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You seem particularly triggered right now. Can you tell me what happened? Ive had dreams that werent just dreams? Am i crazy? We dont use that word in here. Music, hi Music makes you small and the ones that mother gives you dont do anything at all. Go ask alice when shes 10 feet Music Music. If you want the truth, youre going to have to follow me Music, the only thing that matters to you is still here. I know its, why youre still fighting and why you will never give up. You dont know me now: Music, logic, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. After all, these years to be going back to where it all started back to the matrix Music alrighty real quick before i share my thoughts on the trailer go ahead and join me down below in the comment section share your thoughts on the trailer as well as Your thoughts on the matrix trilogy as a whole on that point, if you want to know my thoughts on the matrix trilogy check out my ranking of the movies somewhere right up here when the video is over now i want to watch this trailer one more time And then im gon na start talking, okay, so im of the generation that was in high school when the original matrix came out. So for me it was one of those formative, r rated movies, that we are all finally able to go, see and have our minds.

Absolutely blown by it and it was a film that was a big hit when it came out, but like it even like, grew in popularity over the next several years as we waited for the sequels and then likewise im part of that generation that went to go See the second one kind of lied to herself a little bit and be like man that wasnt so bad, that was that was all right and then, when we saw the third one we were like. No, that was bad both these sequels. No, these are not good and so weve been waiting over 20 years for a good matrix sequel. Now. Does this trailer look like a good matrix, sequel? Well, it looks like a respectable matrix rehashquilt based off the trailer, thus far, which, on the one hand, i dont actually mind that all that much if based off the trailer, looks like we got neo back in the matrix realizes. Something is a little bit off about it and then our morpheus character pulls him out, trains him and then he starts. Beating people up inside the matrix after getting trained, sounds a lot like what they did in the original matrix. Even certain shots in there sequences seem very reminiscent of things in the original film, and so what do i feel about that um if its a very safe, follow up that tries to repeat the beats? One of these homage sequels thats, paying tribute to a film that people love from decades past ill, probably like the film, i probably wont, watch it and be like oh.

Why are we doing this again ill watch it and be like well im glad to see more of this stuff that i like without a story that drives me crazy and makes me want to pull the hair out of my head the same time, part of what Makes the original so fresh so exciting was its ability to take all these familiar elements, or i mean i said they werent all that familiar to hollywood at the time, but taking inspiration from john woo action movies, u.n, whooping, martial arts films from manga from anime from The terminator and just mash them all together into something fresh and original, not unlike the way that quentin tarantino takes inspiration very heavily from the movies that he loves and pays homage to him hispose, but makes it entirely new thats. What the original matrix did with all these different sci fi action genres and this trailer looks like its a director paying tribute to their own work, which is interesting, its not the most pretty far from the most exciting thing you could do with the matrix thinking. I dont know what you do to refresh things with how much they burn some bridges and maybe thats. Why theyre heading in this direction is that they know people didnt, like the fact that in the the sequels they totally deconstructed their own film to pieces, and thus they went okay, we destructed it can destructed our own stuff lets reconstruct our own thing and maybe not Take it in such a wacky direction that undoes everything that people loved about our original, i mean thats, what theyre doing and not a terrible idea, so so putting some final thoughts on it.

Um didnt in any way like exceed my expectations for whats coming, maybe shrunk. My window of feelings, the wachowskis over the last 20 years, have not had the best track record uh, the last movie that wachowskis directed – and i know this is only one of them directed that i dug was the original matrix over 20 years ago and theyve had Some things that werent so bad or some interesting ideas, but they havent had a full blown wow since 1999. So you know they can dress direct one of the best sci fi action movies of all time and then ive done a bunch of other stuff thats. Not so great at all, this trailer made me go okay. Maybe this is my window. Instead of this, the full full blown spectrum of how good this thing could be its not going to get anywhere close to the heights, but it looks safe enough that its not going to go to the low points either and oh, hey the baby. The my baby. Just walked in here i guess she woke up and decided to come and see me so right. There is what it kind of this trailer did for me shrunk. My window of the spectrum of expectations, i think, were gon na get a very safe matrix. Re hash call that will pay a good tribute wont deconstruct. The mythology well have some amazing action, sequences, some very cool visuals, but not really blow any minds, thats kind of what im expecting at this point in time and im good enough with that.

Let me know what you thought down below in the comments section. If you want to know my thoughts on full thoughts on the matrix trilogy check out that video right over there.

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