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This is the latest version of ios whatsapp, so you can download the zip file from this video description, but zip file is password protected, so watch this video till the end so lets start the video Music first, you need to backup your whatsapp chats. So first go to your whatsapp messenger click on this three dots and go to settings, option click on the chat, option and press the chat. Backup next hit the backup button, and now you can see our whatsapp messages are backuping. Now, Music now go back and next uninstall your whatsapp application Music. Next, you need to download the zip file after downloading the zip file open. You file, manager, Music, download link in the description next press. The extract button Music, zip file is password protected, so watch the full video now open the extracted file Music. Next install this apk file Music, now open it. Music dog Music, give all permissions to this ios whatsapp Music. Now you need to log in with your phone number Music Music. You can use both ios dark theme and ios white theme for this. As you can see, this interface look like ios whatsapp, but we need to change some settings to get the ios whatsapp with complete features. Now follow my instruction carefully click on this settings tab and go to mb preferences. Then click on other settings option and drag down. Then you can see the conversation tones option. Music now select this tones to ios style, Music, now press this styles option now install this ios emoji very inside Applause, Music.

Now select it Music. Next change, this font style to ios fonts Music, now go to home screen option next; press the headers tab and change that styles to ios styles, Music, change, this style for ios styles; carefully change these settings, as i am doing now, Music. If i should stay or be alone, if Music, if Music now lets talk about some privacy settings in this ios whatsapp by the way you can freeze your last scene in this whatsapp Music, and also there are some important privacy settings in this ios whatsapp. You can check them all Music Music. Now we are all done. Lets can check them Music yeah. This is awesome, guys ios, fonts and ios emojis all look or ios style wow. If you are like this video, then please subscribe to this channel and hit the like button.

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