Warframe, Eidolon, Plague [Warframe] 5 Plague Kripath Polarms i Own & How to Craft(Parts)/Use(Stance)/Mod(Build) Your Own 😍

I will be sharing with you, my own personal experience with the plague creep at paul armstrongs, i didnt say rapiers. I said polearms because during my warframe career i have crafted a lot of them lets type here clearpath. So i have crafted five of them. I have crafted these four before the nerfs and the fifth one last one after the million nerfs, because i believe that this one is the best we can get at the moment. Yeah, i will be explaining uh the parts choices and the builds for each polarizer later, because the most important thing i want to talk about right now is on how you should be using your pole, arms if you want to get the best results from them. I said paul arms are not specifically uh soup alarms, because this trick works on all pole, arms, so uh. The way to get the best results is by using the twirling, spire stance and thats, because uh this stance have some juicy forced slash products on its non moving. Simple combo this one right here, so the easiest way to use this animation is by uh. Stop moving. Stop pressing or forward key right before attacking just like this, just like this, if you miss it will look like this, i it wont, do the double stabs better way to use this is to alternate between the normal attack and your secondary primer here. In this case, we have the eptf and i have made a whole video about the epitaph, so you can check it out its on my channel.

So the way to do this is by alternating between uh, your secondary and the normal attacks. That will look like this simple attack: fire epitaph single attack, fire epitaph, single attack, fire would have, and it goes on. You will probably slash consistently with each melee attack, yeah and thats why this is very powerful if you are not equipping your uh secondary or primary, to alternate between your melee and the weapons, you simply can alternate between simple attacks and blocking attacks. It will look like this simple attack blocking attack, simple attack, blocking simple blocking simple blocking yeah. This is very powerful as well, because the blocking attacks from this stance have some 360 attacks that are a lot better than normal ones. If you want to farm up your kombu faster okay, so without wasting any more of your time, the best three path, polar missile you can craft at the moment is something similar to this subscribing repair, the one i have right here with the j2 link, the cicala Grip and the plaque repair strike. Obviously so, if you are new here to this channel, i will say it again: the minimum requirements to reach level cap with a melee weapon are 19 on the crit and cities chances a 200 base damage a two time: script multiplier and a fast enough attack speed. The fast enough attack speed varies from a player to another, so this is a little bit uh subjective, but the 19 crit and cities chance are mainly so you can reach the 100 mark uh when reaching the 12x combo multiplier, with the help of load, rush and Vpn ones the 200 base damage uh was from someone that calculated and did some crazy, math.

So, im not that good to tell you why, but like some people that are that good told me that the minimum is 200 so shout out to those people uh yeah, and you will also need a two time script multiplier. So you can actually benefit from a crypto multiplier to kill your enemies and the fast enough attack speed will help you to not get caught uh between combos. It will smooth your gameplay yeah. So here we have the joy to link to give it a balance at crit to saturdays chance ratio, leaning towards the correct chance, because here on mindless its leaning towards the status. The reason why leaning towards the crit is better right now is because we can proc enough slash and consistently if we use our stance correctly and spam and take advantage of the simple non moving combo from the twitter link, spire stance, okay. So next we have the cicala grip. The cicala grip will give you a boost in attack speed at the cost of damage. Here we still are above the 200 base damage mark, so we are just fine and the fast attack speed will help. You become more versatile with your build, so you dont have to stack arcane strike and plymouth. Fury on yourself build, you can take, one of them like you, can take off or can strike and use any other arcane or you can like keep or can strike and take off primal fury and use.

Any other note in your cell build – or maybe you want to stack both for some crazy attack speed if you choose, if one of them doesnt satisfy your attack, speed needs. Finally, we have the plague creep path strike, because this video is all about the play, carry path, so the plague clear path will give you a high puncture damage with some viral. The high puncture damage here on the damage distribution will hurt your uh your damage potential. Since you will be broken, a lot less slash and a lot less viral, so my advice is try to get a negative puncture ribbon like i like the one i have right now with the negative puncture, so the negative pointer on your ribbon will help you get Rid of uh useless puncture here on your damage, distribution to deal more slash and uh viral. The sad thing about play, keypad ravens, is that they are getting their despawner fed every time, yeah so thats, the sad part. So here we have a lot less negative puncture. Every three months, so at this point i find deviator might to be almost as good as a top tier riven, which is very sad for the breakery path, even yeah and, as i said before, this saw doesnt need any event to reach level cap. Okay. So one more thing about the subscribing creep path. If you want to see the performances of this particular uh zop alarm, you can check my my tcr ash video, which im going to put the link here in the top right corner.

So you can check it out and in this video you will see this particular polar melee in action by yourself and see how well it performs okay. So, moving on to the second best, clearpath polar right now, uh and its mindless, it has a balanced grid to status ratio, leaning towards the status with some slow attack, speed uh here, im having the plague, pokemon grip, to give it more uh invested parts and more Of that infested, look so having the plague. Boku and grip will uh lower your attack speed. So here we have to stack uh, primate, fury and arcane strike from the warframe uh. The equinox i2 will give it a balanced grid to status ratio, leaning towards the status. Here we have only one percent less from the minimum requirements, so we have to use a gladiator might to make it to the 100 percent mark. So here i have to formal my play query path again, so i can use the uh gladiator mite mode here. Instead of saturn impact uh just like this it, it will become very powerful. It can reach the 100 uh crit chance mark at the 12x combo, and it can be fast enough, uh because im stacking arcane storage and primaturi on my bit. So this is a solid saw. We can build at the moment the only downside, uh here from mindless uh that we dont have here on subscribing. We cannot use the shutter and impact mode because we cannot fit it and we have to use grady termite instead to reach 100 grit chance.

We also cannot be that versatile with our build yeah. So this is why i put it in the second place and not the first place, okay, so moving on to the third place here we have fearless and uh. When i crafted this media weapon, i wanted it to be an exodia contagion, polar when you are using the exodia contagion. You dont care that much about the attack speed since the attack speed only affects the projectile flight speed. You also dont care that much about the status chance, since, with only the route damage, a zodiac contingent will be able to one shot, almost everything in star chart and consistently. If you are using a apothecary. In this scenario, we have mirage with eclipse that is very effective and will one shot anything consistently with contagion. So this is the reason why we are having the versiet to rohang link to get the maximum crit chance. The maximum damage at the cost of attack, speed and status, chance yeah. So this is it for the for the parts for the grip. We have the plague bogwin to get more damage with the stone grip. It will be better. I only got the plague pokemon grip for the aesthetics to get a nice infested. Looking grip, if you want more damage, go with the strong grip for the build. This is my exodia contagion build with shock and touch, and primary fever strike for a lot of corrosive damage.

We have mediator mite stacked with organ shelter for some extreme quick damage. We have sacrificial steel for crit chance, like with the help of the crystals we get from my riven. We have a pain mode. Obviously so we can ramp up our damage by a lot and finally, we have private pressure point for some melee damage, so we dont have to prime our enemies or to formal combo to actually do some damage. So this is the build. I would advise you to go for if you dont have a good riven, you can go with either corrupted charge or or the spoiled strike mode. So both of these work very good here with this specific build you can go with spoiled select. I will keep my ribbon for now and show you how it perform against some corrupted heavy gunners, only two of them and jump high and throw the projectile at them. They should get one shotted almost consistently, so this guy is still alive and the other one is down hes dead. So only this one still alive. If you want to deal more damage, you have to be more than 30 meter away from your target. So, moving on to the fourth best great path puller might have at the moment and its for any endless im having it with the iguana to rohan link to give it uh some good status chance. So my idea, when crafting this uh particular pole arm, was to use it with arcane avenger uh, the workary buff and the arcane fury on valkyr.

So this is not very effective at the moment after the nerfs, mainly because it doesnt get to the 100 percent crit chance on the 12x combo anymore, since blood rush was nerfed. So if you want this particular so to work, you will need two gladiator mods somewhere in your build. You need to fit them somehow, then, with valkyr and the worker above it should work. I want to recommend you to craft this particular polar because, like honestly, the trade off between the damage and the great chance and the attack speed is not worth it and it will limit your build options. A lot like here, you have to get the worker above for it to work, or maybe wisp or vault buff, for this particular poll arm to work. So i wont advise you to craft this one. I had some fun with it. It did some solid damage. So finally, we have vibrateless hardware with the iguana to jai the plague, bock win and the plague grey path. I dont know i seriously dont know what i was thinking when i named this uh polar. So this one used to be the best grey path polar. We could craft back then, because it could reach 100 percent crit chance with only broad rush. It could uh proc enough status at all the time. It has an amazing base damage and with the arcane strike and primatory, it was fast enough, but sadly its not anymore.

The blood rush got nerfed, so here we have to fit some uh radiator mods on our builds and its uh. I mean its not worth it anymore for me for me personally, so i rather go with a creeper poland that doesnt require anything here. Subscribing free path, doesnt need any external buff or even – and this is why i think its the best and again, you can see its performances against level cap green years. In my ash, video, which im gon na put the link to again here in the top right corner, okay, so this is it for this video and those were my five great path, polar missiles that i have crafted during my warframe career. I hope you guys got some useful informations from this video and i hope that now you have a clear idea on what parts you should be uh crafting when, finally, the play xlr event comes live. So thank you for watching, like this video.

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