Super Smash Bros., Waluigi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Project M : Classic Mode – Donkey Kong

So last time we took on classic mode with yoshi and now in this episode were going to be taking on classic mode with none other than dk yes or doc park. So it says uh so anyway, yeah so donkey, kong, um. So for pallet swaps, weve got the standard or you know, standard tie and then weve got uh. You know the brown blue, red, blue, blue and purple green and red and thats that. So why dont we go ahead and go with the blue last time. So lets go with the green. Why not and uh sure well continue on the normal streak. Try and bump up the high scores a little bit so donkey kong, uh, again uh character, im, actually all right with, but not my favorite character. I always kind of felt dr khan was a bit too slow for my liking, again: im not im all about speed and smash brothers, so i was not really donkey kong fan at all, but he is somewhat of a strong character. So i guess you can kind of get back to him, but oh im on now, yeah youre, bowser, all right, Music team, kirby alrighty, and we got peaches here. Oh that goes kirby. Okay, not that bad at all. Oh boy break the targets. Okay, come on break the targets again, simply just never have been good at these, in particular Music. So yeah already after a wonderful start here, Music shoot okay, yay and were on run stardex.

Music Applause come on and oh okay, oh maybe nope. I thought i could do it, but hes gon na blow up our shoes again, a lot of these characters im simply not the best with uh and thats. Why? I will never play in smash brothers competitively its just because im not that great at this game – im not great at smash brothers in general, its because i dont focus on all the characters i dont play as all the characters. I know a lot of smash bros tournaments, that you kind of want to be good with all the characters im, simply just not because im, not a competitive smash, player and sure i like to play with friends and stuff, but i im not liking the whole. Like tournament thing and whatnot, but Music, all right lets see what exact trophies in this one its taunt i do like dks taunt, though oh come on dont. Let me do this again. This is not going to end well. For me, oh my god that trophy game is absolute balls when youre trying to collect all the trophies oh shoot, Music, yeah im getting that cloak. Thank you very much. Applause, Music, invisible ko Applause, do Applause, Applause, its not really, a good method for dockercon to fight team battles; Music. There we go all right waste. The finish lets see if i can do it with donkey kong, Music Applause. I will take the middle one because i feel like thats the best route Music.

You can time it all right. Oh, come on. No, i almost had it if it was for that stupid little ledge right there. I would have had it. Oh well ill get it one of these days and were fighting metal captain falcon. My favorites oh come on lets. I know its possible like lets, grab him like if you grab him and then oh come on. Oh come on jesus i cant grab the guy with my life. There we go alrighty lets see. If i can do this, i have four stocks im good. I know im good, oh jesus, that would have been bad Music. Oh nice, we get masked our crazy head again. Hooray Applause come on. Of course, i can grab by crazy and why wouldnt Applause Music? I ah stop it Music. Let me live. Let me live, i want to live. I want to live all right. No sponge, please that shall not happen. Applause, oh my god, im dead or i thought it was ah that couldnt happen. Music now come on. Oh jesus. What what was that for? Oh wow, Music, there we go jeez, um shouldnt have died that much, but whatever alrighty yay. I do like this song, but i dont want to worry with credits. So alrighty Music, congratulations, bananas. He sees bananas, so he gets some all righty everybody. Well, that was donkey. Kong, i hope you all enjoyed that one. So next time on super smash brothers melee we are going to be taking on classic mode with none other than fox.

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