September 11 attacks 9/11 REMEMBERED: Journalists look back on NYC devastation after attacks | ABC7 Los Angeles

Many of us remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news and how we felt in the days and weeks that followed two of our eyewitness news. Colleagues, traveled to new york immediately to cover the aftermath i spoke with reporter carlos granda and photojournalist edgar alcala. I was a little nervous because i didnt know what we were going to get into it: wasnt necessarily the hole in the ground. There was a hole in the sky that they were missing was very obvious. Tell me about the first time you saw this the aftermath of this attack. We saw from the sky when we were flying in this was three days later. We could see a plume of smoke coming up and we could see just a cloud of smoke right over the area where the world trade center was supposed to be its not even believable, because when i lived there, friends would come over from out of town and Youd, take them to the world trade center. Youd go up on the elevator to go to the top or youd be at the bottom, and you look up and its a majestic site to see those two towers and to think that they were gone. And there were thousands of people inside that could never get out its just unimaginable for the people that were here, they they saw it and they heard about it and it was painful for them, but being there feeling it seeing it smelling it um, it was different.

It was tangible, and it was a lot to take in it was too much to take in more bodies were discovered today and among them, two firefighters still at their post were reporters, but were also human beings to cover this story. While knowing and seeing the suffering and the incredible cost in human lives, and how did how did you separate your emotions about this story from the facts of this story, you have to separate your emotions. You always do when you cover stories, but this one was a bit different, because when were there you see people coming up to you with photos of their loved ones. Saying? Could you put this photo on tv? Could you please look theyre missing and deep down? You knew they were not missing, they were in the towers and they couldnt get out. It was painful. There was um theres a few times where we sat down and cried when we got to the armory, where the families of the victims from out of state were coming in thats, where all the posters were at theyre, smiling, theyre, happy, theyre, graduating from college or high School um, theyre, holding their newborn babies and the picture that still haunts me to this day is a father holding twins. We started trying to do our job. I started trying to shoot carla started, trying to find people to interview and we just stopped and we cried when i got home. I just remember hugging my daughter and my wife, and just that made me feel.

Okay, maybe life can get somewhat back to normal, but you never forget it and every once in a while, itll come back some of the faces of the people, some of the people i interviewed, who lost loved ones 20 years later. You still think about it: Music. The emotions are still so raw and powerful 20 years later, yeah its the kind of thing that never leaves you and i cant imagine for those who were there uh what they went through and how how that will stay with you for the rest of your life. I commend them on the work they did then and the sensitivity and that they brought to the story.

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September 11 attacks 9/11: How America’s worst terror attack unfolded