Rocket League, NFL, American football OOTBALL IS BACK!

If you were watching rocket league, i got to. I got the host with golden boy. We hosted a an amazing gridiron limited time mode were supposed to do this tournament, but it ended up not working private matches, so we just literally played against the community for two hours and i didnt get to play. I was just hosting so ive been dying to pick up my controller and actually get to play. Uh the mode is back out uh. They got some new stuff in the item shop as well: 32 skins for the dominus and then around thanksgiving, more releases for the octane and then all this stuff for 10 bucks, a thousand credits so use code sand. If you do buy anything uh on the shop ever, if not, you know just make sure but ive been wanting to crush look at this. Oh, my god, my dude im so excited. I pulled out my controller look at this. They got the nfl up there like theyre, ready to go like here. We go. If you dont remember this mode. It is so sick. You hold on to the ball. If you go outside out of bounds here, we go ready, we got it boom, it puts it on top of our head out of bounds. Oh he got it from me. If you go out of bounds, itll drop it from the top. If you spin, itll, also drop it so im trying to make some moves here, im trying to win every game we play today, thats the goal got ta.

Keep that momentum. Look well wait for the center pass were gon na hope for a big right here. Oh, he threw it just in time. He got it away, oh thats, a breakaway for them. That should be a goal. We have an incredible team. Oh what all right see it went out of bounds. He threw it. Oh im, not gon na steal from my team. Big pass here went off the side got milk hes gon na catch it. No, he got it from the top. Oh ive been literally cat that might roll in. So if it rolls in like that, if its a kick or kicked in or thrown in its three points, if you are able to touch it down and score its seven, so hey, that was actually a really smart play dude. What a legend oh 22! Like number all right, they get kicked off. Im gon na go full cent full send ready. Oh great, pass great pass dude. He chucked that to his teammate, so you can get really good at the passing too wow went right to it. Okay, okay, okay, yeah people are gon na start, leaving not from our team. Come on. Man got milk. We can do it all right. Hes gon na have kickoff im gon na play a little more defense im gon na. Let him push up kind of by himself. All right hes sending it down. Oh he read that boom big stand.

Oh i i need to get that out to the center and you automatically get boost, but also its really nice to get this full boost. Come on, oh oh, i thought that was going to be a way bigger, throw than it was boom. Bumped it off of them, but didnt steal it. I want to steal these. I dont want to just get these bumps. The bumps are chill stole that from my teammate. Not the nicest thing i can do go go: go: throw nice throw to the middle Music im gon na get full boost. We have it big, throw nico nico, nico, yo yo, like they can hear me center Music. What a pass, what a pass he held it for me, so i can flip it in that is what youre supposed to do is bring it towards the middle. I got it over, it took lets, go dude, all right were up were up were up, were up, were gon na. Keep this three minutes dude its. My is my favorite limited time mode like the boomers cool, but boomers boomer. You know like this is like its own thing. This is very different. Oh i thought i can get that down the middle kind of a bad play. Oh nice little bullet im gon na blow him up, ooh get it out of here. Why did i lose? Oh yeah, you lose all your boost when you have the ball guys out of the middle out of the middle out of the middle good good good.

I should have grabbed that were fine. None of their players are really pushing it up. No viper! You got to hold it down for us, oh no, we got bald. All three of us were up where there was one on the back uh. I could not pull it off, though, could not pull it off. That was great all right. I kind of want the ball at the beginning. Do i steal it come on baby, what you got im playing a little defense, just think what the heck! Are you? What up? What the freak Music, oh, that could have been good, viper hes a big play. He could actually get screwed over here, so were gon na play back just in case yep. We dont want them having that breakaway. Oh, you threw it. He threw it good good good. I thought he was gon na make that were all stealing from each other. Guys were all on the same team. Okay. How did i not? Oh my he took from him who took from him who took from him and people are leaving the match, not my team right, what the f its fine! I can do this with ai. I can do this, i dont need. I dont need no teammates im going to steal it. For me, you know that big baller big shoot shoot dude. This is not oh team. Where are they were so scared? Laughter, oh, come on man we had it yo.

Can i get some people to join me? Please? Well, i know its late in the game, but three, like my old team left me well, okay. This is my moment all right, no boost but juke city, duke city. This is, for you, guys, Applause, its nice and easy. This is nice and easy im gon na come im gon na bring it back with my bots me and three bots are gon na win. This. Can you imagine if we pull this off? Oh, oh! Oh! Oh, that is disgusting, that is disgusting. This is the uh all right, good, yeah, steal from each other feel free to ah man, my boss, on the back line, not chill good, good good steal from each other, more of it dude. He loves that play thats like his thats, like his little move. Thats like oh, come on. Oh come on! Oh, oh, oh, oh, go! Baby! Go big! Stop big! Stop! All right! I got ta make another play right here. No, i cant get back in time. Theres! No shot no shot dude, we could have come back if we would have scored. I mean we have to score two right here. Maybe itll give it to me. No one else is joining thats, so weird. Okay, all right lets find time. Oh yeah, its a really fun mode: im gon na steal it from junker and try and ball. I couldnt do it what thats it thats game? Are you serious? I wanted to win all of these today, all of them.

Oh man, please all right junker, im gon na try and steal it from you one more time for our chance. Nope were not working out isnt, just not in our favor thats. His achilles favorite thing to do. He takes it all the way back and then chucks it. How is he doing that? Actually hes, just going back like hes gon na? Do it again hes going like this and then throwing it right to the center for them yeah. I got you guys. I got you all right, all right, all right, fine, fine! We lose the first one, but well win the second one. Okay, well win the second one. Here we go there, we go gridiron queue it up and let me know if you guys are jamming this mode. If you bought the new pack uh, if youre just hanging out, if youre having a good day, if youre having a good thursday, i truly love you, and i appreciate you guys, uh still checking out the episodes still hanging out with me and chilling, especially after i Casted this all day, today, im so happy to actually be playing it all right. What do we got? Good cts theyre not going to leave me dole. Fails. They wont. Leave me. This is the squad. This is it next tight, tight neck, all right, right, side, strong side getting boost boom. Oh he balled me its just the little emotions im gon na go for some demo plays boom.

Big takeaway big send for myself, nice airflow im going back whoa what oh hes setting dophouse i dont love. I dont love. Oh, he almost bowled us all, both house im bumping for you going for the bumps. Remember if he goes out of bounds, hell drop. It get what we can. Oh no, oh, no thats a nice seven. So what i want to do there is, if, like theyre in the back line right there, i wan na own golem, because itll only be three points. Itll count as a kick you know, but its okay, its okay. I got the ball my time to shine. Theyre, probably gon na steal it from me there. It is throw oh grab it grab it that only counts. As a throw. I tried to throw it up to my teammates, so he can grab it. He couldnt get in time. It was nice, though good movements, we could have probably bawled all the way but yeah i saw pandas coming back. I was like nope that worked out worked out. Threes, better than none we just have to score here now: ill stay back, theyre, probably gon na play hot and heavy. I dont want to get bald yep out of bounds, fine ill grab it again boom, throw it up to my team dolph house. Look at that bounce he might dont go it, we might grab and put it in yeah. Oh, that was an own goal. Crap our team almost got it for the touchdown.

Six seven were pretty much there down by one. No big deal, oh right there. I thought he was gon na if he would have uh like spun to the left would have had it lets, go leading it for our team same thing. We did last time pick up some boost. I dont play back. Oh i disconnected disconnected again. Oh, we didnt have enough players back. Oh, it gives them 14. We need a touchdown. Now, no more kicks no more kicks. We need a touchdown need to make some serious points happen. I cant lose both of them. Okay, here we go boom go go dolphous. I saw you baby, i saw you he was wide open. Did you see that bro he was wide open. He grabbed with the backflip coming in. It was perfectly done. Damn that was perfect. All right were down by one down by one thats, nothing, im gon na go for a an offensive play im gon na. Let him fake let him fake who he wants to fake try to get some demos, some bumps, oh or time to shine, lets go you wait, you wait for it to go that middle and then you try and catch them. You try and catch them. You see that it happened perfectly. He brought it to middle, their team was driving it out. Didnt, see me in time, couldnt get it off in time boom capitalized. Now we run with it mo man, tom football uh, el futbol.

Well, actually, no, its, not football. Uh football game time: oh wow, he almost made that tried to throw it out. Couldnt, oh theres too many of us get it out of the middle yo yo. I like that ready! Oh, why? Why wasnt i giving that i got a lot of players. What i grabbed remember, you can grab it on like the bottom side and itll automatically uh put to the top, has no spin. No, he does shoot dangerous, dangerous, wow, taking a lead by one mama mama just killed a man literally crushed us. I didnt read that correctly at all all right all right come on team. We can do this me, okay, im gon na score. I have to score even a kick that bump ill. Take that ill. Take that oh its down the middle t hawk t boom start to the middle look at that. That could be huge for us theyre bumping each other. None of us are here. Why whats, how i went through it denied baby to the throw to the grab to the grab to the bumps to the grabs? Im scared. Im scared there. It is dolph owl hes, like our mvp. We throw it to him every time i couldnt throw wait. I cant throw now huge huge its in the middle guys, guys. Oh my god, why is this so intense ill, be middle? Go, throw hes trying to go hes trying to he wants a hero moment.

He wants the hero moment. I understand no, he pushed through perfectly. We are down by eight were down by eight. Oh, this mode is so intense. I got a good score, but this is not enough yet its not enough. I need to go higher need to go higher here. We go all right its on me, its on me as long as i dont get bumped too much. Oh, that send might be enough. Yo go team. Go you put that in you put that in set it up. He only got the three. He only got the three its okay, though the only other three now were setting ourselves up for a touchdown that was tough. It was a really weird angle for slaughter. Ah see brad owen gold, its smart, smart brad, is the their mvp smart player, our player ill. Let them all go up, hopefully they can crush them. Ah, i got it, they got it wow theyre, just bringing it back. Dude we needed more pressure there. I stayed back and then someone else stayed back with me and they both went for the same play. All right no big deal, we can come, we can come back, we can come back. Lets give them a no problem in chat, no problem, all right. I got this. Why? Oh my team, savage thats, the three hold on hold on. Oh all, right, hey! Well, take the three honestly: i wanted a touchdown there um.

I wanted to throw that up to myself and re grab it, but my team did great t hawk why i had to throw it over him. I was scared, hes gon na. Take it just secure that goal so now we can go for a touchdown im gon na im gon na go for them, but im not gon na fall for it. What a lot of people do is they do like a quick jump here which never works, but that kind of worked please dont. Let them grab that nice come on t hawk, yo yo go all the way, go all the way. Take the lead right here. Sorry, brother, sorry, good good, good break away. No, we got ta, go faster, wait for it, wait for it! Oh my god, what a throw blocking for him. Big blocks slaughter! You got to do something. Buddy! Yes, go slaughter! Slaughter! Oh! What what game? Oh brads! Just a god crap brads, a god, i went through the ball. I went through the ball. I i dont know how we would need touchdown touchdown, maybe give me the ball would be sick, yup, okay, im gon na get hit right away. Bro, our teammate t hawk is the worst teammate ive ever had in my life t hawk. You are youre terrible. You were the the worst he made everest for someone to dunk it that wasnt my only chance dude, oh yo, that is the mode im gon na get a squad together, im gon na assemble squad for the weekend.

Okay, i need to. We need to see how many games we can win in a row. If i get a squad uh. I hope you guys enjoyed that game uh its its good to have it back happy thursday. I love you very much and ill see you soon.

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