FaZe Clan The Return of FaZe Rain – One Year Later

, The best the best face to wake up to in the morning.. I havent seen your f ing face in a year and a half. Good., Especially you Im wearing seven masks around you. Man, Hes immune I just got tested, and I am immune. laughter Cut that out cause you guys are all bitch made.. What a good friend This guy., Okay, so the color waves on this I dont know., I dont like the colors on this bro.. I dont like that, its black on white on green.. We have a collab dropping this month with Optic dubstep music, which is really special to a lot of us, because before there was Faze, there was Optic., For me at least was the first clan or organization whatever you want to call it that I really noticed. The First montage I ever watched on YouTube was an Optic hex montage on Modern Warfare, 2. And thats. What kind of segued me into like finding out about sniping and trick shotting and everything like that and finding out about Faze. gasps Yo? This is fire. Like I knew it was gon na be good, but I didnt know it was gon na. Be this good. Man, Oh dude, there is everything in there., Woman Yeah there should be.. This is a large. Is there a problem, bitch Woman No. laughs? Let me guess., I should be wearing an XL. This is not a large, its a medium. Woman. I know thats why it looks small to me, but its its a large.

Man, The black one Woman. This is so dope.. Is it Exasperated music? What up guys inaudible here with my boys. Faze Snipe.? I know who you guys, are. Alright whats going on everybody.. We are here at the MLG Columbus Venue.. These guys are about to play Optic gaming. In the second part of the grand finals, We won the first one 3 1.. This is gon na, be the second one. Its the best of 5.. If we win three of those games, then we win the championship 10000. So its really cool now that it feels like its been yeah its 10 years later, that we are collaborating with them and doing this really sick, merch shop. We have a lot of cool pieces., Oh Faze, Optic, collab, dude. Optic is Faze and Optic are the only two really real OGs, like e sports, not even e sports, its like gaming lifestyles in the making., Its us and them, and for us to finally make a Collab, together its just history in the making man. men shouting upbeat, dubstep, music Faze Adapt Right now its about 644 AM.. So me and all the boys are on our way out to Arizona for K1s popup.. If you guys dont, know Kyler Murray quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. He joined Faze a couple of months ago, so me and a bunch of the Faze guys are going out to show him some love at his popup. Theres, going to be a lot of fans there.

Its gon na be really cool., But yeah now were on the way to the airport. Well say hi to some of the fellas and then were gon na get to Phoenix. roaring engine, Guys. Listen, we made it to the popup. We got all the boys here. We got Rug Swagg. All the new squad, Tommy its hot, were at AZ Mills.. Is this your childhood mall? You guys grew up here. No, this is way far. This is mine.. I was like a Desert Ridge, pv ball type of guy. Faze Rug. This is your guys childhood mall, Yes, Wait! So we in your hood, Yes, yes. Sheesh. Lets check it. Out. funky, techno, music people, clamoring Wow. This is a lot of fans. Way more people than I expected.. What people shouting techno music continues: Wow Run it back. Faze up. Oh my god, Whats good music continues. Kyler Murray here man, I just joined Faze, Faze, K1., Im glad to be a part of the family.. You know Faze Up., Honestly its incredible because were crossing two different worlds., But at the same time hes a real gamer hes been gaming. His whole life and weve been gaming. Our whole lives and weve been playing sports. Our whole lives so its like its a very organic collaboration, but I think its massive, because hes a superstar in the NFL, you know hes young, around the same age as us, a little younger but, like honestly, a perfect fit for an athlete to join Faze.

Man. What made us want to pick Kyler. Honestly Faze, I mean everybody, knows this and feels our vibe. Its a total family, like just group of kids., Were all legitimately friends. Were all interested in a lot of the same stuff.. It was just. It was a great fit.. Were stoked to have him. Im excited., So this is something that we do a lot of times when Nords starting to hit like a little bit of an edge.. This isnt, like a stretch where, like Im, trying to like put you in a split. Its just here. It is. Yeah yeah. You feel that What the fuck A couple breaths.! How do I fix this? Ah, what the f So dont think about fixing it. Take a deep breath breathes in and out. breathes out What the fuck it worked. That was like that went from a hundred to zero instantly. Its cause. Your central nervous system is on crack. Yall, hear that You got ta, get your central nervous system off crack. slow pop music. Oh my God.! I hope you get hit by traffic.. I dont know. Well figure it out. Youre gon na push me. Youre, not gon na. Take care of me., Oh my god.. He never takes care of me. Ever. people laugh Ever.. He makes me put my own wheelchair in the back of the car on my own. Yep. Right in the traffic bye, guys, Yeah. Ive just been doing PT in the gym.

Now because, like you know its like, I can only put so much in my in my room with those leg weights, but at the gym, theres, just so much more activities. I can do and so much more weight that I can push. Im feeling a lot better. These days., Obviously you have your off days where it feels like its. You know falling apart, but you know we get through them. You just push through those days and you just push harder the next day. Really. Kevin comes all the time, but Ive just been so busy with Faze and everything that Ive had to push off a bunch of those like PT meetings with him., But Ive been just doing on my own. Every single day. You cant miss a day: man. dubstep, music, Nice., All right slate in roll town, please. Shit man. I eat a lot of McDonalds with or without the sponsorship. I cant lie especially late at night, its like. What else are you going to get McDonalds? Is always there for you, so like were always there for you, so it just makes sense that Faze and McDonalds do something together. You know what Im saying muffled speaking, How you doing Yo this is crazy. Like how crazy is this place? Muffled men talking like meeting my childhood, crush and confessing my love to my childhood crush or something just sit down and talk for, like 15 minutes., He always used to talk about it.

Tweet about it. Yeah men laugh All the time. Youd always talk about it. Man In black shirt, Can you find your old tweets about it? Oh, I could probably find them right now Going to bed ninadobrev. I love you Like. You would think about her before you slept.. What a nice pic men laugh. You tagged him too. I tagged him laughing Bro. I love you so much Like times were so different. Yo. This dude has like 50000 tweets. Bro, keep those screenshot them whatever. Man, Which ones About his childhood crush.. I used to tweet her all the time. I love you please reply to. Me. laughter in 2012. – Oh my god, look at this! This is so wholesome..

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