FaZe Clan THIS IS WHY I'M IN FAZE CLAN (Insane Trickshot)

This is the first time ive ever done. This ive gone for a lot of cool kills im the last person, especially if all the last players are alive, and i just kind of got this cool finish, and i wanted to share with you guys. I cut up the gameplay for you guys and i left the uh trick shot at the end of the video mark. You get chopper theres, so many bodies of top okay going up top. Oh no come back outside outside, come outside, come outside. Oh one, more one! More last dude no wait. Oh no shot youre up soldier dude. We are undefeated in the news today. Oh my god, i missed theyre, both just clueless one off armor. The other ones bought actually correction. They were both bots, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, my god, youre, not that nasty. Oh, you got a hit mark on him. What how hes not dead! I i broke his armor down above us. These are everywhere. Oh, my god, youre nasty, the hell out of here, hey whats, your favorite flavor of the alphabet. Honestly, probably green, its definitely f y, i think. Are you trying to get f, just tastes, really good? Okay! I bet not perspective the guy in the middle of the ravine over here, oh yeah, hes, just kind of vibing in the middle there. Oh, this dude right here mark three hit him. Oh, oh, my bad! Oh my god, im not with you.

I feel like thats, all good, all good, okay, good one youre dead, excuse, youre both dead, both head road kill just get in circle and hold them. We can hold them right up here: oh yeah, very nice, oh my god, theyre demons, guys theyre demons were being engaged, guys, theres, more people coming for us one down – oh my god! Oh my god theres another guy up here! Wait what no? No no hes warning! Hes, so weak id take a better spot agreed. Probably we must take them out the game mark. We will res you honestly. I can take the chopper real quick. Do you want to just hold it down down here? Applause dude! He crawled away what a stupid little uh we can just send like top train. If you want yeah lets, do it? Did you hit him yeah? I just armored him though, but hes like he has no plates team, dumb team down below and then team on blue. On top of that, i have no uh no guns here, but oh my god, people looking at us from top train behind us dead. Nice still, a good amount of people left that theyre trying to push on with circle theyre still oh great shot. I got you full. His buddy is, oh, my god. Youre nasty got your second full theres, one rotating all somebody up here with me. I just got looked at from Applause. Okay, he climbed up to our right mark, where exactly i can try to help over here: yeah, okay, hes right on the ac event, just one guy! Yes, he might see my team.

I see him hes dead, hes, toast, hes hosting great shot. Yeah should be able to have a good res. I can look over you here, uh theyre, coming up here, okay, pushing that we should head to the safe zone. Oh chat: can we get a w span for the boys on the back to back im so confident were taking this dub its easy 3v1 mark clark giving him a good hold. Ah 3v2 is easy. Oh thats, easy casper is never going to work out for you bud. You either im trick shotting this dude, oh Applause, Music. I did not expect to film with that yeah thats been it for todays video.

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