Ray-Ban, Smartglasses, Facebook The Quest 2 Just Lost A Small Percentage Of SteamVR Users, FB Smart Glasses & More!

First of all, it looks like the ar master race has begun. Both apple and facebook are now going to be competing. Well, at least sort of, let me explain. Facebook has been teasing a bunch of different things during the last week whether it was ballsworth on twitter teasing, a video coming from the facebook ray ban, smart glasses, because i cant really call them ar. We have no proof and no knowledge of there being any ar component in these, so for now, im just going to call them smart glasses, just in case you know they have no ar which they probably wont. I dont think were that far just yet to fit all of that in something this sleek or what i assume is going to be sleek. So yeah theyve been teasing a bunch of things over twitter and then ray ban came out with an announcement saying tomorrow is going to be some sort of reveal so from facebook and ray ban. I assume we are going to see the product tomorrow and, while i am unbelievably excited to actually see it and check it out, i am still debating in my head whether i should buy it. I really want to buy it, but, depending on the price, i may not be able to justify it. Considering i already have a pair of smart glasses, while what we think is the camera footage coming from these, judging off of bosworths tweet seems fantastic seriously.

This seems like some really good high quality camera footage, and it really means you would be able to capture moments from your life that you know you might be too slow to take your phone out unlock it launch the camera app here. Youd. Have it straight on your face, plus it would give you a nice pov. I may not be able to justify it. Judging on the price, but let me know what you think down below. Will you guys be getting the facebook smart glasses? It really seems like what were getting right now is non ar just smart. You know with speakers built in just like these and by the way i love these. They are fantastic. They have changed the way i go about my daily life, especially when i go on walks and runs or when i take out the electric skateboard. These things really have changed the way. I do that because no longer am i blocked out from the outside world, but i can still hear my music, the people around me cant, but i can also still hear them because my ears are open, so they did improve my quality of life. So if you are thinking about getting smart glasses, like these id say, go to the store check them out somewhere, see if you like the audio quality, but they are really nice. The only things that those dont have that the facebook ones supposedly will have are cameras.

So im really just gon na – have to go based on that, but yeah. Let me know what you guys think down below and now moving on to apple apple is an interesting company because they didnt really tease anything too obvious, which is good. I mean you know you dont want to leak your entire product before release, but considering apple has been known to delay or completely abandoned projects somewhere closer to release. Well, we dont actually know whats going to happen, but if you currently go on to apples event, announcement website and click on the apple logo, with an iphone, i tried it on an android. It doesnt seem to work. You will be brought to an arc now. This seems to be an incredibly detailed ar scene from what ive read and seen on the internet with occlusion and shading, and all that different kind of stuff. It honestly seems fantastic whether this means that apple is going to be releasing an ar headset anytime soon. I highly doubt it this might just be them showing off their brand new ar tech, but once again i could be wrong. I was wrong about the facebook smart glasses, where i said that judging off of latest news, we may not actually end up seeing any facebook. Smart glasses during this years event, but it seems i was completely wrong about that, which you know im willing to admit that. So i could be wrong about the apple stuff as well.

But, honestly, i do think that this could just be them teasing their ar technology. Not necessarily teasing a release because they love to be able to say that their product is absolutely perfect and to get it perfect. Well, you need time so you know, but again i could be wrong about that as well, and while i myself im, probably not going to end up getting these glasses im, still incredibly excited for them, because, where apple goes, the industry tends to follow. Why i myself wont be getting it well, even though the glasses are running their own kind of silicon and ros, which stands for reality os, they will require a connection to an iphone, and this seems to not only be for setup, but also just for daily use And while i could maybe be able to grab an iphone for the setup well, i dont really have one to be carrying around my pocket every day. Okay, now lets move on to something quite interesting, so is interest in vr dwindling. No, no, definitely not. I dont think so. Anyway, i mean our subscriber numbers are growing, which is quite insane seriously every time i mention it, it just explodes which is incredible, and i welcome each and every one of you to the vr community. I hope youre having a great time but weve seen the oculus quest too rains go down its its rains over the vr space have gone down yeah. No, that is a complete and utter meme and i could click bait the living hell out of that saying.

Oh vr is dying, but no, they only went down by like 0.4. If i remember correctly, so no, they didnt go down too much. This has simply happened because oculus stopped selling the oculus quest 2 and discontinued it in order to get the brand new 128 gigabyte model out. So this isnt, like interest in vr, is dying or the oculus quest 2 is becoming less popular. No, they just stopped selling it for a while and therefore steam vr numbers for the oculus quest 2 went down, but i assume now that theyre selling it back and theyre selling a better model too. That numbers are about to go right back up, even though that is going to be interesting. To see actually will numbers go back up even with going down so little so little, because 0.4 percent is absolutely tiny on that graph. Considering facebook has the majority on there, it is certainly going to be quite interesting to see whether it jumps right back or whether its going to be a slow and steady incline. I guess that might tell us where interest in vr actually is in a previous video. I showed a graph where i was talking about the future of vr and there you could see where the spikes were and i believe those spikes were during facebooks release of the oculus quest devices. So you can really see that interest truly spikes when a new vr device is released. I mean that makes sense.

Of course, interest is gon na spike when a new device is released, especially one as cheap as the quest too but yeah. I think we might have our next spike whenever valve releases their brand new headset or when the deca gear comes out. Let me know what you think: when will the next big vr spike on google trends, be its actually going to be quite interesting to make a little judgment down the comment section and come back and see if we were right but yeah to be honest, thats going To be pretty much it there really isnt much to talk about in vr this week, except for maybe a lot of games that i could make a whole different video about. Where i tell you guys about all the brand new games that are going to be released or brand new games that are coming to quest or something like that, but as for true hardware, related news, thats going to be pretty much it, and while these are exciting News, it kind of feels like its slowed down. Also ive seen others talk about this, but it seems like vr. Videos might not be getting as recommended on youtube as they were, like theyre, getting almost blocked by the youtube algorithm now. This is probably just my head playing with me, but it is certainly quite interesting. Ive seen second day performance on videos, absolutely drop and overall, looking at the analytics theyre, really not getting as much as they used to.

But that could just be me: thats, okay, because ive got a bunch of super exciting videos coming up for you guys very very soon. If you guys checked out the community post youll know whats up, except i made a bunch of mistakes there like bought. Two left handed gloves: well make it work, but that is going to be it for todays video. Thank you all so much for joining me. I hope you all have a fantastic day or night. If you guys liked it. Please leave a like if you guys just like to guess this button works too. But please tell me why down in the comment section below, if you guys are not yet proud of a community but would like to join us, make sure to check out our discord down below make sure to check out our reddit. Where i want to see you posting your spicy memes, if you guys would like to support the channel and make sure you perform, weve got sick mugs down below the booster fps by 300 percent and merged.

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