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If youre interested then check out the link in the description otherwise enjoy the video also, i have facial hair. Now recently i read the worst youtube comment ever and i cant stop thinking about it. This comment lives in my head: completely: rent free. It lives in its own private penthouse. The comment was concerning my upload schedule and it was if anime studios can make an episode of anime in one week, then these youtubers can make a video in a month. Initially, i reacted, like you think, thats how this works. You think anime studios post an episode and go great work team well time to make the next episode this week. Hope none of you have any plans. I know the working conditions in japan are bad but sheesh. I guess all the animators are just slacking off between seasons, then huh and, as i thought about it more, i realized i cant get too mad. This person is just uneducated about the animation industry and is probably a minor, and then i thought hey. I know a bit about animation behind the scenes. Maybe i could talk about being an artist and educate people on the animation pipeline. So that way i wont get any more uneducated comment for this video. When i say artist im going to be talking about the google definition of an artist noun, a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby, you know the pen and paper artists im not really going to be talking about artists who make music or Birthday, cakes or take black and white photos of sunsets, because i want to talk about cartoons and make cartoons now it should come to no surprise that im pro artist, not a pro artist, are you kidding? I know my skill level.

I still cant draw fingers. What im saying is. I will support anyone who wants to make art if youre making art as a hobby, then thats a really great creative outlet and having something physical as an end result is incredibly rewarding. But if you want to turn making art into a full time job, you might want to sit down and consider a few things like. Are you sure you dont want to go to law school? The biggest challenge all artists face? Is they have to eat food, to survive and in this capitalist society, food costs money? So artists are challenged to somehow take being good at making shapes and turn that into money. I know of four ways: an artist can make a living. The first way is to be so good at art that people will pay money to hang it up in their house. The second option is to make caricature drawings at beaches and tourist traps. The third option is to sell your plasma, and the fourth option, which is the most common option, is to make drawings that people will pay you to make and do a little bit of option. Three. On the side, some artists will take commissions, which is basically an artist going: hey ill, try whatever you want asterix for a hundred dollars and people will go what the art should be free. I was going to give you so much exposure to my 50 twitter followers or people will go.

I want you to draw this cute animal character i made and while at first your price might seem a bit high to the uneducated. I understand that art is a time consuming process and you need to eat too so heres a crisp one hundo, but another somewhat more stable idea is that artists will get jobs at studios or work for a youtuber and well be like hey. Well, give you money if you draw specifically what we want and if we dont, like your art, well make sure to communicate clearly what we would like changed and work as a team to do the best we can or youre fired, and that leads us into animation. An important thing to remember for animation is that drawings, equal time plus money exactly how much time well to answer that one commenters question, no an anime studio does not make an episode of anime in one week. I think south park is what making an episode in a week looks like and truthfully thats very impressive. I take months trying to figure out what the heck im even going to talk about making a single episode of a cartoon from scratch takes about two years. Dont believe me well lets see what yako from the 2020 animaniacs has to say in the very first episode at least, we still think theres a president trump. You see, the writers are writing this in 2018.. Now that doesnt mean it took 26 years to make the first season of the animaniacs theres a lot of moving parts that happen when producing an animated tv series.

For starters, the whole season of the show gets made at the same time, while the writers are writing episode. 12. The storyboard team is boarding, episode 3 and the design team is designing the bowling shoes that are going to be worn in episode 6. and its someones entire job to make sure that everyones doing their job. This is called the animation pipeline and theres. So many other departments that i could honestly make a whole other video about this pipeline if youre interested ill do it, but just know that it takes roughly two years to make a season of a cartoon, show and thats. Why, when shows reference, memes theyre extremely outdated. You know like a boss, its beautiful isnt it this exterior nighttime city, skyline background. This background was drawn by one of my background, artists, annie, loomis, and it took seven hours to make and was used specifically for this clip if it wasnt for the cats movie. I would have thought hollywood knew what they were doing too. It lasted for four seconds: seven hours of work, four seconds of content so before we continue im gon na make, you all sit and appreciate this background for another four seconds, so i can double the value of this background. Backgrounds can be a time consuming process and the whole purpose of them is to be in the back of the ground. Theyre, not even the focus so storyboarders will sketch out a scene to set the staging through layout, posing and character expression and during this phase, im trying to find places where i can re use backgrounds or take pieces of other backgrounds and frankenstein monster them together.

To make an entirely new background like how i use the city background to be outside this window or how i took the buildings from this background, the bushes, from this background and the bench from this background and made an entirely new background, and hopefully none of you Noticed am i being cheap or cutting corners absolutely but thats the point that gives another background artist more time to make something else like this james themed city skyline. Instead of having to draw 20 different backgrounds of a bedroom, we already have a bedroom lets. Just do something else, please its not being lazy its getting the most use the most mileage out of your hard work. I see this next story pop up on twitter about every month, and it makes me want to stab my eyes out. If you look at this scene from the jungle book and this scene from winnie the pooh these two, similarly proportioned boys are eerily moving in the exact same way. Wait was this plagiarized did someone from winnie the pooh plagiarize the jungle book? No remember what i said about drawings, equal time plus money well back in the old days of animation, before fancy graphics cards and floppy disks animation frames had to be physically painted onto floppy, transparent sheets called cells, so animated movies were essentially a really long flipbook with Over a hundred thousand hand drawn painted pages back then drawings, equaled even more time and even more money.

This whole sequence had to not only be drawn 24 times a second, but it also had to have the correct timing to look like a little boy was jumping on rocks. Just because you drew 24 mowglis doesnt mean theyre gon na look good. When you play the frames together, so if youre making a cartoon movie in the 70s – and you need a scene where a young boy character is just being a dude and throwing rocks and you need a really climactic fight scene, are you gon na spend the time And money drawing another boy throwing another rock when someone else already did that 10 years ago, or are you gon na reuse, the animation the studio already made and then have more time and budget to make an even epic fight scene? If these movies were from two different studios, then yes, that would be a completely different story, but disney owns this movement of our boy, mowgli, so theyre allowed to use that movement on our boy chris. Turning your art into a full time. Job is very difficult. Im extremely lucky to not only have this opportunity but to be able to build an amazing team of talented artists to create these cartoons and share them with you, and because of you watching these videos and supporting me im able to reinvest money into the team. So we can make better quality content and i can support more artists. Its a win, win, symbiotic thing we got going on so if you ever wanted to get into the art industry, good luck get drawing and start putting that portfolio together.

I hope you all enjoyed this art rant, considering that this video was all about artists, i of course have to give the biggest shout out to all the people on my team who made this video possible. So thank you everyone. I also want to clear up a line i said about how i will support anyone who does art. Obviously, if your art is offensive or harassing others, then thats not chill. I just didnt want to derail the video and give that caveat in the middle of a video. So im doing it now and big news, my board game cafe. Chaos is now available in target just in time for the holidays or, if you want to buy it online, the link will be in the description and, lastly, im going on tour with a bunch of friends in november.

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