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So well be lively right how you doing god, Music but level hey. What are you doing? Music, foreign foreign? Okay, you get up Music, ah lily Applause, foreign over here foreign foreign huh. Are they uh Music together again like share and subscribe? Um foreign is oh Music right, Music, Music, Music, theres, only a limited amount of abrita. We can extract from this country kelly. Indeed, the pirates have served their purpose. The death of the leader of japan will spark a war and a wonderful opportunity to acquire more ambrita. Once tomorrows execution takes place, we will get our hands on a compass that will lead us to that amrita with enough ambrita. We could subdue spain, perhaps even the world. The day when england reigns supreme is near, but our beloved queen thinks of africa as nothing more than gold or gemstones. We must find them before our nations rivals do edward kelly. You will go to japan, it seems it would be to our advantage to keep the wars alive. We cannot gain ambritta if blood does not flow Music.

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Nioh, Epic Games, Team Ninja t Original Nioh: The Complete Edition & Sheltered PC Game From EPIC – Sinhala

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