Tales, Owls of Arise Owl Sanctuary Scenes

Why has it suddenly started? Giving us things? Hey? Is that owl beckoning us over? I think it is its the owl we rescued before then maybe thats. What the gifts are all about. Its thanking us for saving its friend this one isnt just bigger than hoodle, though something about it, seems almost regal dont. You think what if it was the king of the owls, would that make the other one the queen? You think so? Yes, theyre. Clearly, a Music Applause Music pair is this some kind of owl sanctuary its such a big place, though i wonder if those two were living here all alone until we rescued that owl, i thought no other owls existed, but here they are, and a king and queen By the looks of them Music, you never know what other ones might be out there until we look for him its not like. You were searching the whole world over yourself right, rinwell thats. Well, i mean yeah. I guess youve got a point: hey hoodle, Music. How about we find more of your friends and tell them about this place? It can be a little side mission on our trip if thats, okay, its fine with me, well find as many as we can. Thank you, oh rinwell, its nothing dont. Mind me ready to move on Music, its, like weve assembled every single owl in dana. You know looking at them all. I think we very well may have talk about a spectacular sight, yeah his majesty and her majesty both seem pleased as well, when shes all alone, her thoughts drift to sad places.

I did all this so that she could have lots of friends and live happily ever after Music, hey, i get a little grumpy, sometimes im interpreting for the owls, not talking about you well at least hoodle, isnt alone anymore, right, right, hey, hoodle, huh huddle. I think you should stay if you keep traveling with us, its going to be constant, fighting and youll be put in a lot more danger, but this is a safe place filled with lots of friends for you, Music plus, you can learn lots of new stuff with Friends, just like all the new things ive gotten to learn since i met alfin and everyone else Music. All i could teach you is to jump from twig to twig, but now look at you youre soaring to new heights Music. You can go wherever you want on your own now so stay here and be with your friends. Okay, are you sure about this? Hey i didnt mean for you to its okay. I made up my mind. We stuck with each other for as long as we did, because we had no one else to depend on now. Its for the best we stay among our own kind, take care of yourself, poodle, Music! Oh your friends! Are that way, Music? Why cant? You understand, i think, hes trying to say i dont abandon my friends. Oodle has his own wings. If he wanted to leave, he could have left whenever he wanted to.

He can come back to this place whenever he wants to, but right now what he wants is to be with you, its true that his own kind is here, and he knows that, but he wont know if youll always be around rinwell Music, but i mean Music. I think hes asking you whether you really want him to go. No, of course i dont really want him to go. Who was the only family i have left, then its settled hoodle has a place to go home to whenever he wants and thatll never change things between. You are you sure about this noodle take care of our friend i pray. Your journey is a safe one. Okay enough already Music. Thank you. Try to be nice to one another, your majesties well whats, the answer. Oh well, yeah. Of course, Music yeah well both take care of each other. I meant the als answer.

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Tales, Owls of Arise – Calaglia Owls

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