NBA 2K, Xbox : 11 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy

You should know about nba 2k22 before you buy and if you like the content, we provide make sure to subscribe to the channel if you havent, so we can continue to grow this thing together. Alright lets get it first off for the my nba fans. Your staff in the mode has been greatly expanded and they will be broken down into four categories that can be broken down even more after. There are the front office, coaching staff, scouting and sports medicine departments where youre going to have to decide what is most important to your team. Do you want your strength to be in the scouting department, or do you want to be the expert on sports medicine and from there in total, you have 17 staff positions to fill in addition to balancing the staff budget for your squad and a lot more attributes For your coaching that can improve or decline as time goes on and if theyre good in a certain attribute that another department is looking for, they can switch over to a different one. So you better keep track of all the added details and the coaching staff. This years, your staff will have a big impact on how a team performs in a given year now for the next gen, my career fans out there, my career and the city are coming together, as the story has been reworked to now take place within the city Limits, removing the movie esque feel and bringing a new level of immersion to the gamer and creating a new experience and youre gon na be doing that with mp, a high school star that has a channel of him, embarrassing many players on the blacktop and he just Moved to the city with his best friend and business manager, ricky bennett and they both have plans that stretch beyond the success on the basketball court.

Youre, obviously going to want to make it to the nba and win the title and all that. But this year, its all about how you get there with a not so linear path that you could take to build your name up and reach the draft and building up your brand along the way with the new personal brand system. That will keep track of everything. You do on and off the court now for ps4 xbox, one nintendo switch and pc players going is 2k beach and for the first time ever you will be taking your skills on the water on a cruise ship with each level of the ship providing plenty of Hoop activities to keep you entertained all year, long with multiple stops along the way for you to game on now. My teams triple threat online just got a new way to play, and this is where the 100 comes into play and why defense is going to matter a lot more this year. How long can you hold out before your opponent? Scores 100 total points against you in this mode. After every game want to lose the amount of points your opponent scores will be subtracted from your 100.. Once you hit zero, your run is over and you reset back to the bottom, so you should at least get the second tier prizes. Even if you lose every game, so youre gon na have to play some bad boy, piston style, basketball, to get the top tier rewards in this new mode, and my team draft will also be hitting 2k 22.

playing. It will guarantee you league packs and draft exclusive goodies where youll be able to pick a lineup full of the latest and greatest player cards in my team, youll be given seven packs to choose 13 players and a coach youll pick up two players from each position. Pack with the feature pack that will be updated constantly giving you your best player for your squad to ball with now as far as game play changes if youre a fan of defensive basketball, im plan on buying nba 2k 22 youre in for a treat this year. As the other side of the ball has received a lot of attention this year to give gamers the tools to make a difference on the perimeter and at the rim. So if you feel your excellent anticipation, skills and positioning werent rewarded enough in 2k, 21 2k is aimed to help. You live your best life in that aspect and if you feel you were getting dunked on too much, despite having great positioning 2k, got you as well to be able to block shot attempts at will if youre in the right spot greatly reduced, are the instances where Defenders had no business contest in the shot, but the game said they did anyways and instead truly reward smart defenders who properly defend shooters by forcing brick after brick and a big one, is what 2k 22 is aiming to do in regards to stealing the ball. Our first making the steel rating matter and having the speed of the swipe tied to the steel rating.

So if you tank your steel rating in 2k, 21, relying on chief steals youre in for a surprise and strip steals, are back in the game to make room runners think twice about blindly diving into the lane or willy nilly. Another defensive adjustment in 2k. 22. Is the defensive ai got a lot better this year, whenever you were running pickarone 2k21, the computer, a lot of the time will play it stupid, basically transforming whoever your ball handler was into dane lillard, and now the hedge defenders in the pickup row are given a Specific focus on how to react to the ball handler which, before because they didnt know what they were doing, wouldnt guard them and it would create a trickle down effect and overall terrible pick and roll defense. Where now youll promise, the hedge defender will play both the roman and ball handler as best as he can intelligently, covering the deepest threat and drive. Health settings have also been built from scratch to give ai health defenders more intelligence in that calculation. For when to send help on the drive now for shooting theres going to be a focus on shot iq as theres a new shot meter that will change the make window size depending on if youre, taking good shots with good shooters or bad ones, all game. So theyre, focusing on making sure you consistently taking high quality shots every time up the court and you will be rewarded for it and on next gen to help create a skill gap for rim runners.

There will now be timing meters to both alley. Oop and aggressive skilled dunk attempts, so when the ball is in the air on the alley, youll need to press the shoot button at the right time to finish it off. If you miss time, it youll throw a turnover or mr dunk now as far as aggressive dunking goes. What is that, if you hold down sprint and pull down on the pro stick, you will trigger an aggressive skill duct which, if there is a defender underneath the hoop youll, be able to attempt to dunk no matter what? As long as you have a plus defender – and you have room now, also a lot of adjustments to the player builder on nextgen have been promised, as theyve made a bunch of changes to ensure a more balanced system of builds and to give incentives for people to Differentiate their builds, smaller players will have distinct advantages over biggs and vice versa. Also, the amount of badge points at your disposal has been increased greatly, giving you more options for how you badge your player out and another cool addition. Is the ability to create badge loadouts? These allow you to quickly and easily toggle what badges you have equipped before your next match and, lastly, adding another dose of realism to nba 2k 22 is they will now have every teams pa announcer in the game, for you to enjoy came friend, i got chills When the sixers got popped up in a video and im sure you all will love it as well detroit basketball.

Now, what do you guys think? The most exciting thing to me is to improve defense from the user and how the computer defense will react, because if the computer starts playing, lockdown team, defense or even just competent defense were in for a treat. I dont want 2k 19 level defense because that was terrible, but better than its been, especially in the pick and roll, but with the continued improvements to the city and encouraging guys getting the cruise ship. I think everybody has something to look forward to. But what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below and stay tuned here: sports gamers online for more nba, 2k 22 concert so make sure to subscribe to the channel. If you havent and once youre with us, hit that bell icon at the bottom, so you dont miss anything. We put out all right people on chris.

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