Startup company, Switzerland Kooperationsinterview mit Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen vom PropTech Mateo Estate & Hildebrandt & Hees

Today I have the honor of welcoming Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen from MATEO.. Welcome Perhaps right in advance why we should conduct the interviews to show how companies and startups, and also software providers can work together, what the added value is and how one can also build a bridge between the two, so that cooperation comes about., Maybe right. At the start, Sebastian tell me: who are you? What are you doing? Yes, my name is Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen, a very long name.. I am one of the managing directors and also one of the founders of MATEO. At MATEO. Our mission is to truly create the best possible rental experience for property. Managers. Administrators are mainly property managers in the DACH B area, but also throughout Europe in the future. Yeah. How do we get there? In the end? We think of the interaction between the manager, the tenant, the owner and also the service providers, e.g. craftsmen or cities. These are also many processes that involve authorities and the interaction between these parties, which we think completely from scratch. And, yes, how do we do it Through? The MATEO autopilot that we have developed over the past few years and months. The development is almost a few years back where in principle, we automate a lot, standardize a lot of processes and interactions, but still – and this is very important to emphasize – it remains personal. And Thats, our really big advantage, which is why many customers love us, because, despite the automation, we are still very human and very personal, which is particularly important in the area of communication and interaction.

. Now I have to ask because you emphasize that what is this personality? Yes, I mean everyone knows that, and you probably do too, when you call the hotline of a mobile phone service provider or there is a chatbot on the website below that you click on, and then you are simply served breakfast by a robot. Personally. I then think that I really just want to talk to an employee, because the robot doesnt understand me.. I think that is the case for a lot of people, and I think we managed to do that quite well, that this robot, that we still have this autopilot, that it is different and that it manages to recognize your needs and accordingly, also with you to communicate.. There are some cases where a person has to look at it. Were not saying were automating everything because thats the wrong approach.. A lot of competitors do that, but I dont think its really expedient B. When can I cancel or I have lost the key routine inquiries, because we standardize the processes behind them and we automate them with our autopilot.. And then we just have the process on top. Where the issues then escalate, where a person has to look at them because they are more complex, we then pass them on to a real employee.. This is news that a real person is looking at. Answering is then done by our autopilot, so its very structured for employees, but he simply has guidance, a process that he can follow.

. The ultimate goal of this is for the employee to be happier and more efficient and for the tenant to be happier., Because happy tenants lead to happy administrations. The equation is simple. Exactly thats. One of the reasons why we think it can work quite well with an autopilot like that., Sounds like a good division of labor. Sebastian. When we talk about the added value of MATEO, can you give us an example, e.g. with Hildebrandt and Hees? What are the added values and how does the customer benefit from your solution? In any case, a huge added value is that we facilitate the interaction between the manager, in this case Hildebrandt and Hees, but then also the tenant, i.e. those who ultimately live there and, of course, the service providers. This whole interaction becomes yes, automated with us., And the processes are also streamed in a certain way, i.e. straight drawn and largely standardized and then its all very personal.. This is very important., Specifically with Marcel and Hildebrand and Hees. We managed to set the system live within a few weeks and in the end, to optimize the processes, introduce a high level of automation and, at the same time, make the quality of the inquiries even more personal and close increase.. So I think thats really cool added value because in the end, Marcel youre going to say a few words right away. That really helps a property management company to break into the new age and in the end, to scale grow and also just get better will.

. And that is always very important to us at MATEO and we look forward to taking our customers with us on this journey. As I said, Marcel was one of our first customers, with whom we really intensively co, innovated and built the solution and now its live, and we really see huge added value. But Marcel, you can definitely say more. Yes, Hello, Marcel Haupttenbucher Mannheim.. We are a local portfolio holder here. We actually manage all of our properties ourselves and have around 1000 apartments that we currently manage, and our goal was ultimately to find a simpler solution for our employees to communicate with the tenant as well as for the tenant. For one faster, more straightforward communication, So weve had weve been working together since the beginning.. We also helped develop a little bit. We started with the problem of which topics are popping up., Also when it comes to inquiries. What are inquiries that keep coming in, which is also important information for the tenant.. We then found out that the majority of our inquiries can ultimately be answered in a standardized way.. At the end of the day, this means a much quicker result for the tenant and a significant reduction in workload for us, because we dont always have to answer standard questions that can be automated.. A big advantage for us is, of course, that all employees are less concerned with standard things, but can concentrate on what is actually exciting.. A big advantage for the tenants is that communication is, of course much faster and the tenants are served in a more relaxed manner.

So to speak. Great that sounds like added value for you, as well as for the tenants good case study., Then I would go on Marcel. First of all, thank you very much for your time and then we move on to the next question. Sebastian. Can you tell us about an example of a cooperation where you work together Gladly at the beginning of this year we brought in our first VC, i.e. venture capitalist, that is an investor at the end of the day, i.e. a financier and the hot sticks. Urban investments from Mannheim. And one thing was very important to us that, in addition to the pure money, it was also a strategic partner for us who helps us to support us and also brings a bit of industry experience with him.. Because we believe that it is very important that the solution is really developed very closely to the problems or challenges of the customers. Thats, why we did it together with sticks, urban investments. As I said, a VC from Mannheim., They have the so called Styx Living Lab and in this Styx Living Lab, which is basically a test environment with real tenants, real houses in Mannheim, consisting of around 1000 residential units that we have available.. Since we can really be in real time – and I would say that I believe is unique in Germany – so can we test and develop our software and know precisely when each feature we build with every function in every business process which also whenever it is, we know Directly that it works and that it is needed.

, Because we have the background of this living lab, which is really unique in Germany., And I can only recommend anyone who has a startup to tap into this living lab if possible. Thats a great value proposition for you From the investor and on the downside, of course, a great test field to bring innovation to the road and try it out.. Yes, exactly. Exciting. We come to the next question. Topic, tips and tricks for collaboration between companies and startups.. What experience have you had? What challenges are there and do you have one or the other best practice, or do you say that you should pay attention to this? That is important for a successful cooperation. I think what is always very important when working together is that the fit is there at the end of the day.. So in the end, both the company, the partner or the investor, whoever it is you are working with. There are often a lot of parties that there is simply a fit that, in the end, you feel really good added., That it doesnt feel compelled or that you somehow compulsively try to enter into a partnership in order to win customers., Where it is actually already clear That the parameters are not right, because the parties are looking for something different from what they can actually give. Themselves. I like to compare that to dating. Its the same with dating nowadays with Tinder Bumble and whatever there is.. The best date is the one where there is somehow a fit.

However, one expresses himself. And I believe this fit for us at Mateo. It is definitely often a matter of feeling and gut. Maybe there are many parameters that you can look at, but in the end I believe that this human empathy is very important and look at understanding. To say: hey is this a customer who fits? Is it a partner who fits? Is it an investor who fits. And we have good experiences with, and I really think we have very, very good partnerships with Mateo, because the whole thing just fits perfectly from start to finish., But such empathy and communication? I see that day in and day out.. Then you solve difficult problems and the difficult times usually come in startups. Too. Always there are difficult times every day and you can only solve them with good communication. Cool lets move on to the next question. How will things look for you in the future? What can you expect from you? I think you can see us more often in the future and expect a lot.. We are currently looking towards Europe, that is, we will expand.. We are currently in the DACH B area, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland., And we will now expand towards Europe. That is with a focus on Spain and Portugal. These are our focus countries because we see huge market potential there. But of course, also the Nordiks. So the Nordic countries towards Sweden, Denmark, Norway, but also Finland, z.

B. are very interesting markets for us. And thats, where the journey will go.. We are building the leading for Germany and hopefully soon for all of Europe and then well see where its going.. I think thats a good vision. Great. Maybe the follow up question. How would you describe your perfect customer So when one of the audience out there says it sounds interesting, but is that actually something for me? Yes, in any case, I just said: please tell me, who is our customer. And the perfect customers for us are really property managers who manage between 500 and 10000 units. And if you look at the market, there are quite a few because the market is quite fragmented., Especially in Germany, also in Austria or Switzerland, but also in the rest of Europe and in this portfolio, size 500 units to 10000. This is really our perfect customer.. The fit is very, very good. Exactly, but of course, we also do smaller customers. Well, we now also have customers who look after less than 500 properties and for whom is fit. This is also a very, very exciting solution, because it simply has hardly any introductory time.. The solution is really simple, and many in the industry are not used to it, that it is almost click and start.. You always like to say: hey: the solution is here and a few days later, it starts. And thats. Why its also exciting for little ones. Sure, people, who only have 1 10 units now, who might say hey, I prefer to do it via WhatsApp or email, is also completely understandable.

. I dont think I would necessarily use MATEO for so few units myself, but after ten units it gets exciting.. As I said, it will be really exciting for those with 500 to 10000. Super.. You have just mentioned a unique selling point that you are ready to go straight away., So you can start right away with you.. Do you have one or two other points that are important to know about yourself? Yes, as I said, a unique selling point is definitely that we have the GoLive time, i.e. the time from the first self talk in the first contact to the system being productive, which is very short.. I dont think there are any companies that are faster in the industry. And the other factor where we also get very good feedback from the customers is that the solution just looks very empathic and very nice., And that sounds like that for now. Ok, whats good. For me, If you know the systems that employees have to deal with every day – and there is also a certain lack of talent in the industry when you want to hire new people for property management who are used to the solution, working that way like WhatsApp, Instagram Or Facebook., And it is a big factor that the solution is simple in terms of user friendliness and how fast things work were way. Ahead. And of course we have this autopilot inside and if you really look purely at the business purely at the numbers, we can simply make a process a lot more efficient and extremely quickly, And with that a property management company can grow in the end.

. That means we can look after more units with the same employees, and that is almost unique. I think. That is a convincing argument and I take the user friendliness into account. If I imagine the employee who perhaps spends a large part of his working time on such platforms, then of course it is also an elementary important argument. Sebastian. If you want to be reached now, what is the best way to reach you? We are represented across all channels.. We see that many of our customers are on Facebook. That means you can easily find our MATEO Estate GmbH on Facebook.. We have a Facebook page, a company page.. You can find me personally everywhere on Xing on LinkedIn. You can also find me on Instagram on tiktok, just google Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen, and then you quickly come to me or MATEO. And then you say, request a test version directly., So hopefully theyll find us., Perfect great.. Thank you for the introduction on my part that you took your time. After the video. There is a short demo of the product.. All viewers now know how to reach you.. I wish you continued success on your journey of development and see you soon..

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