September 11 attacks, New York, World Trade Center, Skyscraper Firefighter recalls experience evacuating the North Tower | Surviving 9/11 – BBC

I just saw a point and hit the trade center. He says it sounds like its going to be something you better head out. Also, i get on the expressway clear beautiful day and i could see smoke coming from the tower, but as i crossed those six lanes of highway, i couldnt believe what i was seeing. Bodies were dropping right in front of us one lady coming down screaming, hitting the ground and then theres really nothing left um. This is right in front of me within three feet. I remember a man and woman jumping hugging each other im in the north tower. I saw a bunch of civilians that were exiting a staircase what floor youre from in the 70th and, i said, were doing a good job and then um only moments later it seemed i heard i heard a loud rumble coming from above, i remember im thinking it Was the building i was in that was coming down? It was the loudest noise. You ever heard in your life, the twisting metal and the building coming down as eight subway cars coming into a train station at the same time with their brakes squealing. The only light around was my flashlight. Now i had these people screaming on the other side of that door, help help and all i said these are the same people. I just told good job you made it and i felt so responsible for them, plus the people that are inside the stairwell were with me.

I tried getting that doorway open and i couldnt it seemed blocked. John de lara, this emergency service cop was coming down the stairs at that point and they asked me whats up just like that. Like whats up – and i said uh i think were trapped in here, i said, get all these civilians, i said uh, the door seems blocked, and then he and i we just started bowing against that door and uh each time we hit it. We got it open. A little bit more and finally, we got it open wide enough and – and i remember telling them if you could see my light im – a fireman come to my light about 15 people came to my light and i remember putting a hand on the wall and said: Follow this wall back goes to a doorway and go in that doorway and they did and it seemed to evacuate that area and then out of nowhere. He says to me my wifes name is carol. I remember i said to him. My wifes name is cynthia and then he says he has a seven year old boy. I said i got a six year old boy and i believe he said that he had a two year old boy and i have a two month old boy. I said thats. What we talked about for the next 10 minutes, or so our family, i dont, know whatever brought that up on us to be talking about our families.

Its never happened in an emergency situation. Its almost like you tell the other person your eulogy or something at this point in time when we were exiting the building and his sergeant was there sergeant curtin, and he pointed right at me and he pointed his finger. I remember him saying i think we should get out of this building now Music. I took one step. I got blown about 40 feet, but i crawled into a window. I just kind of tumbled into the room. I went under a desk. I got into like a ball. I felt so vulnerable as i was getting buried. Music john de laurent went down right in that area where we were naming every guy. I had breakfast with that morning. There was 12 of us working that day and i was the only one to live. The only one that come home people have asked me in the past.

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September 11 attacks, New York, World Trade Center, Skyscraper 9/11: How President George W Bush and the US government responded to the terrorist attacks- BBC News

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