NBA 2K, Xbox HOW TO PLAY NBA 2K22 EARLY! *NOT CLICKBAIT* How To Get NBA 2K22 Early! (PS4 PS5, Xbox one, Series X)

No, let me see welcome welcome back to the channel today, im showing you guys how to get nba 2k 22 a day early, how to play it a day. Early most people are playing september 10th. You right there in the big leagues, my boy, you playing on september 9th now im going to show you guys exactly how to do this. You know what im saying, because im uploading this video the day before so you guys arent, slacking theres, going to be people already on the game. Youre going to be installing the game, all that boring stuff you dont want to be in that process. You know im. Sam, so im going to show you guys a couple things you guys need to know. First things. First, if you already pre ordered the game go to my games and apps youve got a full library all on games. Right fill me youre going to scroll down cc 2k21 or i mean oh, my 2k22 see up see im tripping, im tripping. I cant even believe this either. You know what im saying, but you want to go to whatever one you want to go to series or next gen, right or series or um current gen im playing current game. First, let me know in the comment section below which one are yall playing current general. Next year, first, but for me im, i got both but im playing current gen first, so im going to be what you want to do when you hover over the game, youre going to press a and you want to press, install its going to say, install right There i had already downloaded – and you know you know the regular you know uh.

The version that you got downloaded earlier was like two megabytes, like it downloaded in like three seconds right. This one right here, you guys can see 84 gigabytes, the next gen version. I dont know why it only says: 36 bro, i downloaded 115 gigabyte version bro. It was like 115 gigabytes. You feel what im saying, but the actual full version is able to download right now. So then, when the game actually launches, when you get it a day, early bro, you know what im saying its already done. You just click on the game you already in there. So how do you get it early? See that all right? I got the game all that good stuff. You know what im saying you guys, if you guys want to get the game going, microsoft store just like that, and its gon na say just just you guys know its gon na say september. Uh whats that at whats up oh yeah, theyre right there september 10th, uh 2021., im gon na show you guys how to bypass this right now. First things. First, on the day of on on thursday, no september 9th september 9th, i want yall to come back to this video and do this. Do the phone go to settings youre going to go to settings youre going to go all the way to im going to scroll? All the way down to landry language and location right – and i i know like you like – i speak english, yall – probably speaking english – watching this but um – you guys want to go on location.

You want to go in new zealand. Now, when i, my new zealand, is that if you guys dont, know ticino one of them foreign boys, you know saying we get in the game about a day early, if yall dont know like i was, i was watching on titano and z. Go out im like wait, hold up. How are they playing the game right now? You feel what im saying last year. I did the same thing, but this year youre going to go to new zealand um. I know its different for like ps4. I forgot exactly what if anybody can comment down below ill, you know harden everything out or like it, and everything um new zealand is the location you want to go with um, and you want to restart its going to tell you to restart your xbox. You want to restart that boy. You feel what im saying im going to do. A time lapse. You dont see, im capping you im, not capping, im going to show you guys im, not capping. You guys, im gon na do this on the day of thursday september. 9Th i need yall to go uh back to this video and undo this spot right here. So you want to go restart the xbox im gon na. Do it for yall right now. You know what im saying we go. We go. We go. You know what im saying: wait: wait, Music, hey ill see the xbox turn back on im telling you im doing a quick time lapse.

Make sure make sure you hit that like button by the way, if youre not saying somebody would just watch another like hit that like button now, i got to sign in real quick yall are not hacking. The kid just because i just because i did this glitch dont mean you got ta hack, the kid you know what im saying that yall yall got ta relax in this information. This information is not getting revealed to nobody. That being said, im gon na go put in a password and all that good stuff. You know what im saying im gon na make sure this is blocked out. Yeah yeah, i cant get into this account right here, but basically you know what im saying there you go im signed in and were gon na go back to the microsoft store when we signed in right. Just give me a second hold on. You want to go back to the microsoft store or you can. You can look up nba2k21 or go inside your saved um apps right, you scroll down! Watch this watches, see that pre order september 9th 2021. Now you know what im saying you guys will be able to play the game a day, early youre going to be in new zealand currency. So you guys got to go on amazon and buy like new zealand uh vc code, and this should work. If you guys really want to be maxed out im thinking about doing this, i already get 100k vc when i first got the game, because you know what im saying i got the legendary, so um yeah yall have fun with this.

You know im sam september 9th. I told yall yall got to come back to this vid right here, because i just i lowkey just plugged yall boys up. If, if this worked for yall, please be sure to like button comment down below subscribe, do what you got to do were on the road to the big 15k man were trying to get 15k november 15k by november. I i honestly see its possible no ones. Gon na have the same vision as you bro. You know, im saying september, 9th uh yeah. I want you to come back to this video and do the same thing. So this works for the xbox series version, the xbox one version, as you guys can see for the ps4 headset. Here i think, from what i understand you might have. You might have to buy the game over again, which is why xbox up its not even its? Not even like a biased thing, but like um, i think, if im, not if im not misunderstood on the ps4 version, you might have to buy the game all over again if you did not buy from new zealand. So this is why im putting out the video before you guys, pre made it matter, pre ordered before you guys might have bought. This is a uh like a helpful version.

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