Ray-Ban, Smartglasses, Facebook & Ray-Ban Team Up For Smart Glasses!!

Why am i always talking about food im, an american and im fat? What do you expect so apparently, facebooks vp has released an interesting video from a point of view, perspective recording of him doing some. You know life events, you know fishing, you know throwing stuff at mark zuckerberg im, pretty sure everyone wants to do that. So apparently, people are taking this as a special teaser as to what facebook will be announcing at oculus connect or facebook connect um at their event, where theyll be announcing some crazy stuff. Now it has been rumored for quite some time now that ray bans would release a smart glasses option, as everyone seems to be doing lately. You know, after the echo frames, i started to notice that razers. Releasing them instead of sunglasses, bose is releasing them, and now apparently ray bans plans to be releasing smart, glasses now its unclear. If ray bans will have a artificial intelligence in it similar to alexa. But if it does, what artificial intelligence will it be? Will it be? Google will it be alexa if its google im getting them right away, because i really want google, i hope, its, not facebooks assistant, because i have facebooks oculus assistant on my vr headset. It is nowhere near even the worst assistant siri, its nowhere near that quality and im, hoping that ray bans will not incorporate a facebook ai in there im hoping theyll get google or something because, if thats the case, bro im switching immediately, because i really want google In my glasses, so bad, but heres, the thing, though you know smart glasses, are going to become a very popular thing as time goes by, and i say this because im seeing them pop up left and right, and not just that for the past few years we Have seen you know, businesses like apple um, other facebook, you know that are working on ar xr technology that will bring.

You know a hud into our glasses, because, unfortunately, these ray bans will not have a hud its all going to be. You know ears apparently youll have the ability to record, but the ability to record that brings some interesting questions into the picture. The ability to record has always been around for glasses. You know as long as we can think of, but the most popular integration of this is definitely snapchats. Spectacles now i dont know if snapchats actually still selling these things, but last time i checked they were still selling um, but theyre, not crazy popular. But snapchat spectacles gave you the ability to record video on your glasses theyre, just a little goofy, and you know: im hoping that youll be able to visibly see that theres a camera on these rayban glasses. Because then it brings into question some moral questions. Like you know, all of a sudden all these people are going to have the capability to record anytime anywhere using their glasses. And are you comfortable with you know everyone having that ability, or would you rather keep it to the ones who want to order glasses? Specifically, for that you know, i dont know. I just think its going to be really interesting that were heading into a future where everyone will have the ability to record from their point of view, you know, and will you be able to see that theyre recording? Will you know that theyre recording a lot of interesting questions rise up and were heading into the deep future? So, but you know, i want to hear your thoughts.

What do you think about these smart glasses? What do you think about the path that were taking to the future? Do you think that it is inevitable that uh everyones gon na have the ability to record uh? Do you think its okay? Do you think were all gon na want the option for smart glasses down the road? You know what are your thoughts on this overall, you know, but with that being said, um i hope you enjoyed todays video dont forget to like comment and subscribe and we will catch you. On the flip side.

What do you think?

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