Nioh, Epic Games, Team Ninja : The Complete Edition | REVIEW – Should You Play It?

But this is the game thats free immediately. There is no warning its another surprise, triple a game yeah and this time its big one. It is a big one, its nothing smaller than the neo complete edition everything, not everything, its neo1 yeah with 3ds, all the dlcs yeah three of them, and each of them adds actually areas of the map. Yes, so you get three expansions to the playable area, its not just like an extra piece, yeah yeah. But what is this game? This game is uh. Everybody says it so im gon na say it too. Its souls like so its very close to dark souls. It feels a lot like dark souls yeah in the core, but there are big differences as well convince me, because this game is divided more into missions and theres, more of a story that you can follow because you are a foreigner and youre coming to uh. After tutorial, youre gon na come to japanese island and youre gon na explore a lot of different maps, and they are very different visually and theres, a lot of enemies, theres a lot of bosses, but its different in souls because uh not only because its in evidently A japanese team, but you have these stances, even though in dark souls you have these tenses as well. You have so we have like four stances, but you have something that is called uh like yokai, like the spirit in yourself and theres, more of a fantasy element to it too, and you have this, you can choose up the three spirits.

What was it wolf uh? Some kind of door and a bird and they will accompany to the old game and youre gon na improve yourself and them, and youre gon na have some great spells, but its a little bit different youre, not like a magician. But you have these all different skills and lots of weapons and lots of loot a lot more than in dark theres, a theres, a lot of loot, ev. Everything seemed to every not every barrel, but theres, always something to pick up. Some of it seemed kind of repetitive or useless, but i guess because its randomly generated right. Okay, okay, so i havent played that much of dark souls. I havent played that much of neo youve beaten all of these games. Yes, so does it seem like the type of combat in neo is more flexible and more adjustable very much more fluent its faster. I mean it depends on the weapons youre using you can use heavy weapons as well, but it seems like its more like more, like katana fast sword play than dark souls and in the, but in the soul, in the soul of it, a pun. It is still a a combat game, its all its all about the hand to hand combat and its all about a different process, because theres a lot of memorable bosses as well great battles and the big difference between this old game is that you actually get to The map where you can take missions – and if you want to go to the previous mission, you can and take it on a harder level.

You can gain more experiences and other than that, its really like dark souls. You have these shrines that if you touch them, you can improve your stats, but as well all the enemies will respawn except like the big ones that youre going to kill just once. So the question is: should you play neo uh? Can i go first because i think ill be quite short, youre the expert on this genre and these types of games, so your opinion as not a dark soul, fan thats? That is the thing that i need to disclose. I am not a fan of dark souls. Im not a fan of extremely difficult games, so i found neo to be a little bit different from dark souls. The combat feels very similar, but its not quite as punishing uh. When youre, i found the save points to be a bit more generous, also so youre not repeating things quite as much and its easier than to just kind of like run through the parts that you already did. Even if you have to kill the same enemies again. So also im a big fan of medieval japan, a feudal japan, so that helps yeah and overall i actu i like this. I can see myself playing a lot more of it uh its its challenging, but its not punishing, i would say, but would you recommend it to people who doesnt like dark souls? I mean i dont like dark souls yeah.

I dont like the original dark soul games. So, in fact, yes, if you keep hearing about the souls genre, but youve kind of tried, dark souls and bounced off of it, this is still worth trying to see if its kind of a compromise between challenging but not like pull your hair out impossible. You didnt get that far no yeah, no, no im sure im sure it gets more challenging, but i had the feeling more that it was based on some degree of skill and that i could quickly get better. Also, i havent played that much of dark souls, but i had the impression right in the beginning, like youre youre screwed in dark souls, so im gon na say yes, okay! Well me, as a fan of dark souls, i im not sure i can compare if its more difficult to new neo could be less difficult, but i play dark souls before neo, so it might be just because my experience with dark souls was just. It was so much harder than if its same hard, just so im, not sure about the difficulty, because and at the beginning i would say the tutorial looks a lot different than the actual game yeah, because the tutorial youre in the castle. It looks just like dark souls starts selling dark souls, but once you get to the japan to the islands, then its a lot more fun and suddenly it feels more action and more like faster based, dark souls and since im a fan of dark souls.

Yes, i have to say yes because, as you i like feudal japan as well, i like how many enemies are there, how different they are, and mostly they are pretty challenging. And i, like the challenge very much as much as all the different weapons and yeah. I can only recommend it. I finished it and i like it even more at the end and youre gon na go really to and i dont like uh, i think at 50 of the game. I thought. Okay, this is the end. It was really long now, its end it continued on and on and on, and there was so many bosses i finished. Yeah definitely is for me, and this game is currently still fifty dollars on steam and its now free to claim and keep forever on the epic game store. So, even if youre, not a big fan of the genre, at least its worth claiming this, maybe you have a friend someday sorry, i mean its probably on sale uh quite often, but this is the complete edition. This is the with three dlcs that i havent played. So im gon na claim it right. Yeah. Definitely let us know down in the comments how you feel about the soul, genre whats whats. Your experience been tell us if you find uh another interesting souls like game and share it, so you should definitely be subscribed to us because we cover all the free games from the epic game store, and this one was a surprise.

So if you dont have notifications on, you might miss it because epic isnt giving someone advanced notice for these surprise aaa games. But we do well let you know, and we are conf concentrating about epic. But if you want to know about the games and great deals from the other platforms, low budget gaming is really good for that yep and, of course, we could not do this without the support of our amazing members. Thank you so much. Thank you so much here. They are consider becoming a member yourself. Just click join anywhere on the channel and itll show you the perks and the different levels of membership yeah, and hopefully, with that we can see you in another review and dont. Forget free games. Every single week see you in the next one see ya bye. I am the master of japanese combat and i have finished neo1 and i have made a big mistake.

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