NBA 2K Gameplay Review for Current and Next Gen. SHOULD YOU BUY IT?

What is going on guys welcome back to the channel for my first official nba2k22 video and today well be talking about my first impression on the nba 2k22 current gen and nextgen and at the end ill give you guys some advice if you guys should buy it. So lets get right into it, Music, so lets start first with nextgen, graphics, wise. I can see some improvements, but its not really like a mind. Blowing improvement. As you can see here, you cannotice that the caller are much alive or much richer. Now for the gameplay. First thing, i noticed is the physics i mean the blocking physics, the charging physics, the way the player plants their feet on the floor is really good. One more thing that i noticed that got a lot better is the responsiveness, especially on defense, which i think will be a vital thing in online modes, especially on parks and now, for the builder part, were not going to talk much about this one. Its a really wide topic, but overall it really got better. I would say its much more complex, like it has more restrictions, as you can see here. Just one of the examples, your close shot is related to your mid range, so builder got a lot better. Its like you, cant, have it all this time now for current gen graphics, didnt change much to be honest, but they adapted their responsiveness from next gen. So it feels a lot better compared last year and for the builder they added four additional pie charts, but its not really much and to be honest, i didnt feel much changes on the builder so before we go to the next part, just want to invite you Guys to like the video if youre liking it so far and if youre new to the channel, i do lots of batch and stat testings.

I use this motor controller to get shooting batch stats and a test physicals and lots of other things that can help you with your build and ill be making like five to seven videos a week so make sure to subscribe. So you dont miss out and ill be covering both next gen and curtin j and would be really awesome as well. If you guys can leave any feedback or any recommendation for a topic, so i know what you guys want so now for the next part, should you buy it? Of course it depends by the way. These recommendations here are based on all 2k news. That 2k gave the past weeks and including my first experience on the gameplay. So if you dont play much like you only play quick play mode with your friends like once every two weeks or less and you already have 21, i dont think you need this game that much. I think you wont appreciate the changes, because most of the changes are on the deep side of the game. Like my career and my team, you cant feel it much in play now mode. So i guess you will just say: oh its the same game, but if you play a bit more like you play a little my career every now and then, like you, probably reached all star one last year, just hold on just wait for a couple of weeks. More to see what it really looks like when people start to find out bugs thats the time you decide, because right now its really hard to know what it really looks like and if you really play im talking about like really play the game.

Like you really watch the videos before you make your build and you reach high rep just get the game its just a matter of choosing between current or next gen. I know 21 is still playable, but i just believe that the devs will focus more on 22 from this point and they will just slowly neglect 21., so just get the game at this point i think its safe to say that its worth a buy. If you really play – and now i might ask what about current gen or next gen, its a personal preference for me, theres a lot of factors to consider like, of course, the console like your friends and some other things, but im citing more on next gen, because I just believe that thats the future like they will focus more next on because thats the exact game they will update, come 23., so thats. All again, please drop a like if you like the video and please subscribe for more videos to come and ill see.

What do you think?

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