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I believe that stair stairway b was was solid, concrete, the stairwell itself um and along that stairwell was a fire standpipe. That was probably 10 12 inches in diameter that ran the the pretty much the length of the building in that stairwell. You know, i believe, being in that corner was the strongest part of the building, the the concrete, solid, concrete stairway, plus that standpipe. That was really laying right. Next to that may have shielded me as as i fell with the floors and things uh you know collapsed from above. I still fell with the building. Rubble still somehow passed me by, but i think i was you know shielded from from that thats. My theory then theres theories of air pockets and you know i was in that sweet spot and you know whatever that. So, who knows you know whatever it was? You were in the right spot at the right time, yeah. It was just that one spot in the building that you know i guess was – was very protected. This was you know millions and millions of tons of concrete and steel that fell that somehow ended up below me, um and just the fall itself. You know riding that down and landing um. I dont know you know, and it was i think she went. She went through more than more than i did that day. I fell and got knocked out because she had a you were sleeping and she thought she was no sleep.

I was out yeah. I was out, you know its 20 years later. Im still here, i think im doing okay. I still dont like to get on airplanes. I never really did you know, why put your heart, why put yourself in harms way its the fear of not being in control going into a big building and working in the big building? You know ill visit it. I know i can you know. I look for exits. You know i make sure that im not working there im just visiting and i you know, have my escape routes. So one can only imagine what you guys. Uh went through and still go through 20 years on the good points. If any out of september 11 you met, you got to meet michael, yes, are you handsome? I consider us to be very good friends. I mean, if i had you know if i had to choose a friend thats, what i choose you know so brothers yeah so to have them rescue me and you know, if uh you know. Hopefully, it never happened to you, but if you ever need to be rescued, you want to be rescued by one of these guys mike morbido, his his brothers, his fire department, showing kindness to others. You know was like the worst part of the history of whatever ive lived through. You know, as we lived through um and at the the worst part. The worst times you know is when people kind of come together: Music, hello, im, tara brown thanks for watching 60 minutes.

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