NBA 2K Updated MyNBA, But Was It Enough?

Now it came out at 10 a.m. It is 2 p.m. Im recording this. I did not look at the article whatsoever. I wanted to get my first live reactions with yall aint even been on twitter to see what people been talking about im here to give yall my live reaction, see if its a w or if its a l, because if you really think about it, the my Nba community has been one of the most neglected communities across the entire 2k platform um. We get less updates than my team and and my career and park, and all of those things the only people thats beneath us is like the the play now guys. My apologies to yall bro, i dont even know what to tell you. I would love for somebody to go out there and do the research about the views related to each mode, because i honestly do believe in nba. 2K. 21, though my nba was a copy paste and just a small amount of updates. I do believe with our community with clix community, with six ranger. Still all of the my nba guys out there we put together a nice little package of views in the 2k 21 cycle. So i wonder where ranks because i know a lot of the people that are usually park. Players got away from parking nba, 2k, 21, because it was me. I know a lot of people that was into my team got away from my team because it was so men.

So i would legit think that my that my nba community accounted for a ton of views in the 2k 21 cycle and because of that i would expect us to be listened to at least at least a little bit now. A couple months ago i dropped the video where i went through someone elses wish list for nba 2k 22 dealing with the my nba community, and i dropped it early enough that i knew that the 2k developers might have been able to see it and might have Been able to incorporate some of the things that my boy always get him mixed up, it was infamous infamous and why he put together crazy ill link that video in the description um he put together crazy wish list that all of them were very doable for 2k Studio to potentially give us and were about to see if they actually did so they dropped the news and ronnie personally tweeted at me because he knows i have been one of the advocates for nba 2k 22 to be good um. What do you say now? I dont even what are you getting that? What are you getting at my guy? So the original tweet says my nba is back and better in nba, 2k 22 experience new improvements in additions to our franchise mode, which is great. We love additions, including my staff team and player training conditional coaching, new pre built teams. This is a l by the way im already telling you that better spreadsheets and more control learn more and they got a screenshot of greg popovich.

Its like great pop, its been face scanned im im, digging that i love the replies on this tweet. Those like everybodys, just adding me like come on kenny. We need you to react to it. Yeah yeah baby. I got you, i got yall. My boy said what we thinking: hey, listen everything i said in this video is my personal opinion im not here to talk for you im not here to talk to any other creators in here im just he said what we think is like hey, whatever kitty says, Must be true that aint always the case estimated read time is 11 minutes 30 seconds ill, be honest with you its going to take me a lot longer than 11 minutes and 30 seconds to read. Oh this, but uh im here for bro lets lets lets get into it. They gave us a lot a lot to read immediately what i noticed is they talk exclusively about ps5 and xbox series x. So if youre on ogen or current gen, i dont think anything in here applies to you. I legit think this is for the next gen people and and thats why i said earlier about that. One little line in the tweet why its a l well get to that later, build out and solidify a championship. Caliber staff define the roles, youll need to fill and learn how training can make or break a title run in nba2k22. Okay, all of this is nothing um.

This is how you get your read time up. You just put a whole paragraph that dont tell you anything, but we get to our first new feature, my staff. Back in 2k14, we took basketball franchise gameplay to the next level, with my gm okay im not reading. All of this allowed you, let me let me get to the good parts or or bad parts, depending on who you ask again just just reading this first paragraph is kind of kind of a slap in the face for a couple reasons, so they talk about the Progression 2k14. They started my gm 2k 20. They got my gem 2.0, but we still had an eye on how we can improve the experience for users bro. We are the users just listen to us. I am not the only person that dropped a wishlist, video or wishlist thing. If you really wanted to improve the experience for the users, listen to the users, you you this. Oh, i swear. If the rest of this article, dont dont, got nothing dealing with the stuff. We wont im gon na be upset because you said right here: you want to improve the experience for us. So how about? How about you just listen to some of the stuff we have said so they talk about how they wanted to increase the depth of the mode by getting into the staff. Hence my staff. We already see it from our brilliant community. Thank you for the compliment.

We we do have a group of amazing people that enjoy my mba thats facts. So in this first excerpt they talk about how they redesign how staff works from the ground up new attributes, more badges and a slew of new roles, which is interesting because ive mentioned plenty of times in this channel before sometimes i film videos and they dont make The channel for a multitude of reasons, sometimes the video i dont – think its just good enough to make the channels and stuff like that. I put together a video on nba2k21 that did not make this channel where i went out of my way to see. If staff matters in the game of 2k21, what i did was an experiment. I went and put together an entire staff where everybody had an eight plus everything. My coach was a plus offense defense. My cfo had a plus in contracts. Everybody was a plus a plus a plus, and then we had a normal roster see how many wins you can get. Can you win a championship and then i went to do it again, but this time everybody in the staff had an f and what did we find out staff didnt matter staff, didnt matter, the team with the higher staff? I won two more games and they both got eliminated in the second round. That tells me that the staff didnt matter, because the the best of the best staff only won two more games in the worst of the worst staff, with the exact same players.

So hopefully i i hope that this actually matters, because it is kind of a toothache 2k thing to be like hey. We got something new, but we aint gon na tell you that it dont really work its kind of like a rescan, but it dont really work. So we will do the same exact experiment again now that youre telling me with 100 certainty that the staff matters so in here theres a lot more stats that you get from greg popovich. You got his offensive defense, which is always a thing. He got a sports medicine, a basketball iq, a potential. What does that say, organizing influence legwork he or its greg poppage? I would love for them to show us somebody thats not great populist, because greg poppins is the goat, but like they had like rick harlaw right. You remember back in the day they had rick carlile was like a d plus offensive coach. I wonder if they really took the time to try to make it as realistic as possible with these ratings im gon na make this tweet too um. While we go through it, because i want to see what yall think so, if you read the my nba article, what do you think, wl or n show me the results ill tweet that out and well get back to what we were doing so in the front Office, you need a governor, a gm, an assistant, gm and a cfo seems realistic to me.

The coaching staff has a ton, so you got the head coach. You have a shot doctor, a big man, coach, a post, defense, coach, a perimeter, defense coach, a guard guru and a wing whisperer, okay, scouting department. I like this. Oh please tell me, please tell me we get a whole new scouting everything because scouting at nba, 2k. 22 is way too easy, its very rare that you have a pick and you dont hit a home run with it, because they dont leave a lot up to chance. If you scout them three times, you got everything you need to know about them, but this tells me hopefully that we might get something new in scouting because youre at the head scout, you got the mets four domestic scouts and then two foreign scouts theres no way They added six new scouts into the game to tell you that scouting is not different right. Theres no way you got a medicine team of team doctors, a strength, trainer, a stamina, trainer sports, psychiat, psych, um, a sports science, a psychological coach in the sleep doctor slave doctor. This is a cool part of it. Um theyre telling you that youre gon na have to to balance everything you cant just go out and get a legendary staff and a legendary training. Would you want great trainings, like trainers like their sons, or do you want a great staff like greg popovich and the spurs so thats thats cool, thats cool? So far i would say this is cool, but they keep going this.

I is this entire article about the my staff. If thats the case im a little bit disappointed now im, not saying that the my staff think is it cool, because this is 100 cool. I will give them that, but i hope that they didnt spend all their resources on this when there are other things that we definitely needed to improve in the game. You know what im saying we have a new attribute charisma. This has almost no effect for the cfo buried in spreadsheets, but is essential for department department head gm and assistant gm money sense would be the prime attribute for cfo okay, but its also is relevant for the gm attempting not to get fleece in the trade deal. I mean, i guess, thats cool, but arent we, the gm, you know what im saying so it dont really matter too much because im the one that actually makes decisions on the actual trades new badges. They said in the screenshot. You can see the badges um this guy had zero. Okay im like were badges. You should have gave us an example of a guy that had badges if youre gon na tell us to look for badges, but i understand okay and a deep dive is even more and the next thing is even more about staff. Its all staff related okay assistant development is strengthened vertical, so hopefully the progression system is different. This is like hey, your plus two and all these attributes, so it seems like, depending on who you hire, you might see different type of developments and then the sleep doctors, the one that surprised at me, helps manage the health and wellness of players allowing them to Better manage season, fatigue and theyre saying that this progression, development of the staff is dynamic, depending on the role that you have them playing and the influence of other staff members around them.

So that can be interesting and they say that badges can be developed by staff. Overall, the staff thing has been super super cool. I will. I will be the one to admit that as much as i want 2k to be better, i have to give credit where its due and so far staff has been good, but i just hope it aint thats aint it. You know thats, not uh thats, not all. We really wanted. You know what im saying you said you wanted to cater to us, let you listen to some of our stuff and we will find out training. In addition, this is what were here, for, i think, were done with staff. In addition to my staff, our other flagship feature in nba 2k 22 is the improvements to team and player training for a long time. Weve had some awesome ways to custom tailor how players would progress by giving them archetypes and allowing training under the hood to help guide and direct them. So players could feel the impact of choosing how player training could develop, and this is our new hub when it comes to training. Obviously, it looks a lot different um. You can see like every day. You can do something, no sessions, no sessions, no sessions and you can have people come in and i guess work out. I mean back in the day and i mean maybe this is still a feature in nba 2k21. I havent tried it in years.

You used to be able to do like team practices and run your team into the dirt and everybody would get better and you it didnt really matter, because nobody came to the next game. Super fatigued, um and i hope thats not the same now. But then we get to individual training, they got kelden johnson. Here it seems like you, can train them to different player types that you choose so for kelton johnson. If i wanted him for some reason to train, like a all around point guard, you could hes actually super compatible with being an all around point guard um, but hes not as compatible for being a defensive point guard. I wish they would have showed you like. His actual position at small four here um, because maybe theres a very high here or extremely high here, where you can see like hilda johnson, should be working towards an all around small four, because if you train him as a point guard, his rating is only a 73, which, when i guess when you hit him to a small forward, it will go up a more compact, spreadsheet um. You know how, in the normal 2k or 2k last year or 2k ever, you always have to stroll stroll to get down to potential to get down the offensive board and stuff like that seems like everything is on one sheet now, which is, i guess, definitely better. Um its more efficient when youre looking at statistics and stuff – and these are more – this is more like a quality of life.

Thing um save a little bit of time, so youre not just going to the right to the right to the right when it comes to the box scores the rosters, the game plan, all that stuff, um small things like this matter a lot so im actually happy That they put this in here conditional coaching gives users the ability to help give coaching directives when they simulate games using symbolic logic, youll be able to input powerful commands. What what is who wrote this article bro? What are you? What are you saying to me? They look specific conditions in the game: um yada yada, as, for example, one of our preset simple conditions is garbage time that is actually pretty dope, i will admit, sometimes youll be uh playing games or, i guess simulating games when you jump in its a garbage time. Game and lebron is still in where yall up by 30.. What are we doing? What, if lebron tears his acl lets? Stop that all you have to do is add a point value like 10 um, one set. Okay, i like this. I like this, its a good. This is a good little feature now, your garbage time players will come in if youre up by 10, with a certain amount of times, but this just says for an example, one of our presets so im curious to what some of these other presets could be. This is a l, new pre built teams.

Oh man, we been. What do they used to? Have? I dont even know what they used to have. It was like nashville something, and then we had the baltimore barons and the previous six games, and now theyre saying hey. We got the brunch brawlers, we got the honolulu breeze and the omaha airmen. Why is this a l kenny? Because anybody that is playing next gen consoles has the internet and because they have the internet, they have access to 2k share. Just allow us to use 82k shares 2k, because if you didnt know you could only use four 2k shares at one time instead of adding these three just how about you open it up for us, because theyve been showing this look. If you look over your honolulu breeze all of these screenshots, except for this and thats the spurs but like when theyre showcasing the team, its like the great population when theyre showcasing the team theyre showing like honolulu breeze theyre, showing like these new things for you when In reality, nobodys gon na use them because i could just download somebody got a las vegas, yada yada. I want to play in las vegas, so i would download las vegas. I dont like what your logo is for the breeze so im going to download somebody. Elses version of the breeze – nobody really cares about this at all at all, not even a little bit. Oh and thats it. Oh, oh, okay, um very interesting, i will say the majority of the things that they talked about in this article.

I can see as being beneficial and improving the overall concept of the game. I would have loved to know more because i pray that these arent the only changes you have to in the entire moment. I would just guess that they did like small things that me and you might notice, but arent worthy enough to put in this article thats what i would pray for, because there are a lot of things that are broken with the game of nba 2k. 21. My nba, or just wrong with it, for example, in the game today in the game of basketball, theres a plan, theres no play in nba 2k 21 and the playing is back. They didnt mention in this that were gon na, have a play in if theres, no playing in an nba, 2k 22 im mad and not that thats, that big of a deal, but it just showcased that yall not really keeping up with the times bro. That is a real thing that it seems like its here to stay, or it has been here for now two years now. So here are the results from our who is adame on epic, i aint played an epic game in a long time. Here are results. Majority of people dont know what to believe. 66 percent of the people said just show me the results and then its equal, w and l across the people that actually did vote thats insane. I want to read some of the stuff that yall said lance jamie said they didnt mention free agent logic, the salary cap, inflection issues tendencies, and i havent seen them ever mention the buyer market yeah youre onto something there, but the like some of these things.

I would pray or they dont they added it. They they hope. I hope that theyve added these things, but they didnt add it into the article i i dont know see. I dont read the park article, so i dont read the other articles to know how specific they go to different modes. I only read this article. Every year, um but thats, big yeah theres, never been a buy on market in the game of 2k. How the heck is that possible every single year, a bio candidate is super high profile, super high profile, buyout players every year, and it just doesnt happen in the game of 2k zach levine burner said i like it for a longer more realistic rebuilds, but for rebuilds, Like you do i decay how much of a difference itll make thats very true legit reading that made me want to do a long winded, my nba series and i might im not im not throwing that out there that we will but im saying i might all Right keep be looking out; it wouldnt be on this channel id probably make an entire new channel. Well talk about that later, i dont know if click planned on making an entire video. I hope he does, but here his thoughts just popped up on the timeline. My thoughts about the blog 2k should have emphasized focus on contracts progression, salary cap start today. Did we forgot, i forgot start today was even a thing: jesus christ playing tournaments, regression, simulation, realism, rotation, dumb substitute, substitutions, historic, rosses, etc.

What 2k focus on is coaching staff and training very good point. These click please make a video bro. We talking free views. Bro talk talk this through talk this through my boy im actually have to believe that they cant change much with this mode, but they get a better reaction if they emphasize and spoke more on the fine tuning it rather than focus on things nobody cared about. Yes, okay, so i completely agree: ive said this in videos before theres. Nothing, super dramatic, dramatic that 2k can do to change the mode, because at the end of the day the mode is build. A team win a championship, but it is about the bugs about trying to get realism and trying to make an overall, better experience that we care about as a community. I dont know if theres anybody in the community thats expecting them to completely change the mode, because you cant you cant. This is this is franchise mode. You can improve it, but you cant overall change it. So i see what click is saying here, its bittersweet man, because i honestly do believe there are some things in this article that seem really really fun really really cool, but i dont think they actually listen to the people that play the mode um. Whether it be me whether it be clicks who said this, he got 77 million views thats a nice little flash at that um me clicks the people that dont make videos that play it more than us like it just seemed like they listened to to the community.

My staff looks cool well see if its broken, because what our luck it might be, but they could have done a lot better yep.

What do you think?

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