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Star is just a few days away from its big comeback. I know you are excited to farm lots of former, but you should also consider getting the other rewards of this new event. There are the new ghouls saw, which are kind of exciting and scary. At the same time, you cant blame me as every time digital extremes release something new, its either broken and be fixed in a couple of weeks or its mediocre and will get left in the mastery rank fodder. Locker im just saying, though, and lets not jinx the new melee coming with the plague star event, there are also infesteds or components that we should talk about, but i will post a video about it when the plague star event is available in the game. Im missing a couple of parts, and i want to show you how the infested zore has evolved. For now we focus on one of the best one shot nuka. Finally, making a comeback to warframe. I know those players who got to experience the plague star event know what im talking about, but for those first timers. I really advise you not just to focus first on former, but get a max rank. Exodia contagion as its one of the best rewards in the plague. Star event, this zoar arcane has gone several nerfs and changes in the past, but it remains to be one of the most potent arcane when it comes to dealing massive damage to multiple targets.

Im not just talking about hundreds of thousands of damage im talking about millions of damage with the right combo and build, and yes, it comes to a point wherein you will achieve the highest damage output that you can inflict to the enemies in this game, which is 2 billion the good thing about exodia contagion is, it inherits the stats of yours or arcane. Now digital extremes did remove this feature, but then they decided to put it back. So basically, the stats of yours or will affect status, critical and damage output of your exodia contagion. In my case, i go with a pure, critical and damage zore, which you can copy by using the var g2 hang grip, the core blink and the doctrine strike for the build its the usual critical damage and two elemental mods that form the element suited against a Specific faction, except for viral, since its explosion, has 100 viral damage. The minimum requirement for exodia contagion to red crit, while using this zoy is the sacrificial steel, blood rush and gladiator mite mods. Now this will give you about 95 red critical damage all the time, but when your combo counter degrades, you will constantly see orange crits with this saw. Yes, we will be using the combo counter and raising our combo counter 12 times here, but its hard squad leader dont, worry as ill make it easy for you for now lets talk about riven mod if you can get a damage and crit chance stats on your Riven then the better exodia contagion will perform.

You can also rely on the initial combo, which you can pair with corrupt charge, to give you at least three to four times, combo multiplier, even without hitting enemies that will result in orange trick numbers with this build and riven the higher the critical chance and initial Combo value the better the damage output, but for those who dont want to rely on riven mods, then i got the old fashioned combo counter solution for you. There is always a way to group enemies universally using either zenurix void, singularity or the operator arcane called magus anomaly between the two. I prefer magus anomaly because its faster in terms of grouping enemies and we can save the focus slot for narraman. So we can maintain the higher combo count with the help of its power spike passive to further maintain the high combo count or possibly 12 times, combo count all the time. Then all you need to do is equip a primary and a secondary gun, which both has the dexterity arcane. That increases the combo count of your melee weapon. The combo count, buff of dexterity arcane, does stack giving you 15 seconds more combo duration, now to achieve 2 billion damage with exodia contagion, use the zor with mirage eclipse ability you can pair this well with any invisibility warframe, since all you need to do is subsume Eclipse in your frame and just throw the exodia contagion projectile to the enemies. The good thing about this is that eclipse will always have the damage buff when you are invisible and exodia.

Contagion does also takes advantage of the stealth damage multiplier, which gives out more damage. This will give you millions of damage, and if you have enormous tripping warframe like ash, then you can hit bonkers of millions of damage. The easiest way to achieve 2 billion, however, is with wisp subsume eclipse into this warframe, replacing her fourth ability, and you will reach 2 billion damage when a spark from breach surge hits another target. The thing is the damage from eclipse and exodia. Contagion will give out millions of damage and that gets amplified when you cast breach surge to target and each spark has a chance to proc hundreds of millions of damage and even the damage cap, which is 2 billion. Lastly, wisp is made for this combo, since she can also be stealthy while in the air, and she can also hasten the projectile speed of the exodia contagion. With the help of her haste, mote ability, long story short exodia contagion is a must have, especially to new players who are looking for some options to breeze the normal star chart and the steel path version of this game. This is one of those combos that can one shot, not just high level enemies in the star chart, but also those acolytes, and i highly advise that you shouldnt focus too much on formal if you are a new player and get the good stuff. First, like the exodia contagion, so thats it. Thank you so much for watching squad leader signing off evolution.

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