Chevrolet Silverado, General Motors, 2022 THEY’RE FINALLY HERE!! The “refreshed” 2022 Chevrolet Silverado’s the ZR2!

Lets get going Music. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait before i get into this video. If you didnt, already know im really focusing on this channel im, really focusing on bringing you all the news when it comes to gmc sierra chevy, silverados, canyons, colorados, yukons tahoes, all that stuff im gon na be the man that you are gon na, hear the news From first, if i can right so, please give me a subscribe, so you dont miss out on all the future stuff coming out, especially with this new refresh truck all right so like i literally do not even know where to start im so excited now, im sure Why dont we start with this one factor: there was an embargo where we were not allowed to know or see or hear about the 2022 chevrolet silverados until today, which is september 9th a thursday at 4, 00 p.m. Now i had obviously got some information beforehand. Some other people did now. I was not privy to it from general motors. I happen to see something online, which i shared with all of you. Unfortunately, i did that a little bit early and that was needed to be taken down. However, obviously, as you had seen, many other people later had shared videos and pictures and so theres a lot out there. But listen today, youre gon na hear my point of view uh. As what id like to consider myself, the gm truck expert right – and you can hear my point of view and im gon na just go over some of the tidbits as to what theyve changed some exciting stuff and, of course, the new zr2 zr2.

Pardon me for my american friends were going to go over that as well, so lets just get this going very briefly. What i do want to do is just talk to you about, especially some of you, some of you out here, watching that dont know. Well. First of all, thanks for coming to my channel, but if you dont know there are going to be two different: 2022 chevy silverado trucks. First and foremost, we have what we call the current one, where you can order as of today. Right now or yesterday, its called the 2022 limited in the 2022 limited silverado is going to be exactly for every intensive purpose. What the 2021 truck was theres a few little tweaks in terms of uh, what you can and cant get, but the truck itself the way it looks the way it performs all that kind of stuff is the same as the 2021 check. Just one of my recent videos, i did a video on that um, but what were going to be talking about today is the refresh where there is a multitude of changes coming to the trucks. Now what were going to be talking about this video today is the lt, the high country and, of course, the zr2, because whats happened is they didnt really give us much information on the lower trim levels? But there is a little bit im going to talk about at the end of the video. What im, also going to do is tell you about um when you can actually get this because thats one of the biggest questions ive been asked is jeff.

When am i even able to order uh this refresh, i was getting this question asked before they even released it, of course, but i got that for you in the video as well all right, so i just want to kick it off by talking about the zr2. So were going to be talking about all the outside stuff then were going to get to the inside, because what im going to be talking about inside um on the lt and the high country is essentially, you know more or less what were going to be seeing On the inside of the zr2, when it comes to the tack and the screen and all that kind of stuff, but lets talk about the zr2 now weve been talking about this for a while right uh. If youve been watching my channel following my channel or just following the news on this at all, the zr2 is going to be slotted above our current trail boss. So its going to have some similarities in the sense it does have a two inch left. However, my understanding and what ive been hearing its a half an inch taller, the truck uh, this new zr2 by the way im gon na, be running b, roll footage to this so um. You know just just keep in mind. I want to, by the way thank uh the guys over at and, of course, chevrolet for this footage, um, but yeah so, first and foremost, obviously its going to uh its in a little bit taller.

Its got 33 inch tires now, as opposed to the 32. Its going to be sitting on goodyear, wrangler, um, uh, sorry, goodyear, regular side, goodyear territory, mt uh tires. So you know an aggressive, an aggressive tire again: um 33s um. It obviously has a unique set of aluminum wheels, which i think look fantastic, and then it does have the highest ground clearance of any silverado out there right now, uh, you know mixed because of the the lift um because of the tires uh were talking. 11.2 inches of ground clearance and thats, also due to the front end, which i talked about a little earlier, is the fact that it does have a steel front. Bumper and its got a much higher approach. Angle, um, just because of the way things are cut away on that front, as you can see um, you know much more so than any of the other silverados very again reminiscent of our colorado zr2, and then it has the flow tie in that front. Bumper, which looks sick number one, but secondly, its functional, because its allowing more airflow to the engine. Now again its got the 6.2 liter. Naturally, aspirated 420 horsepower 460 foot pound of torque engine under there, but my thoughts are and im going on a limb, maybe not that far over length, but i do believe they are going to come up with a supercharged version of this eventually um. But right now, in the efforts of reducing cost uh, we now are going to be cheaper than a raptor were going to be cheaper than the trx.

So i you know, i kind of think for some of those people who arent necessary uh after that uh that that horsepower, but they want a bit more off road um. This is gon na bring that that to the table at a bit more of affordable price. But again that being said, uh it does have its already ready for some more airflow and, of course that has that different hood, which looks really cool some other differences um on this truck uh from you know our regular trail boss, of course, uh keeping in line With our smaller colorado zr2, it does have the multimatic dss v shocks um. Now they are such a high end shock, and i can tell you this just from my small amount of experience, not small, but my amount of experience with the colorado zr2s and i can ride down a normal city street and i dont feel like its rattling. The teeth out of my head, because its softer and then when i do get the harder terrain. It stiffens up its its such a smart um uh suspension system, uh that it that it works, whether you got your off roading or whether youre taking the kids to school or going to get groceries so um. I really like that that aspect uh to it um again, so it has a multimatic dss v um. It actually has more suspension travel over the trail boss uh. So, even though theyre theyre very similar in a lot of ways, it actually has more travel because of that shock, so that thats a little bit of a difference.

Um it does. You need some unique skid plates on it. Um. You know more skid plates and unique plates, as you can see, especially right off the front, not only all that for the off road, but it even has the differential lock, which i talked about in videos past and, of course, our colorado zero2 has so its going To have the ability to lock and unlock the front differential thats a really cool feature, another really cool feature that ive never seen in one of our trucks before you know recently is the one pedal one pedal pardon me: not one puddle go through puddles, but the One pedal drive if you dont know what that is its basically a way to control the speed of the truck when off roading only using that one pedal, obviously, as it sounds right so, basically, when you let off that it doesnt just coast, it actually puts the Brake on not necessarily aggressively, but it puts the brake on so you can just use that one pedal to crawl over things, as opposed to going back and forth uh with your right foot between the brake and you know in the gas pedal and then just overall. The front end of course looks completely different: its got much thicker uh daytime driving lights, um, which actually uh do a little bit of a sequence. When you come up to the truck, which is really cool um, what we thought was going to happen that didnt happen.

Uh was where theyre talking about exterior changes, aside from the zr2 being with the hood being different, and you know um, but all the other trucks its just the front end is different. They didnt change, really anything in the rear and youll be able to see from the pictures in the videos. The rear end is uh, pretty like uh, the rear end looks, pardon me is, is is virtually identical to what weve weve had um, so theres. No real changes that way its mainly the cosmetics in the front when were talking, exterior and obviously some wheel, differences as well, and then, as noted by the guys at, it does have a slightly different interior than what were used to as well. A little more bolstered seats in there, of course, its going to have leather interior. I reported that again a long time ago as well, and i dont know if obviously youve seen the pictures pretty much. Every picture thats been reported, but theres gon na be three new colors of the the silverados this year. Um again, i talked about this in the past. Video theyre gon na have the dark ash, which obviously is going to be a charcoal gray. They have the sand dune metallic and now this is where it gets interesting, because when i was reading the gm um trucks, article uh. Sorry, if i see gm authority earlier im at uh, but gm trucks has been reporting that theyre gon na call, at least in the silverado, maybe its a sierra theyre gon na use.

This name glacier blue metallic, which is uh, which is the blue metallic, were using on our colorados right now um. But id read factually that theres gon na be called pausing a metallic, so maybe in the chevy theyre calling it that maybe they change the name. I dont know i had originally reported metallic point wise. I reported it was going to be this color and it is – and i think it looks fantastic on the full size truck having that bright color in that you know more off road variant, truck moving away from the zr2. I do want to talk briefly about the high country and the lt, because that is really again all they gave us uh pictures of um and what were finding now. Um were talking about the lt in the high country. Of course, we are getting that same newer front end um, thats, gon na be amongst all the trucks thats. My understanding um when it comes to the high country lets just talk about a couple of things that will be different with the high country um. It is going to have a little more high end interior, different perforated uh leather seats, its also going to have an open pore wood um, like we see in some of our higher end other vehicles, that you know cadillacs and things like that denali, but were gon Na see that uh in the high country, one of the biggest things that is coming that i i didnt think was coming to the chevrolet silverados, i thought i was sticking with the gmc sierras and the denali is the addition of super cruise, so thats pretty exciting.

Um, if youre not aware of that its obviously our our version of the semi autonomous driving uh thatll drive on major freeways in canada. The united states uh itll even be able to hook a trailer up under super cruise uh, which is just a phenomenal uh feat and theyre going to have a whole host of trailer safety equipment that you know we already saw introduced last year, essentially um, but thats Going to be carrying on uh, with some more as well and on the safety train um, if i can just get off the high country for one moment, if we are going to talk about the more entry trim level trucks, they are coming out with a safety Package thats going to be standard on every level of truck. Much like we see right now in the chevy equinox example, or the gmc terrain and theyre going to call it. The chevy safety assist im just going to rhyme off real quick. What thats going to include shes going to have ford collision alert standard lane, keep assist with lane departure warning, auto emergency braking front pedestrian, braking following distance indicator and intellibeam auto high beams, which i love, that intellibeam system, but all those other features are fantastic, especially if Youre gon na get that all the way from the work truck, uh trim level. You know all the way up um, but getting back to the high country, of course, youre gon na see obviously theres probably be some new wheel choices and again they have a different front.

Look but lets delve inside inside the trucks and im going to talk about the lt at the same time. So what were going to be seeing inside is the largest screen in the industry. As i said off the top of the video, its 13.4 inches and as you can see, unlike summer competitors, you know the dodge, obviously, which everybody talked about the ram part of me its more wide than it is tall right, and i just love it. I mean i was reporting, i thought his knee around 10 inches. I have that and my wife has that in her tahoe and this new one is going to have 13.4, which is just massive, its gon na be so great for backing up your trailer. But of course, with all the connectivity and were gon na talk about the connectivity here in a second but the largest touchscreen and thats gon na be on the zero2, its gon na, be on the lt and its gon na be on the high country. Of course. Uh no word on the ltz, but obviously i believe its gon na happen. We just havent seen many pictures or information or any pardon me on the ltz yet or the 2lt trail boss, but youre going to have that not to mention in anything that has a bucket seat. So if you order the bucket seat, as i previously reported, you are going to have the electric console shift all right, so it gives me electric console shift now if were going to go back and talk about lts for a moment, my understanding potentially – and this is How im reading between the lines here is, if you get an lt, but you order the bench sheet youre going to get your typical con column chip.

Part of me. So for those of you who want that, i believe its still an option. But when you go up to the bucket seat so now, obviously i believe theres going to be a higher increase. If you go to bucket seats than before, because youre going to get that console shift and then on top of that from the lt trim level and up youre going to get a 12 inch, i think its just over 12 inch, configurable uh, fully digital screen in Front of the driver, which i think is phenomenal as well, so you can have the 12 inch screen there, a 13.4 inch screen there come on folks. We have to be now satisfying those techie people out there that wanted the larger screens in the inside, because nobody is making a bigger one. So far in the trucks and getting back to that screen, it is going to have something called google built in um, which is going to allow you to to basically um get your apps. By just saying, you know: hey google, which is which is pretty cool and, of course, were still going to have the apple carplay android. You know that kind of stuff im, sure um, but it is going to have um a you know a much more intelligent. I guess you would say um touch screen and and as we go forward, obviously thats. What we would you know expect right so in the effort to try and shorten this video up a bit, because i am going to talk more specifically on the specific trucks and more videos to come.

I just really want to talk about two other um big things that are coming for next year or for this year, or what im going to tell you in the video when you can actually get these things, but one of them is theres a much improved. 2.7 liter turbo engine. I know that excites a lot of you up there, but there is a market for you out there of you out there. That i know are excited for this and basically its a 20 increase in torque uh from where it used to be so. It was in a 330 range or 338, something like that. They bumped up the torque of the 2.7 liter to 420 horsepower and the re. How they did that was basically uh by using a stiffer crankshaft and a fully forged bottom end, um, not to mention they have also like refined the shifting as well, so its much more smooth shifting. All that being added together in a two wheel, drive configuration. This truck is going to pull this 2.7 liter. Four cylinder turbo is going to pull 9 500 pounds. Just to put this in perspective, our current 5.3 liter uh is only pulling just over 9000 pounds. Of course, just depending on how you configure, but in a regular configuration regular uh, um um, you know gear ratio. Pardon me its pulling just over 9000 pounds, so youre getting 2.7 liter pulling 9 500 pounds now. The other engine i want to talk about is one of my favorite.

My wife has this in her tahoe, its the babymax, the baby duramax, the three point: three liter inline six um duramax diesel um. Basically, they have increased the tow capacity on this because you can now which you couldnt, get before get a max tow package with the three liter diesel, which makes all the sense in the world by the way. Yes, i know im gon na get the comments talking about. Well, you cant even get a diesel right now you cant theyre gon na start building again next year and for the end of this year you cant get a three liter but im pumped on this, and you know what theyre saying for the toe of this again. Two wheel drive configuration. They are saying that this is going to pull 4 000 pounds more than it did last year or this year for 2021, its now 13 300 pounds for the babymax amazing fuel efficiency. I can say that firsthand and now you can have the towing as well. I dont know how you dont look at this motor, even if youve been a 5.3 person in the past by the way, the 5.3 liter doesnt change. Of course, theyve x, the six speed, uh afm octa fuel engine by the way, 5.3 and theyre only sticking with the dfm, the dynamic fuel management made it to either 8 or a 10 speed, depending on the trim level of truck that you get with that 5.

3. All right, i know ive been firing a lot at you, but lets just talk about the question. Youve all been asking me um, and i finally have a bit of an answer today, at least as long as the world doesnt dramatically change yet again, but my understanding and my prediction is coming true: youre going to be able to order the refresh trucks. I do not pricing yet so dont. Ask that yet i will be able or you will be able to order these refresh trucks at the end of this year and expect delivery. They say spring im going to say late spring, just being the pessimist. I am late spring of 2022 again as long as all things go along. I know ive been talking about the microchip shortages and things like that, but i think they have a plan in place and i think part of the reason why some of these are held up is because obviously theyre trying to you know get the refresh stuff going Too so were going to see 2021s 2022 limiteds 2022 refreshes. All coming in you know not far apart from one another, so interesting, slash exciting time again, i am pumped on this new truck. What are your thoughts on it? Um again, i will focus more on the specific models in in other videos coming up, but i just wanted to get this out to you today. As soon as i possibly can, i know im all over the place.

Im excited. I hope you are too. As always.

What do you think?

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