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This will be our last look before the start of the regular season. I would be very very surprised if dallas is able to go to tampa on on ring night banner night and beat the tampa bay bucks Music. Finally, football season is here, throw away the training camp in preseason news and notes. The real stuff finally begins this week. Its time to reveal our final edition of the nfl power rankings, number 32 houston texans last times, ranking 32., like weve, said before this team only won four games with desean watson will fuller and jj watt on the roster last year, houston didnt replace any of those. Three starters, so even three wins seems like a stretch for this team heading into 2021. Mind you. It is kind of a blessing in disguise. They desperately need a new franchise quarterback. So a top two pick would help number 31 detroit lions last times, ranking 31 hate to be blunt, but uh wed be stunned if the lions didnt finish as the nfcs worst team. This is a full on tank job with a brand new front office and coaching staff, matthew, stafford, isnt here anymore, to steal a few extra wins for motowns team number, 30 philadelphia eagles last times, ranking 29. jalen hurts devonta smith and a new coaching staff alone give Ingles fans something to get excited about in 2021, but these arent, your 2017 eagles, so keep your expectations in check. The secondary is awful.

The o line will be better, but probably not by much hurts and smith alone. Cant carry this team, so unless desean watson comes busting through that door, this is shaping up to be another losing season in philly number 29 jacksonville jaguars last times, ranking 27. theyve already lost travis etienne, and if the offensive line cant get it together, who knows how Long trevor lawrence will last not to mention the fact that urban meyer has already rubbed some of his players the wrong way. These jags have potential, no doubt but itll take a miracle for them to even sniff the postseason. This year, number 28 new york jets. Last times, ranking 30. zack wilson looked awesome in pre season play. You can already sense the new fun loving culture under robert salah theres, nowhere to go but up in jets land. Unfortunately, they lost prized free agent, signing carl lawson for the season, with a ruptured achilles and draw davis who was another big signing along their front. Seven will miss two months with an ankle injury. Obviously, a rough start, but its hard not to be excited about this rebuilt offense, number 27 cincinnati bengals last times, ranking 25 bro chase and the o line are concerning jailbroke looked hesitant during training camp in pre season play, which is no surprise when youre coming off A major knee injury and playing behind one of the leagues worst offensive lines, jamar chase has struggled with drops, hopefully hes just getting it out of his system.

If so, this bengals offense could light up some scoreboards in 2021., number 26 chicago bears last times ranking 22.. The sitting justin fields in favor of andy dalton is enough for chicago to drop in these rankings, not to mention that the bearzo line was in complete shambles during pre season play on second thought: maybe its smart to set fields for now wed hate to see a Promising young qb have to play behind that o line. The bottom line were not optimistic about another playoff berth in the windy city. Number 25 carolina panthers last times, ranking 28. carolina gets jumped for two obvious reasons: sam darnold and the offense looked prolific in preseason. You never want to read too much into these exhibition games, but darnold looks like the quarterback. The jets envisioned him to be terrace. Marshall jr is a giant sleeper for offensive rookie of the year too number 24 las vegas raiders last times ranking 24.. Well, we suppose raiders fans have to be encouraged with that new little go line, especially rookie alex leatherwood. Maybe the protection will hold up fine in 2021. After all, still that defense leaves cause for concern and its too bad. The raiders failed to make any significant off season upgrades, unlike their three afc west rivals: number 23 new york giants last times: ranking 18. yikes daniel jones doesnt. Look like a guy whos ready to take that next step in year. Three and my oh, my is it an exaggeration to say that giants might literally have the nfls worst offensive line in 2021.

Sorry to be pessimistic giants fans, but were already wondering if last years, progress will be erased after the first few weeks of this season, number 22 atlanta falcons last times ranking 26.. The falcons at least have a confident quarterback situation in the makings of an explosive offense. So hey congrats to them on moving up four spots here, the playoffs seem like a pipe dream, but with matt ryan calvin, ridley, kyle, pitts, russell gage and mike davis. You can bet this team will be fun to watch folks. 21. Washington football team last times, ranking 21. no change here for ron riveras team weve talked a lot about that defense and a strong set of skill position, guys in terry mclaurin, curtis, samuel, logan, thomas and antonio gibson. If only we could trust ryan, fitzpatrick or kyle allen or taylor heineke or whoever else is going to play quarterback for this team number 20 denver broncos last times ranking 23., the broncos star, studded defense sure looks like itll, be a potent unit in 2021. But, of course, the teams hopeful return to the postseason comes down to the quarterback play teddy. Bridgewater is the starter, which is probably a good thing if he can keep it simple and just get the ball to his talented group of receivers and running backs. These broncos could very well emerge as a contender again number 19 arizona cardinals last times, ranking 20. malcolm butlers retirement leaves a void in arizonas, already weak depth chart at the cornerback position.

Mind you arizonas success, or lack thereof, mostly depends on how kyler murray and the offense will perform after enduring a late season meltdown in 2020.. Remember this team also brought in aj green and jj watt to fill leadership roles. The talent is there now its just up to cliff kingsbury to do something with it number 18 indianapolis colts last times, ranking 17. health is the main thing holding the colts back at the moment, with their entire roster on the field. This team can compete with the best of them, but when youre entering week, one with the status of two of your top players still in question its, never a good omen for the rest of the season. Number 17 dallas cowboys last times, ranking 13.. We just dont know how serious dak prescotts shoulder injury. Is they always schedule to play in week, one its somewhat concerning that the team is being tight, lipped on the severity of prescotts injury anyway, if its nothing serious, these guys will be the team to beat in the nfc east. I mean boy. Did micah parsons have himself a preseason or what number 16 new orleans saints last times? Ranking 14. are jameis winston and marquez callaway. The next dominant qb wide receiver duo in new orleans. We know that michael thomas will miss at least five games and head coach sean payton expressed doubt that the saints will be in new orleans for september due to hurricane ida.

The week one game against the packers has already been moved to jacksonville right now. The most important thing in new orleans is the safety of their citizens, but wouldnt it be nice if their football team could give them something to smile about number 15, pittsburgh steelers last times ranking 19.. We spent ample time questioning pittsburghs new, look o line, but it was hard not to love the units production in pre season play if its legitimately that good and if ben roethlisberger can stay healthy enough. Then pittsburgh will still be a super bowl contender. But those are two big ifs, though number 14 minnesota vikings last times, ranking 15. losing irfsmith jr for the season is cause for concern. Kyle rudolphs departure already left a void at tight end. At any rate, this offense should be just as good, if not better. In 2021, kirk cousins, dalvin cook, adam thielen and justin jefferson round out a strong core four but most importantly, the return of dneil hunter eric kendricks and anthony barr all, but guarantee that the vikings defense will be much improved. Following a disastrous 2020 campaign. Number 12: miami dolphins last times, ranking 11.. The pieces are there for miami to build off a stellar 10 win season to attack of ayaloa should improve after a so so rookie year, especially if all his receivers can stay healthy. I mean whos gon na stop. Devonte parker will fuller and jaylen waddle and now that were on that topic, how fun is tua, vs, matt gon na be in week one its a battle of the former alabama teammates number 11 los angeles chargers last times, ranking 12.

the skys the limit for this Deep star studded chargers team, especially with 2018, all pro derwent james now healthy. The only question, of course is: will the chargers learn from past mistakes and finally find a way to close out some of those close contests? Only time will tell number 10 tennessee titans last times, ranking 10., given the cults early rash of injuries. The reigning afc south champions should be considered the favorites to win the division again. There are still concerns on that defense, though especially the secondary, but your defense has to be really bad to lose when youre fielding an offense that includes ryan tannehill derrick henry aj brown and julio jones number nine baltimore ravens last times ranking seven lamar jackson missed valuable Training camp time, due to a positive coven 19 test, top running back jk dobbins was lost for the year after suffering, a torn acl in the final preseason game, marquis brown, rashad, bateman and sammy watkins. The teams top three wideouts have all been dealing with injuries. Obviously it was not a great month for baltimore, but this team has more than enough depth to get by in both the short term and long term. Dont overlook them. They are still a top contender in the afc number 8 seattle seahawks last times, ranking nine. You know what you have here: a top flight offense that should carry seattle to double digit, wins to spite a ton of holes on the defensive side of the ball congrats to jamal adams on that well deserved extension.

Now, if someone other than him and bobby wagner could just start making plays on defense number 7 san francisco 49ers last times ranking eight. The 49ers have a quarterback controversy which, in their case, is not such a bad thing, whether its jimmy garoppolo or trey lance. This team is built to win now and well into the future. No team was hit harder by the injury bug last season. If they can stay healthy this time around another run to the super bowl is a very real possibility. Number six cleveland browns last times ranking six. There is a case to be made that the browns and not the ravens, titans or buffalo bills, are the kansas city chiefs biggest threat. In the afc i mean a healthy odell, beckham jr and a revamped defense should make this team even better than the one that almost beat out the chiefs on last years. Divisional round. Matchup am i right and what do you know looks like we wont have to wait long to find out cleveland and kc meet at arrowhead in week. One get your popcorn ready, number five green bay packers last times ranking four david bakhtiari will miss at least six games, which is terrible news for the defending nfc champions. You saw the packers outline, get absolutely wrecked in the nfc championship game without him and well nows. Probably not the best time to mention that green bay has to face the ferocious pass, rushes of new orleans, san francisco and pittsburgh in three of their first four games without baktiyari.

This is probably not how aaron rodgers wanted to kick off his final dance in title town, number, 4, los angeles rams last times, ranking 5. acquiring sony. Michelle adds a much needed boost to the rams backfield depth. As for the rest of their roster, its stacked with matthew, stafford, joining cooper cup, robert woods, aaron, donald and jalen ramsey, the rams will have all the makings to win the super bowl. If you ask us, theyre, tampa bays biggest threat in the nfc number three buffalo bills last times, ranking three buffalo will have a much tougher time in the afc east this year. No doubt the patriots, jets and dolphins all appear to have taken a big leap forward. This offseason, but make no mistake about it. The bills are still the team to beat in the division and maybe even the entire afc. They open up the season with games against the steelers dolphins in washington, so well find out early if josh allens, mvp caliber season from 2020 was a fluke or not number two tampa bay buccaneers. Last times ranking one. The bucks have followed up their super bowl victory with an impressive offseason and a solid preseason, so why the demotion in our rankings? Well that has more to do with the team that replaced them at number one well get to them in a second. As for tampa, they have all the pieces in place. Once again, it seems like their success will come down to the same question.

Weve been asking ourselves for the past five years or so well, father time. Finally, catch up with tom brady number one kansas city chiefs. Last times ranking two, the bucks may be the defending champs, but its hard to deny that the super bowl favorites and the true team to beat are the kansas city chiefs. Their biggest weakness was their o line that got destroyed in the super bowl. Well, the new look unit didnt allow a single sack to patrick mahomes on 29 pre season pass attempts if that unit can continue to dominate like it has in august. There may be no stopping this chiefs offense, but what changes would you make to our power rankings? Join us in the comment section below, if you liked this video and learned a thing or two clicking the like button, helps out a ton, then hey. We appreciate it.

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