I do i want to make this quick little video man. I want to make this quick little video to try to help some of yall out man, so um im going to be telling yall and helping yall try to download 2k 21 or 2k 22. im gon na get used to saying 2k22 bro, but im going to Help some of you guys try to download 2k 22 early man with that being said, if you guys are new hit, the sub button hit the like button. Man, any sub is appreciated, and you like this appreciate it. Yall know how to go right now. Lets get into it so um every single year theres a couple of ways: you guys will not a couple theres, usually one of two ways that you guys can download 2k 22 early man. Now i can guarantee you. This is going to work on xbox, bro and im gon na do the xbox version. First, i dont have an xbox myself bro, but im gon na tell you all the xbox wait simply if youre on xbox, whether tonights xbox series xbox um, one all that different type of stuff bro you come over. Here you go to settings, you go to um system and then you just simply change your, i think, is your um. What is it your time zone come the date and time you change your time zone and then you change it to either. I think um brisbane or new zealand, any one of those man just do brisbane its the one that most people always do man.

So if you dont know where brisbane is, i think thats a country and either um near new zealand, austria or its on new zealand or australia. I have no idea bro but yeah if youre on xbox thats, literally, all you got to do come over here change. Your time to brisbane in sydney and then around about 8 p.m, im at 8 00 a.m. Thursday morning you guys will be able to play 2k 22 in new zealand. Now, i think, usually, if you pre order 2k, you wont get your pre order stuff until it comes out in the u.s man. So, if youre on xbox, if you get on the game, if youre on the new zealand time youre like alright, i dont have none of the stuff that i got. I was supposed to get for my pre order. Bro, you dont get your pre order stuff until it comes out in usa, but you will be able to play the game a little bit early man. You will be able to get it. You know, get a feel for it. Man so come and change it to bridge bank man. This is for xbox only again, once the game comes out in the us, which would be like thursday night you come back over and you change it back to your normal eastern, western pacific, pacific or central time and so thats. The first way for xbox thats, the simple way to do it for xbox, for ps5 for ps5 and ps4 is a little bit more complicated, bro and im.

Not even gon na lie you i dont know if its 100 gon na work, but it should work. So the way i know it 100 will work for ps5 and xbox. If you make a um, if you make a account, so if i, if you make a new account, which i did right here, i made this new account bro. If you make a new account and then you have the location as um brisbane or new zealand or any one of those countries man, so you guys know you make a new account on ps5 or ps4. It always asks you hey. What country are you from? You put from brisbane and then youre gon na, have to look up like an australian time zone and youre gon na look up like a new zealand city. I use upland bro and then i put it in like one of the new zealand cities that are in oakland thats. What youll have to do and then you have to pre order on this account. This is the most difficult way to do it. Man, i dont think this way is worth it at all to be honest, bro, just because if you pre order on this new zealand account youre going to be on new zealand service for 2k 22 man. So thats not what you want to do. But you want what you also can do and what i think should work if you make a new zealand account bro and on your main account right so say, for example, youve already pre ordered 2k like i have.

This is my main account ive already pre ordered 2k on my main account bro whats going to happen is around about 11 a.m. I mean 11 p.m. Tonight you guys are going to be able to pre download 2k 2k22. If you dont know what pre download is thats this right here, where you can download it early that way when it comes out on friday, um night, you guys can play right away. Man youre going to be able to pre order download 2k 22 tonight. But what you guys can do is espec. You want to make sure you have this listed as your main console, whether or not youre on ps4 or ps5 bro. Make sure that you have console sharing on man. So you come over here. You go to user accounts. You go down, you go to other and you go to console sharing offline play bro, so you make sure that you have that enabled to where you can play on your console right. All of the all of the profiles on your one console can play, even though you wont be able to play it on your this console. You will be able to play it on your new zealand account bro, because this account is listed in new zealand brother. That makes sense so again make sure you make sure you have console sharing activated on the account make sure you have it pre downloaded and even though you wont be able to play it on your main account, because your main account is listed as the usa.

You make this backup account that you have that is listed as new zealand that you built from the ground up you will. You should be able to play now again: im not 100 confirmed on that, but nine times out of ten that will work, it rose would come down to date and time. I got this account on the bridge bank again youre going to have. This is a whole new account. I literally just made this account before i did this video bro its under brisbane bro and then also as you guys can see here. Um i have a whole dip like the prices over here are different than the regular account. So, for example, the 2k 20 over here in brisbane is 120 dollars bro. I think thats but thats like a different currency, that it is over here, something like that bro, but yeah. This should work man again. I cannot 100 confirm that this will work, but there are two options: if youre on ps4 or ps5 – and you want to try to play it early, bro its either. You have to make a new zealand account and buy 2k 21 im in 2k, 22 on a new zealand server and then play the whole year. 2K. 22 on that server, which again most yall dont, want to do and thats a little seems like a little bit of overkill bro or you could just make a new zealand account bro. Do they have a different? Are these arent games at a month, for, let me see something also another way you guys can see im on a new zealand account is because this is my main account right.

This is the main account you see, the 3p playstation 9 games of the month, predator hitman 2, and then that bro, but if i switch to the new zealand account bro um right here come like over here, it only has one of those. It only has overcooked, which i think new zealand only gets one game of the month, man so again, thats what you guys have to do. Man, if you do want to try to get it a little bit early. You will have to make that new zealand account. Man and yeah just pre download it on your console and then, whenever it comes out for new zealand on that thursday morning, you switch over to that account man and it should allow you to play as long as you have console, sharing play and console sharing and Play activated on your ps5 or ps4 man so again cannot 100 confirm this is going to work, but it should work for you guys, man with that being said. Hopefully this helps a lot of yall bro. I know that xbox method works and im pretty im. 99 sure this will work for ps4 and ps5 man, so yeah with that being said, i see yall boys in the next one. Thank you guys, tuning into this video man and again hopefully it works man. It should work for you guys, um, but again what you guys need to do make sure ps4, ps5, console sharing and play is enabled on this account.

This account will still disaccount right here. You will not be able to play until what 12 a.m friday, but if its, if, if console sharing, is enabled on it, you should be able to play on this account on thursday morning, because its listed in new zealand man so yeah with that being said, if You guys are new hit. The sub button like button also youre gon na, have to make this a new account. You just cant get one of your older accounts and then switch it to new zealand. Bro, like you cant, do that youre gon na have to make the ground from ground up when it asks you what country youre in you put bridge bang when it asks you, your location and your zip code make sure you put a new zealand zip code and All of that on this account man, you just cant, switch it and be like.

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