so up heavy. I dont, i dont know what that would be called in smashers. Like i just said, i shouldnt relate to it like that, but thats. How i do it in my brain, this looks cool karate hand, references always good thats thats, like a spongebob signature, oh thats, it so thats.

I think those are all of the actual skills with references to them. There are other basic attacks like theres this uh. Let me actually zoom in on this theres. Actually, i dont think. Okay, there we go, i cant do it so its actually like this downswing and up kick, and these are just pretty general basic attacks. I dont theres, no reference involved there and theres. Also. He has a jab which is just a horizontal punch, so starting jab, horizontal punch, this up kick uh theres an air up, kick theres a down swing. Hopefully these spike. That would be really cool, not the up kicks, of course, but the down swings. Hopefully those spike thatll be really dope, and i think that everything else is just yeah. Everything else is like a reference to the show, but those couple are pretty much. Just like generic starting like starting fighting game moves that dont really um. They dont really have a reference from the show or anything thats just stuff they put in to complete the character, because you have to have those basic elements in a fighting game. So im loving what i see so far. This is great. This is amazing. This is tickling my my nostalgia. I remember all these moments. I remember watching them vividly because spongebob was always on and its just great, and i cannot wait to see whos next, no matter who it is at this point really. I really just want to see start to see gameplay now, like the roster im, still very interested in, of course, im pretty sure theres going to be dlc.

Hopefully, you know its going to sell well um, but this is this is im liking this and i really want to see more from any any character that they want to show they can do. I dont really watch loud house. They could do link in line. They could do lucy uh, really any character that we havent seen any other character like. I just want to see it. I just want to see it so yeah. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below, if you like, spongebob moveset, if you really like the references and if youre appreciating what theyre doing, let me know in comments down below if you dont like it, if theres something, if theres a reference, You wish was in that you wish you could have seen. Let me know in the comments down below if you liked this video go ahead and leave a like if you want to see more, go and subscribe, if youre keegan, i will see you guys later.

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Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, Gameplay, Super Smash Bros. All-Stars is an ANIME FIGHTER

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