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Here are some of the things you can and cant get, because obviously there are some restrictions on the 2022 limited lets get going Music so lets get right into it and talk to you about what it is youre able to get and not get when it comes To the 2022 limited gmc, sierra and chevy silverado trucks, and now what i want to talk to you about in this video is mainly going to focus on some of the interior and then the engine choices. And, of course i want you to comment below on. If theres a specific item or question you have um about a chevy, silverado or gmc sierra. Obviously i didnt mention the video that youre curious. Hey. Can i get this jeff or not when it comes to the limited, if im going to order one today or tomorrow, but before we get too far into that? Let me just remind you once again: if you didnt already know this, i am a big gm guy. I know my gm products inside and out and im bringing you newest not to mention, walk, arounds and all sorts of different videos that are gm related, buick, gmc, cadillac and chevrolet. So if you get a chance, please subscribe like give me a follow, share whatever it takes. I just want to boost this channel up, and i appreciate all of you that are watching lets start off by talking about chevrolet were going to go down.

Basically, every trim level. This is going to take a long time at all its not going to take a long time at all. If i didnt say that clearly that pardon me um so lets just get to it, so work truck, trim level. First and foremost, as you already know, um it is a pretty basic trim level. Youre gon na be able to get cloth or the vinyl interior in itself and what i can see and, of course only the bench seat option. Engine choices are the 2.7. The 5 point and the 5.3 dfm by the way, if you didnt, already know this, the active fuel management, which drops from eight cylinders before is no longer all the five threes ill be talking about in this video are the new dynamic fuel management which runs on Any number of cylinders, of course, um, but the interesting thing about this in the workstructure level, both the 2.7 liter four cylinder turbo and the 5.3, which you can get, are both the eight speed options moving up next to the custom. This is going to disappoint some of you and i know this. I know this right away. You are only able to get, and let me just say its disappointing, some of you because i know this is what you want, but let me also clarify that this 2.7 liter, the only in only engine option you have only motor option. You have for the 20, 20 22 limited custom truck is a fantastic motor.

It really is, but i understand fully how some of you uh would like. The diesel would like a 53 at least, but the only motor option available for the custom going into the 2022 limited will be. The 2.7 liter again made it to that 8 speed transmission. Only only bench seats only block interior, only cloth, of course, going to the custom trail boss. Next, the 2.7 liter is the standard motor again with the 8 speed. However, you still do at least have the option as of this moment, of the video ill be making it. You can order a 6.2 liter which, of course has made it to the 10 speed transmission once again, black interior. Only in this one uh heading to the lt now the lt does give you three engine options. You can get the 2.7 liter eight speed, the 5.3 liter eight speed again the dynamic fuel management or you now have the option in the lt uh for the three liter duramax turbo diesel, a motor. I absolutely love ive talked about numerous times made it to the 10 speed transmission. Interestingly enough in the lt you only have a bench seat option, but you do have the option to get leather or cloth interior as a choice. So i found that interesting heading up to the rst next uh, the rst. You can get the 5.3 liter again dynamic fuel management, but made it to the 8 speed transmission, yet again that five three same as the lt and and below uh, the 6.

2 liter of the 10 speed or again the duramax 10 speed um in the rst. However, you do have the options for bucket seats or bench seats, uh and you do have the option for leather, and you also have the sunroof option, which is uh. You know nice for for some of you wanting that uh next up the lt trail boss. If you know the lt trail boss, three motor options again, the five three, the six two and the three liter, however, the five three in this particular truck, unlike the rst and below the five three, has the 10 speed transmission um. The lt trail boss. However, only has bucket seats uh and it has the cloth or leather option as well as a sunroof option. And again, if you didnt hear this, this is the lt trail boss. You can get a three liter duramax turbo diesel, which i know a lot of youve been asking for that in that particular truck. I think its a great match up and i think its one thats going to sell if we can get them um and then. Lastly, your ltz and your high country uh, the lts – both of them are only bucket options, only only leather options. Of course, you can get two different colors in the leather of course, um the high country will come standard with navigation, the iot radio, whereas the ltz at least has the option for nav anything below an ltz by the way.

If you already know this, there is no option for navigation. Of course you have your apple carplay uh in your android auto. Now, if we head over to the gmc limiteds uh, the first trim level is now called the pro all right. So if you didnt already know that thats, why uh its called the pro the only options there and much like the work truck we saw in the um uh, you know in the chevy at the 2.7 or the 5.3, both eight speeds uh, the sle. You have the 2.7 uh, the five three with the 10 speed in the gmc and the sle by the way or the three litter duramax. The sle is gon na, have no bucket seat option and no sunroof option um and you can get it. Of course. In the black or the walnut interior, the elevations are next uh. What were going to see with the elevations is um this you know same as the sle in terms of the engines um, you know the 2.7, the five three ten speed, the three radio duramax um. Only block interior uh, of course, in this one i should say, of course, because the sle you can get black or a walnut, but this is only got black interior um, but you have the option for bucket seats and a sunroof which you dont have that option Of either of those in the sle heading to the slt, next options are the 5.

3 again. The 6.2 um in this, however, is the other option. So the five three and the six two are your options: um in the slt, all you know both 10 speed transmissions and you can get buckets or bench and obviously leather is standard with the slt hd4. Of course, leather standard, its the only and the only you know, interior color is the black. With the uh, the kalahari leather uh, you can get a 6.2 liter or or the three liter. Did you hear that the six two or the three i did not say the 5.3 there, because the at4 for the 2022 limited you cannot get and im not talking carbon problem im talking 84 in general, you cannot get the 5.3 liter with that and then finally, Of course, the denali you get the 5 3 liter, the 6.2 or the duramax, all 10 speeds um only buckets, of course, not only leather, and of course you know. Navigation is standard on that trim level um. So those are the options right now. Uh there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of constraints, but we dont know once the order actually gets put through um and whats gon na happen. You know going forward with all this microchip shortage and, if you didnt already watch, i did just do a microchip uh video prior to this video um and again the refresh truck uh, the silverado at least, is going to be released september.

9Th no word yet on. As of this video making um when were going to hear about the gmc release, but as always, i will keep you uh a prize. I will keep you up to speed on any of that information as it comes uh to us, as i mentioned on the top of the video any questions, anything that you would like to know when it comes to the 2022 limited.

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