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, It is Friday September 10 2021., And this is Cord Cutting Weekly the show where we wrap up the past week in streaming and cord cutting news., And this week weve got a Hulu price hike to discuss.. Meanwhile, Amazon announced a whole slew of new hardware just in time for the holidays. And Roku continues to invest in more original programming.. But first, of course, please consider clicking on those all important Like and Subscribe buttons down. Below. Thats a great way to support our channel and wed definitely appreciate it. And for all the stories were about to discuss well, have links to those full posts included down below in the video description., And those links, as always, will bring you on over to our News website, Cord Cutters, News, dot, com. And with all of that established lets talk about some news, starting with a Hulu price hike.. First up this week, Hulu announced that the monthly rates for its on demand streaming plans would increase starting next month., So were talking about the two on demand options. Here, the ad supported version and the No Ads plan.. Both monthly rates are increasing by 1, starting on October 8th., And that means the ad supported tier goes from 5.99 per month to 6.99.. Meanwhile, Hulu No Ads jumps from 11.99 per month to 12.99., And no this particular price increase does not apply to Hulu with Live TV or the Disney Bundle. For reference Hulus on demand plans havent seen a price change since February 2019, when the monthly rate actually decreased From 7.

99 down to 5.99., However, related service, ESPN and Disney have seen price hikes in recent months and come October. 8Th Hulu will follow suit.. So if the Disney Bundle doesnt interest you and you just want Hulus on demand offerings, you can still save some money by opting for annual pricing on the ad supported plan, which is currently set at 59.99 per year.. That essentially gets you 12 months for the price of 10.. However, youll want to act fast, because annual pricing for that ad supported plan is also set to increase on Oct 8th jumping from 59.99 to 69.99 per year. In general. Annual pricing can save a decent amount on services. You know youll want for a while, and we covered more money. Saving tips in our recent video, which you can check out at the link below in the video description. Moving on weve, got some hardware news to discuss. Wed, seen reports that Amazon could be prepping some new gear and sure enough. The company unveiled a new lineup ahead of the holiday shopping season., So lets discuss whats new. First up theres, a new line of Fire TV models called the Omni Series.. The lineup includes models at 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. All at 4K resolution with HDR support via HDR10 and HLG. The two largest options: the 65 and 75 inchers both feature, slimmer, bezels and add Dolby Vision, HDR support.. Those sets start at 409.99 for the 43 incher and top out at 1099.

99 for the 75 inch model.. Next up, Amazon announced a long awaited update to its Fire TV Stick 4K line., Its called the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and the company says its 40 more powerful than its predecessor, which could come in handy, especially with the user interface update, Amazon introduced earlier. This year. The new stick supports 4K, of course, as well as HDR10 and Dolby Vision.. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max rings in at 54.99 and were looking forward to getting our hands on one soon. Ish. Stay tuned. And finally theres a line of 4 Series Fire TV that offer 4K resolution at 43, 50 and 55 inch sizes. Those models start at 369.99 and will be available on Amazon and through Best Buy.. Of course, you can check out more info, including preorder links in our post, linked down below in the video description.. Moving on fuboTV is now available on Vizios SmartCast, smart TV platform.. Just last week we reported on HBO Max finally arriving on Vizio, smart TVs, and it looks like the companys app ecosystem is continuing to grow.. This particular addition means fuboTV users with Vizio TVs, now have a direct app option. Instead of having to rely on external devices like a Roku, Ultra or Apple TV. And youll get some expected features within the fuboTV app, including support for up to 6 user profiles and a customizable guide.. Of course, the arrival of the sports heavy live TV streaming.

Service comes at a good time for Vizio users.. This week marks the official start of the 2021 2022 NFL season, and Vizio users now have another native app to choose from. And speaking of the NFL. Just a quick reminder that earlier this week we published a video detailing how you can stream live, NFL games throughout the season without cable. We discuss, which live TV streaming. Services offer the channels that carry those NFL broadcasts., And we also highlight on demand streaming services with special deals to stream certain games during the season.. And then we wrap it up with the full 18 week regular season schedule.. If youre looking for ways to follow your favorite teams without cable, this season Id highly recommend giving the video a look. Youll find a link down below in the video description and maybe in the corner up here as well.. Moving on to other sports news, YouTube TV is building out its Sports Plus Add On with some new options. This week., The Sports Plus Add On package launched back in September of 2020 for 10.99 per month. At its launch. Users got access to NFL, RedZone Fox College Sports Stadium and more.. Well, the sports focused add on added several more options this week, including beIN Sports for live soccer coverage., You can see a full list of the channels on offer in the full post linked down below in the video description. And if youve been considering the Sports Plus, Add On package and these new additions have finally convinced you, let us know in the comments section down below.

And speaking of live TV streaming service additions, Philo announced an add on package of its own. This week., The budget live TV streaming. Service has launched a new Movies and More option for users looking for well movies and more.. The add on includes 5 channels in all including Sony Movies, REELZ, HDNET Movies, MGM, HD and Cinemoi.. If those channels pique your interest, the Movies and More package is available for 3 per month on top of Philos regular 25 per month rate.. Meanwhile, the service also bolstered its free streaming options with the recent additions of Players, TV Ryan and Friends, Gusto TV and to its lineup., And of course, you can find more info in our post linked down below in the video description.. Next, up, HBO Max is continuing its global expansion with launches planned in Europe. Next month. In all the streaming service will launch in six countries on October 26th., And those countries include Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and Andorra., And after launch HBO Max plans to roll out to 14 more locations. Next year., You can check out the full list of markets planned for the initial launch and 2022 in our full post linked below., And we expect to learn more about specific price points as we get closer to launch. But for now HBO fans in Europe will soon have a new streaming option to choose: from. Stay tuned. In Roku news. We recently reported that the company was nearing a deal to revive the recently canceled show Zoeys Extraordinary, Playlist.

And sure enough. This week Roku announced it would be bringing a new full length feature film to The Roku Channel, this holiday season., Its called Zoeys Extraordinary Christmas and is expected to include the shows original cast.. All 25 episodes of the short lived series will also be made available on The Roku Channel. Later this year., In announcing the new film Rokus Colin Davis, said We are absolutely thrilled to call Zoeys Extraordinary Christmas, our first Roku Original film and make it available to both longtime fans and new ones. On The Roku Channel, this holiday. Roku says the film will be available in the US, this holiday season, as well as Canada and the UK. Of course, weve seen Roku make significant strides as an original content producer in the recent months, including when it became the new Home for displaced Quibi shows and movies., And the move to produce its first original film suggests the company isnt slowing down its content expansion efforts. In the meantime show fans will have more to look forward to this holiday season.. Last but not least, just a heads up that last weekend, our own Jess posted an article guiding folks through alternatives for local channel access. Now that Locast has opted to suspend operations. If youre among the folks out there now looking for other options to view those local channels, Id highly suggest, giving the post a look. And, of course well continue to keep an eye on Locasts situation and well update.

As we learn more. So there you go, those were some of the top streaming and cord cutting stories from the past week. And, as we always say around here, thanks for tuning in., If you havent done so already, please consider clicking on those Like and Subscribe buttons Down below. Wed, really appreciate it and youd be supporting a pretty cool channel, if I do say so, myself. Youd also help signal to YouTube that it should recommend our content to more viewers which helps us build our community even more.. For now, though, thanks again for tuning in., I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.. My name is Philip Palermo.. Well see you next week.

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