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Music, all right so listen. I know one of the questions i keep getting asked over and over and over in the comments below anytime. I talk about the 2022 gmc sierra chevy silverados is hey, jeff, listen. We know theres a lot of 2021 trucks that still have to land on lots. What kind of crazy deals are you going to have because theres, thousands of them out there still well, first and foremost, you arent correct theres, thousands of them out there were gon na get to a story about thousands of them uh here in a little bit, but First of all, what i want to talk about is to answer your question about discounts on these. What i can tell you is this: i would not get my hopes up and again. This is just coming for me and the things im reading the things im seeing and hearing, and i wouldnt anticipate any massive discounts coming on the 2021 gmc sierra or chevy silverado trucks that are remaining that are said to be delivered and part of the reason. Why is because simply most of those, i would venture to say over 75 of those trucks are already pre sold, half of them were a custom order builds or they were ordered by the dealership that have now already been spoken for, and i can speak firsthand for My own dealership that the dealership that i work at pardon me is that we have a number of trucks right now that werent necessarily ordered for customers, but have now been since spoken for by customers through deposits and so on.

So i would not anticipate any massive massive mind: blowing 2021 discounts for those of you who are waiting uh for that in particular. Now, what i would still suggest, if you are looking for a 2021, is to try and get your hands on one as soon as possible, or go to your local dealership and ask them what they have coming in and get your name on one before its too Late, of course, we still have the 2022 limited. This can be coming out a little while, and this thursday september 9th were going to be releasing or gm is going to be. Releasing our chevrolet pardon me more specifically hes going to be talking about their all new refreshed, chevrolet silverado, but lets move forward to what i was talking about earlier, and that is a particular lot. Thats housing, literally thousands of general motors vehicles, uh more so uh, specifically pardon me, gmc, sierra and chevy silverados. Now, if you didnt already watch uh just literally two days ago, three days ago, whatever it was, i did a video that really talked to many of you out there about what in the world is going on with this microchip shortage. How did we get to the semiconductor shortage problem and its a long video, but i do suggest watching it if youre curious, how we got here whats happening now and where were going with that, but all this being said im going to sum it up and say Obviously, the microchip shortage has caused us to have virtually no vehicles on our dealership.

Lots right now right, but that doesnt mean that those arent vehicles built whats been happening is uh. Gmc and chevrolet have been literally building trucks. Putting the microchips in that are needed. Building the trucks rolling them down the production line, to places where theyre parking them coming back to the dealers or to the to the facilities uh to the plants with these microchips putting them in other trucks, they could keep doing the same. Well, eventually, whats happening is theyre, getting a stockpile, a massive stockpile of these trucks right so heres the story gets interesting. Gm owns a 2.6 million square foot plant and facility. Pardon me more so parking lot. I guess you would say outside of this facility in kokomo indiana and of course, if you werent aware most of general motors, uh, gmc and chevrolet silverall trucks are built in fort wayne. Indiana are you? Are you seeing here kokomo indiana, fort wayne indiana now this plant in indiana was called general motors components holding facility, and this is where the story gets very interesting. As of last year, this plant was converted to make ventilators, which we all need, and, of course i want to thank general motors again for stepping up and doing masks and doing ventilators, but this plant this facility was switched over converted over in order to make these Ventilators for all of us during this covet situation, but prior to that up until 2017, do you know what this plant actually did and by the way? Why am i talking about this plant this plant im talking about? Because there is going to be between five to eight thousand? Yes, five to eight thousand gmc sierra and chevy silverado trucks parked in the lot or on the lot of this facility, which, by the way, if i get back, i was just talking about up until 2017, actually was a semiconductor plant for general motors.

Yes, this plant built the microchips that are in the vehicles that now we dont have, and that is why were parking the trucks at this parking lot. Can you see where the irony comes in here theyre actually starting to erect fences around this place in order to have these trucks there, and you can see from some of the video by the way um. I got ta thank the news crews for for taking these videos here, um in the in the in the description, ill ill, give a shout out to who this is, but you know its crazy to think that they have this many trucks already there with yet more To come now, what is also interesting about this and lets just talk about this, for a second is why they actually stopped building the plants that are pla. The plants department, the microchips at this plant uh in 2017., and to explain this im actually going to take a little bit out of an article that gm authority did and read it to you, its a quote from general motors, where they said that technical capabilities of The current equipment set does not allow the business to compete at a global level. It says cost. Perhaps it was cost prohibitive, uh to invest in new equipment to produce semiconductors in the gm kokomo. Due to the availability of pardon me, due to the available uh capacity and capability of existing suppliers to meet demand for semiconductors, which crazy and it goes on to say, the chip can the chip suppliers referenced in this statement, many of which are located overseas, are now The ones scrambling to fulfill demand and warning oems the shortage may not let up until well into 2023.

Again. I did talk about that in my past. Video so check that out, but i just thought this was a pretty interesting crazy story. Um there is more 2021 trucks coming. You can see them uh in the pictures in the video that i shared here uh but again do not expect crazy massive deals on these things uh when they do come in.

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