FireTV, Amazon,, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Smart TV, Digital media player, 4K resolution 2pack Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa and Voice Remote

Ive got the dot. Ive got a lot of amazon going on in my house. I got fire, stick, do you know the fire? Is their number one product? You know over over a half million reviews. People are absolutely bonkers over it, but but but but when you buy it at amazon, youre, not getting that okay, okay, you get one. Okay! There we go. You get one for forty dollars: okay, youre getting one for forty dollars by the way. This is the new one. This is the 4k guys. This is the one that comes with that universal remote. So you dont have to you know what remote wheres the remote which remote do i use the volume goes up. The volume goes down. What am i using amazon theyre doing a sale right now? Normally they sell one for fifty dollars, so were were doing better than price matching because you get in the second one 25. I know its not quite a buy one get one its so doggone close to that, though, and its the one that we want its the one that we want the upgraded version. You know hundreds of thousands of movies and actors and things and stuff – and you know you dont – have to be a prime member but youre getting the best and youre getting the best price and youre getting it for a better price than even amazon. This is the only other show well of today, im not quite sure what aaron berger is doing um tomorrow, so im going to get him out here, aaron burger.

I am so excited that i had this. I was flipping out. People are buying because you get the separate retail packaging, so people are buying more than one theyre theyre. Putting this in the gift, closet, theyre, you know stock them away for the christmas and holiday season, theyre doing it for upstairs downstairs, theyre doing it for the spare tv, the tv in the game room the tv that the kids are using their video games, for you Have to explain this, though, because even if i went to amazon so theyre doing a sale right now, but normally they do one one for 50, and this is the newest, the latest, the greatest, so one for fifty dollars normally were doing two two of their best Ones, two of their best price. You know product for the best price, even better than amazon. Am i saying that right, youre saying it right? You got it right as always: shannon um heres the the truth of the matter. We at amazon are partners with hsn in in this today. You know its not its, not a surprise. We said, look were going to give you a very limited amount of these. We want to get these theres already. If you go onto amazon, there are over 700 000 reviews. I think over 500 000 are perfect. 5 stars ive, never seen a product with that many reviews ever anywhere um. We are have released a limited amount of these to hsn to really blow out to get more into peoples homes.

We want even more uh word of mouth about it. We want you to love it. You know we do very special things. Weve had one show today, and these have gone absolutely wild, so heres the deal heres. What it is. Let me tell you what it is before the phone lines get crazy. This is called a amazon fire stick 4k, so its a fire tv stick. 4K. In the past, anytime, weve done a two pack, its not been the 4k version, so this is the highest and best version you get even a better. Video quality is basically what it comes down to. What do you do with this? You plug it into your television. You only need two things: you need a tv with an hdmi uh port that goes into the hdmi port and then a cable comes with it. You then you plug it into power as well. If you have that, and you have wi fi in your home, you have just turned any dumb tv into a smart tv, and you have just turned any smart tv into an even smarter tv. It is the simplest easiest setup youve ever seen it really. It really is just like dummy proof, its so easy for what it gives you thats the extraordinary thing i always tell everybody, but when i meet you know people and ask what i do whatever. Oh, you know: electronics hsn, everyone always says. Well what should i buy? Whats a good deal for your money for the bang for your buck.

You cannot get a better product than the fire tv stick thats why? It is the number one selling of all the devices amazon makes, the um uh the amazon, echo and the dot and the show and the on and on and on i mean they make so many devices. Now the number one selling device they make is the amazon fire tv stick. So this goes into your tv, and this is what you see. Im gon na just move these out of the way, so you can see even better, but i just i never want you to forget youre, getting two, not one youre getting two amazon fire tv. Six. Now you take your little remote, you ready! This is voice activated. So you you, can, you know you can um navigate the way im doing here with with using the buttons on the remote but its as easy as picking a favorite actor or actress? So i can go julia roberts. All you do is say the name. You saw that little that little um and im gon na turn the volume up which i can do right from this remote. Well talk about that. In a minute. Now we can watch homecoming, we could watch steal magnolias. We could watch mothers day. We could watch eat, pray, love, we could watch stepmom, we could watch august ocean county. All i did was set her name, and did you see that it was absolutely instant? This has a 4k processor in it.

Like your computer is one more quick example. I know shannon will update you guys because these just they go crazy, um, oh another, one of my favorite things how about movie musicals, so here it is labor day weekend and you know what what am i going to do when im not on air im. In my home a lot this weekend waiting for my next show, i could watch shrek the musical or could watch chicago seen that on broadway i could watch guys and dolls. I did that show in high school great. I was benny south street funny girl. Never forget my aunt used to have the funny girl poster hanging. In her i mean even as a little bitty kid in her uh bedroom 19 yeah, 1968 yeah thats about right. So the point is shannon a world, a wealth of material of movies of music, and i havent even gotten into the apps and the games, and you know classic tv shows and current tv shows all at your fingertips. Well and you know what the it makes. Whatever tv you got like aaron was saying the smartest tv this. This is the best bang for the buck. I think of any item that we sell here at hsn and thats when we or amazon thats when were selling one thats selling one for 40 or 50. I mean the fact that youre getting the two pack you can afford to be generous. I mean pay it forward a lot of you.

In fact you can. I know you saw that little people always ask me if that counter is real. It has had one airing. One show almost 2 000 gone. One show, and i got to tell you that was a good portion of our inventory. In fact, if youre watching tonight count yourself lucky because they are really partitioning out the number of errands that were doing over labor day weekend. Just to try to and aaron you know, thats true theyre, because listen were subject to the law of supply and demand like the rest of the world. If amazon is selling one of these for 50, and i know that theyve got a sale on right now. You know matching one for 40, but you know again, i cant make quite the financial statement buy one and gift one where you know were getting in that. You know wheelhouse, though you know another one for only 25 with the free shipping and the five flex pay. I mean we are subject to the law of supply and demand too and thats. Why, unlike the grocery store, i dont know um, because i know you live across the the bridge. I live on this side of the bridge at the bullseye and actually my grocery stores. The signs are up again were limiting the hand sanitizer were limiting. The paper. Towels you know were limiting. They were out of my toilet paper brand that i you know uh buy again at my grocery store earlier today, where you know we are starting to see some of those limit.

One per customer live it. Two per customer i mean were starting to see some of those situational things happening. I think part of the reason you sold almost 2 000 with colleen and thats. Why i say if you want it, i would do it now, because weve got what weve got. We are not limiting quantities and thats part of the reason we sold almost 2 000. In that one show aaron is, you were probably finding people were, people were getting more than one set, even though it is not quite a buy one gift going on. I mean its its close to that this is. This is a good one to get isnt it its just its a great one to have you wont you want one on every tv you have. I dont, if you spent a if you spent five thousand dollars on your television and bought the best television money you could buy literally. You still want this because it will make your tv a smarter tv than it already is. Nobody has better voice technology than alexa and it just makes navigating you can even navigate if youre. You know, some people keep cable with this some dont. They now have 500 000 channels, they have all kinds of live channels, etc. You can even control your cable using your voice now im using this is the remote see in earlier days of um of the fire tv. The remote did not have a power button and did not have volume buttons see.

I can turn the volume up and down you, oh its actually, our graphics, covering it right now, so you cant quite see it, but you just have to trust me when i press that up and down the there oh cool thanks, they just moved the graphic for Me see that you guys you can actually see the volume changing. So now you only need one remote, just like getting a universal remote. Basically, with your fire tv stick a couple other things i want to show you real quickly. I want to go to the free area, so its great. If you have netflix and you have disney plus and you have hbo mac and you have all those great things that you can download. Thats thats super duper, but how about whats free, so theres, the free stuff is always changing and increasing theres new movies theres new uh television shows right now, theres. Actually a lot of great um live stuff that you could watch for. Free abc news, live cbs news live yeah, you heard me not streamed live theres, even a lot of great live material. Usa. Today, bloomberg lets go down here and see. These are popular. Free movies and tv shows that you can watch right now. No subscriptions! You have to be a prime member, you want to be a netflix member, you dont have nothing. You can watch the hunger games in 4k. You could watch the hunger games, you could watch the next one catching fire.

You could watch zodiac, ninja turtles, clue, thats, uh, thats, a blast from the past. That would be really fun to watch, got kiddos twinkle twinkle little star or clarisse. You could watch clarice uh heres, some things that are new. Some new free movies and television shows truck tunes, oh perry, mason. My folks would love that my mom would love it, especially the equalizer crime scene, just oh louis, black thats, a pretty new yeah 20 20.. There are so many things, shannon that are at your fingertips and theres all of this free content, thats, so daggone easy to access. Okay. I know you see that clock on your screen and i think we might even be able to spend just a moment beyond that. I hope youre calling i mean i really do because when we say even if, first of all, you need this because i can guarantee you, i dont care, if its an old tv new tv, you know you want to upgrade your tv, you want to upgrade your Experience you want to fire stick, they are number one for a reason, and even amazon is selling one of these, basically for almost as much money as you see on your screen, because normally their price is fifty dollars for one youre getting a second one with that Retail packaging and boy are these: these are on fire because what happened earlier and when i said we are subject to the law of supply and demand, just like the rest of the world, amazon normally sells one for fifty dollars.

This is not their entry level model. This is the one with the upgraded universal remote. Remember its the one thats full uh 4k old tv new tv doesnt matter, dont have to be a prime member but youre going to spend almost as much for one as you are getting for the set of two. If you shop at amazon and we are not limiting quantities, but because the law of supply and demand is so rigid right now, you have to understand. You should get more than one and thats what people are doing and when colleen was on with aaron a little bit earlier, you have to understand. There were almost 2 000 that were spoken, for we have every service representative taking phone calls right now. You still get that unconditional 30 day return policy were going to pay to send it to you, and you do you want this and get it while the getting is good. I dont care whether its netflix or hulu or amazon, prime or your favorite movies. I mean your favorite televisions, whatever youre watching this makes it better and were doing it at the best price that youre going to find anywhere else so erin. I know that clock is expiring. You know 30. Second, you know highlight reel for people. Sure love too love too uh. So basically you take this little fire. Stick you plug it into your tv. It doesnt have to be a new tv, its any television with an hdmi port, and then you power it.

We send you everything, you need. We send you! The remote we even send you the batteries for the remote literally, you need nothing other than the box that you get as long as you have wi fi in your house. It turns your television, your smart television, into a smarter tv. If you have an old, dumb tv, cheap tv from a long time ago, it doesnt matter, it turns it into a smart tv. This little thing has a four hey. Excuse me, quad core processor inside it. So now you can do things like you want to watch a movie. You go play tom clancys, jack ryan, its as easy. Now as talking to your television. Imagine all the movies in the world all the information everywhere. This was playing jack ryan in i dont know a matter of seconds remember this is the 4k version, so its a higher quality, video stream uh than uh many of the previous, the other beautiful fire tv sticks, but they were not 4k and uh both of the The sticks that youre getting today are well and its. You know again, you know dancing around that buy one gift, one you know pretty close to that. Um aaron, i know, were gon na, be seeing you throughout labor day weekend. I hope you get a little rest. Are you back in the morning a little bit later back at 11 11 a.m? Tomorrow sounds good! Thank you for doing this.

Thank you. Do keep calling dont hang up.

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