Extravehicular activity, International Space Station, NASA, Astronaut, Akihiko Hoshide, Thomas Pesquet U.S. Spacewalk 77 Animation – September 9, 2021

European astronaut, tama pasquee will egress second, with the full white suit. Take control of the large bag on his body, restraint, tether and head out to p4. He will pause momentarily to drop his fairly green hook, just nader at the flex, hose rotary, coupler the fhrc and then continue translation to p4 back at the airlock ev1. Aki hoshide will retrieve his worksite interface, extender or wiffix and follow them all out to p4. He will also pause to drop his fairly green hook, just nader of the fhrc, while tamal is stowing the very large strip bag at p4. Aki will complete his translation out to the p4 beta gimbal assembly, where he will install and set up his fix. He will then translate over to p5 to retrieve a foot restraint on his body restraint, tether, Music. He will return back to p4 to set up his foot restraint and the wiff, extender and optimize for position aki will then translate over to tama to begin assembling. The iss rollout solar array, mod kit, upper triangle, tama and aki will work as a team to build the triangular segment loosely and then well. Tighten the structure by driving the bolts to torque aki will then translate over to and ingress the foot restraint tamal will hand off the upper triangle to aki aki will lean back soft dock, the structure to the beta gimbal assembly and drive four bolts once complete with The upper triangle aki will egress the foot restraint, bias it to the left hand side, while tamal prepares to hand off the left.

Mid strut for brt stow aki will ingress the apfr and hold the lower strut, while tama repositions to the solar array blanket box for saab bearing to install the left, lower, strut tamal will begin driving. This bolt by hand four turns while aki aligns his end and drives his to the mounting bracket. Two turns tamal will finish his bolt by driving it with a pistol grip tool followed by high torque with the eva torque wrench, once the bolt is deemed good. Ah, you will be given a go to drive his bolted torque using the crystal grip tool. This will complete our minimum config for the mod kit. Tamal will translate on the beta gimbal assembly and aki will hand off his telescoping mid strut for install tama will work to soft dock the side pad to the bga while aki holds his clevis bolt side in place. Tamal will start four bolts by hand followed by the pistol grip tool. Music aki will then drive his bolt to torque on the mounting bracket. Small then gather tools and reset for the right hand, side by bringing tools back to the bag while aki egresses and repositions. The foot restraint to bias it to the right side, Music aki will ingress the foot restraints and the crew will repeat the handoff first, the mid strut for brt stow and then the long lower right, strut them all will then reposition to the right hand. Side for the four alpha gimbal assembly and the analogous install strategy will unfold to model position at the right side.

Bearing for lower strut, install and then over onto the vga. For the mid strut, install to maul will translate on the mid, strut and drive two collar bolts to torque rigidizing. The telescoping mechanism, on the right hand, side once complete the crew will install the multi layer, insulation and then jamal will position to the left hand, side to repeat Music aki will egress the foot restraint and begin cleanup. He will retrieve and stow all the tools fold. The bag in thirds and stow on his body restraint tether. The crew will meet up and hand off tools for the next task. The floating potential measurement unit remove and replace, and in prep for that task tomorrow, will translate and retrieve a foot restraint with x. Combo on his body restraint. Tether aki will be the first to head inboard. He will follow his tether back to the airlock underneath the mt and down the cetus at the airlock. The crew will open the thermal cover, stow the strut bag and exchange it for the spare fpmu. Meanwhile, tamal will head inboard with his foot restraints pause momentarily at the fhrc and then go zenith across the zenith. Handrail over to the p1 fpmu tamal will pause momentarily to put in an eva electrical inhibit by pulling a nasa, zero g lever, electrical connector, aft and then install the foot restraint at the work site. He will work to position it to the desired position and then ingress for prep for fpmu removal.

Aki will translate back to phase one going up the c to spur under the m t and then zenith at the fhrc and meet tama at the fpmu at p1. He will stow the spare in a location optimal for handoff Music. During this time, tamal will tether to the fpmu and begin driving, bolts, two outer and then one centered with the pistol grip tool. Hell stow that and then install a handling aid called a scoop for ease and removal of this unique orbital replacement unit or oru tomorrow. Well: position the fpmu to allow aki to stow the probes. Aki will slide a collar out of the way depress a lever and lower the probes into place. Youll use a taped wire tie to keep them in the stowed location for ease the failed fpmu will be stowed on tamas body restraint. Tether aki will then retrieve the spare from the bag tether and remove the wire tie and deploy the probes. They will hand off and reinstall the spare into the stanchion driving the center bolt followed by the two outer bolts once complete, the team will work to stow the failed unit into the oru thermal bag and stow on akis body restraint. Tether aki will then follow his tether back to the airlock and stow. The failed fpmu in the airlock jamal will work to clean up the work site by egressing the foot, restraint and plugging in the eva electrical inhibit. By moving the lever fully forward, he will retrieve his foot restraint on his body restraint tether.

He will follow his tether back to the airlock under the mt.

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