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One of the issues that you might be running into is restoring data from either of those phones to your new phone. Today were going to be taking a look at wondershares whatsapper. This is going to allow you to transfer whatsapp data from android to ios and vice versa. Big shout outs to wondershare for sponsoring this video lets go ahead and get started a few things to consider here before we get started, transferring our whatsapp data from our android to our iphone. You do want to make sure that both phones have plenty of charge. You also want to make sure that the phone youre transferring to has plenty of storage. If the storage is full, all your files may not be transferred properly. All right, youre also going to need an otg cable, so one with a usb c end and a lightning end because were going to be connecting to our android and our iphone. At the same time, you can pick this up at places like best buy walmart model price or even amazon, a type c. The lightning cable also comes with most modern iphones, so were gon na start things off on our android phone were just gon na launch the whatsapper application. You can pick this up in the play store for free, i just type in whatsapper or you can use the link in the description and then youll go ahead and open up this application youre going to want to go ahead and give it all the proper permissions And then were simply just going to click start for this.

Video were going to go android to iphone all right. It says that it doesnt detect any whatsapp backup data and its going to give us a tutorial, but im going to quickly show you how to do it right now. All right so well open up our whatsapp. Well, click on the three dots here were going to click on settings were going to click on chats were going to click on chat, backup and then were going to click on backup. Just give it a few minutes to back up all of your chats all right from there were going to go back to the whatsapp application and select backup completed. All right from here were going to go ahead and enter in our mobile number that we used for the whatsapp backup all right well go ahead and enter our code there and thats going to start the parsing process. You can see here. We have all of the files to be transferred and well go ahead and select next all right, so this is going to bring up the payment screen um. It is a one time fee of 18.99. This gives you unlimited devices for a full year or you can try 50 messages for free just to see how it works with your devices. You could try it and then, if you have more content that you need to restore on your new phone, then maybe you would want to do the one time purchase.

So you do have two options here. You can use the usb c, the lightning cable. If you have one, if you dont dont worry, you can actually do an option that doesnt require the usbc to lightning cable by installing the desktop toolkit. So if you use this option, it does give you a link that youll input into your desktop to download the desktop version were gon na use the cable to get our content transferred all right so well. Click on that option and were gon na go ahead and connect the two devices. Okay, so one thing that i noticed its very important that you use the actual cable that came with your iphone. I was trying to use a third party cable. I wasnt able to get this message, which is what we have to have. We got ta, give permission to the iphone, to connect to the android, so well, say: okay and well trust it on the iphone and well go ahead and enter the iphones passcode. Okay, it looks like we do also have to turn off find my iphone before moving forward. So the way that youre gon na do that is youre gon na head into settings, youre gon na go to your apple id youre gon na go youre gon na find my go to on and turn that off all right. Once thats turned off. Well, click turned off and then its gon na begin to transfer all of your data and your files from whatsapp on your android over to your iphone alright.

So it says that the transfer has been successful and now well have all of our files from whatsapp on the android over on our iphone all right guys. It is that easy to transfer all your whatsapp data from your android over to your iphone. Once again, big shout outs to wondershare for sponsoring this video you guys can grab the link to the application in the description below thanks guys for watching be blessed ill.

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