Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch, Discounts and allowances ExpressVPN is the Best VPN For Streaming TV, Netflix, Disney+, HBO & More

If any point you guys would like to check for links to pricing or discounts, youll find everything you need in the description down below, as well as a full on review. Thatll, give you more in depth. Look into the privacy policy, speed streaming and torrenting capabilities as well as security features. So keep that in mind, if you guys, would like to check them out uh now with regards to express vpns streaming capabilities, its really as good as it gets specifically with expressvpn ive tested expressvpn with ill just stick to 100 ive tested it with over 100 um Services but lets just stick to a hundred and out of those hundred, it only did not uh work with two services, uh, two of which were very obscure streaming services. I think uh, some sort of um. You know like eastern european uh kind of streaming service or something like that, but overall uh theres an over 90 to 95 percent success rate with unblocking all kinds of streaming services from some of the most obscure ones, all the way to the most popular ones. And today were going to be trying to um unblock some of the most popular ones, such as hulu, hbo max and a streaming a netflix library. You know what lets add disney plus since disney plus is very uh popular and, as you can tell, it is not available for me and its the same with hulu and hbo max and with regards to uh netflix lets go ahead and try to unblock, for example, Something for the uk library lets go ahead and check out code red code.

Red is a movie that is only available in the uk and, as you can tell im, not able to find it so um thatll be for the uk. Lets go ahead and try to unblock these three services for starters, um. So now, just as a disclaimer, by the way, a vpn service should never be used to bypass copyright regulations. I dont promote, condone or endorse the use of the service for such purposes. So with that out of the way, if you guys are trying to unblock streaming services or do anything really with regards to using expressvpn, you can definitely use the automatic protocol. But i prefer to use a one just one protocol for consistency, because you know if the automatic connects to the lightweight udp once and another time, itll connect you to lets say open, vpn, udp, uh or ik ev2. There will be some disparities in speeds and performance. So, for consistencys sake i like to stick to lightweight udp, which is the best performing protocol overall. So once we have that chosen with hbo max hulu and disney plus, these are available in these states, so were going to do is pick a states server. So i already have the new york server ready here, but you can go to the full list here and pick whatever lets just go. For example, i dont know dallas so lets, try dallas and see what happens and the moment im connected im just going to refresh everything here and see uh if we can unblock uh now with hbo max, i believe, were going to have to remove this part of The url its not going to work with hulu youll notice that um i already have im already signed in and everything, but i dont have the play button here.

So it should appear uh once it is refreshed. Lets go ahead and delete this part of the um url so with that so that we can gain access. We dont have to do that with hulu. By the way. Now we just have the play button, ready and lets go ahead, and i might have to remove the url here as well. Nope, not with disney plus. But we do have to do that with hbo max and, as you can tell, were loading in and im gaining access to hbo max, even though im not in the states. So we unblocked hulu, we unblocked disney plus, and we unblocked hbo max. In fact, its still loading uh now up there we go so lets, go ahead and unblock the uk library, for example. So you know im just trying to demonstrate to you guys that this is it is. It really is as easy as it gets when it comes to unblocking streaming services uh with expressvpn. You know using expressvpn as a reference expressvpn is able to unblock uh using netflix. As a reference excuse me, uh expressvpn is unblocked up to 18 netflix libraries, so nordvpn, for example, as as com for comparison, is able to unlock up to 10 libraries and surf shark up to 15 libraries. So you know, of course, thats, because expressvpn has the biggest number of countries available and um. You know these servers are always being constantly updated so that theyre able to bypass the anti vpn traffic software uh that is implemented within netflix and all of these uh streaming services.

So lets go ahead and just um connect to london, east london, for example, and see what happens here and all i need to do now is just hit refresh and code red. Should there we go so thats about it really again. This is a uk uh. Only a uk movie only so it really is as simple as that im going to go ahead and turn it off so again with regards to streaming capabilities again, expressvpn is really just the best when it comes to streaming services, uh, unblocking extreme services and with regards To security, of course, its very secure if, if youre looking for more information, um about expressvpn definitely check the review below, but with regards to streaming, which is what were focusing on in this video, i think it easily gets an a to an a plus streaming. Uh is very, very easy. You know you can download it on your smart tv, its the same ui. You can download it on your phone on your pc on your mac uh, whatever device youre using uh expressvpn is just super easy to use, especially with streaming services and its very quick and consistent, as you can tell so, thatll be it for this video feel free To like the video, if you learned something and comment below, if you would like me to test out some different, maybe different, streaming services that you would like me to test out so that you know exactly uh what youre getting with expressvpn here before you get it.

I can test it out for you if you would like and subscribe. If you would like to see more content in the future, it would also be big help for us uh. So again, youll find all the links you need in the description down below, including special deals and discounts feel free to take advantage of those while they last and thatll, be it for this video.

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