NBA 2K This NBA 2K22 BUILD will BREAK the game.. BEST GUARD BUILD NBA 2K22!

For some reason, every content creator got the game. Yesterday i dont know im just a random bro, but look all day. I have been spending time in the my player builder trying to search for the best build in the game, and i think that i have a top build. This build can do everything from dunking the ball and, yes, i mean contact dunks really good play making and it can actually shoot consistently. Not like no joke like this. Actually, like brothers should be sparking, but look enough of me talking hey, we just finna, get you all right. Im gon na show you how to make the build, show yall the correct badges to be using and hey. We finna be going crazy. This man, you talking about oh yeah and make sure you stay to the end of the video because theres some very important information that you need to know about this, build hey, bro, whats, good with yall boys. So look man hang a lot. I kind of wasted. My money on this game bro because, like yo im on xbox, i took a flight into new zealand, wink, wink and uh. I came up with a problem um for some reason. My dumb ass didnt pre order, the version where you get 100k vc off the rip. So now im saying im stuck with 500 vc, so yeah i was gon na try to get some gameplay, but guess what i dont have enough vc for animations.

I dont have no vc to upgrade my player, my im stuck at a 60 overall until the game. Officially comes out on playstation tonight so yeah. If youre wondering why theres no gameplay its cause, i cant purchase nothing. I was finna hit up a random on twitter. I was gon na risk, the possibility of being scammed with like bro. This was bad bro all right. So the pie chart were gon na be using. Is the blue yellow pie chart its like half play, making half finishing now the reason im doing this is because apparently in 2k 22 the shooting is mad easy. You can literally have a 63 pointer and be able to spark that from. Let me not say from range because i aint get – i dont think is doing that with a 63 point, but you can shoot consistently kind of like 2k, 20, 2k, 19 or previous games. Where you can have a low three pointer and actually still be able to green your shots consistently and if you dont believe that its mad easy to shoot in this game just to test out the shooting in this game, i literally went to the park, played tools With a 60 overall player, nothing upgraded and was literally greening with no badges and a 58 three pointer. I kid you not granted. I was kind of shooting like three for six every game, but look i had no badges a 58 three pointer and a 60 overall player bro in reality and any other 2k.

If you pull up to the part 58, three pointer, no badges, you are not grinning a damn thing. You are gon na walk out there disappointed as physical profile. I went with the first one. Now the first thing im doing im upgrading the three point upgrade in the mid range im: upgrading everything in the shooting. Just because i want to get the max amount of shooting badges that i can get, which is 12 shooting badges on this build next thing were doing. Is we maxing out the drive and dunk the driving lab in the in the close shot, and with that we get 15 finishing badges with this build well be able bro with this build well, be able to get a contact dunk off the rim, contacts galore. I think for elite contact dunks, you should, i think i think you need like a 92 driving dump. That is crazy. We not doing that. You got to have a pure slasher to get some like that, but we can get pro contact dunks. We can get. You know understand the little baby contact dunks, whatever the them is called small contact dunks and we rocking and as for the ball handling, to get pro dribble moves you just all you have to have is a 75 ball hand for like the elite type of joke, Moves im pretty sure you need a 80., but look our player right. Now is six seven. Once we get him to a six, six yo hang a lot.

We gon na have that 80 ball and we gon na be going stupid. Im gon na just ima just max out my passive accuracy, keep it like that. You know what im saying then: we gon na max out the essentials and the defense, which is the steal, the defensive, rebound, lateral, quickness perimeter defense. Then we got 31 left im. Probably just gon na put the rest on um offensive rebound, be saying: oh dont put your offensive rebound. Are you stupid? They just be out here having no rebound like. I play the tools and the ones court bro, if you out here with no rebound no offense or rebound that can save the game. Is you stupid, but yeah thats pretty much it for the attributes? Now look body type, we got slight. We have a big ass arms and little last bodies the do not work bro for the height. I went with six six. When we make our players six six, we get a plus seven and drive and lay which brings our driving layup up to a 91. Our drive and dunk is still out of 83. Our mid range is a 74.. Our three point went up two points. All handling went up five points and uh yeah thats, pretty much it thats all that matters for the weight im gon na make it 215 just so i lose one in strength. I gained one in acceleration type um for the wingspan we gon na max that all the way out now when we do that we get a driving dunk at 86, but we lose three and shooting.

But remember my remember: you dont need none of that to shoot the ball. You dont need none of that. Actually we gon na go down one tick just so we can have a 64 three pointer. Just you know understand just to be safe and then we still get like uh pro contact ducks or whatever, and then we dont lose. We damn, they dont lose any ball handling and were good now for the takeover we going with straight slash and takeover. I want this bill to be unstoppable. I want when you in the paint – and you not a big ass sinner im chugging, my bro, if you not 6, 8 burly 250 pounds and you in that paint youre getting dunked on. I dont want there to be no chance of you getting like living youre dying under that basket and aint nothing. You can do about it, but yeah. You could go with playmaking takeover too, because im pretty sure that actually works this year. And then we made a slash and playmaker now aint gon na lie bro in the 2k 21. When i was calling my my dream boot, i actually didnt think i would be using this in 2k, 22. im not even going to cap these oh yeah. I also forgot to tell yall yall do gain attributes on current gen for hitting 99, so once we hit 99 well have like plus four on everything, so our driving dunk will be a 89 means, meaning we dunking on everybody.

Mid range will be a 75 three point, be a 68 ball handling to be at 87. a lot. This bill might go stupid bro and we get great badges, 15, finishing 12 shooting 22 play making and seven defensive rebounding yall this aint a lot. This do go crazy now, for the finishing badges automatically posterize, our hall of fame, just put that up theres a couple new badges in here like limitless takeoff, i would probably put that on silver or gold, just because it says you can take off from the free Throw line like your dunk animation will activate from further range so like low key that probably helps contact dunks im. Just assuming you know what im saying i aint really use the like that, because i dont have no vc um. I would probably put fearless finisher on mouse in the house is probably you know saying ill probably put that on silver or some just because if, if a guard is under the paint, sometimes they do be contesting your ass. For no reason these little ass be contesting your and then um honestly bro. The rest could probably go on giant slayer now as far as the shooting badges, since this is probably going to be more of a iso, build your build, says, slash and playmaker not going to be guarding you like that right zone hunter is a must limitless spot Up this says boost the range that one can effectively shoot: standing three pointers, so most eo3s, probably just gon na, be staying in three pointers: theyre, probably not gon na be off the dribble.

If you that confident, theyll spark that by all means, go ahead and use the chef badge, but for me im, probably just gon na be shooting standing threes im, not gon na be shooting like off the dribble threes on this bill. So im gon na put that on gold um dead eye, you probably just gon na need that on bronze cause, nobody gon na be guarding you up close blinders. You dont really need cuz. As i said before, is not gon na be guarding you um, but yes ill, probably put volume shooter on silver and then i will probably put the rest on either green machine actually scratch that scratch that im, putting sniper on gold and im putting stop and pop On silver, just because volume, shooter bro, im gon na be greener regardless, you feel me so sniper exaggerate. This is basically like flexible release. Basically, what stop and pop does is, after i cook in the game. He leave me open. You notice, and i got him lost in the sauce hey if i want to shoot at three, i can do that as far as the play making badges im, probably gon na put hall of fame ankle breaker handles for days, probably gon na put a bullet past. It on silver or gold hall of fame, quick, first step unpluggable on gold. Then we have four left, hang a lot bro. If you cant shoot on this game. I dont know what to tell you bro thats on you.

I dont got nothing to do with me. My but we got two new badges in the playmaking category. This one is quick chain approves the ability to quick train jumbo moves together. This is probably more important than hyperdrive hybrid drive. It says, increases the dribbling skills while on the move um. I honestly dont know what the that means, but well just put that on bronze because um its really nothing else to put it on and as far as the defensive, badges im, probably just gon na put clamps on gold and then im gon na put intimidator on Silver and then ankle bra, actually ankle braces on silver intimidator on silver. You know im saying: hey: we hey, we cant be going out bad niggas, not gon na be wrecking my ankles out here as you talk about hey, but look when this game comes out at 12 a.m, on playstation best believe im getting that gameplay and im showing Yall, how demonic this build is, but look before you click off the video. I need to tell yall one thing about this: build that you may be worried about in the future. Just letting yall know this build may or may not be patched, and the reason that i am saying that is because um shooting this way entirely too easy. Like i said before, i went to the park 60 overall, 58, three pointer and i was actually greening shots. It is that easy to green shots in this game.

Bro imagine with badges and uh upgrading three pointer. Its over people are literally out here. Greening with 73 point ratings. It is bad. So, if 2k decides to, you know im saying to patch the shooting this build. May also be patched, you know, im saying in the shooting aspect. So hey just you know just to let yall know if yall want to go to safer route. You know im saying: go with a 73 point rating on one of your builds, so you dont waste. Any money or any vc on a build. You know saying that may get passed in the future, but i honestly dont think thatll happen. Im just letting yall know it would be a possibility. I wouldnt be a real.

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