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Now, if youve ever owned, one of these devices, you know theyre not all created equally uh. You know that because youve probably gone through some bad devices – and you may have been scammed yourself from some random guy on facebook, claiming that it does all this crazy stuff for just a hundred dollars. Little do you know he bought that box for 15 and just sold it for you 400, with one application on it. Yep weve all been there theres people out there that still do that, and i want to show you guys some of the android boxes. You should stay away from and two brands that i would still stay away from to this day, even though they have newer versions that work slightly better, but its really not worth the trouble and really not worth your time. So, like always guys smash that subscribe button. This is my second channel upgrade guy tech reviews. If you know my main channel upgrade guy make sure you go give it a follow as well were at almost at 50 000 subscribers. So its great im really excited. If you also have a minute go on twitter and follow us at upgrade underscore guy, it would help me out a ton and help me get some more followers lets go ahead and get into the video Music all right, everybody and coming in at number three of The worst android boxes that ive ever dealt with and ones you should still stay away from, is the r69 by sunvell.

Now i have explained a bunch of times in the past that this might not necessarily be sunvales box a lot of the time they just kind of license these boxes in a sort of way and buy such bulk amounts, but they just slap their brand on it. Um, so i dont want to by no means say that sunville is a terrible brand, but as a company you should 100 stick by what you sell. So if youre selling this, you should tell people, this is going to work good and its going to do what it says and unfortunately, in this capacity, sunville did not keep their promises. Lets just start with some of the description on this uh on on on sorry. On amazon, which is just laughable at best, so i love when people put in here, um what it supports and what quality it can play um so here its saying that it supports 4k, which is absolutely ridiculous. If anybody owned this box comment down below and let me know how trash it was because we know all we all know is pretty bad – plays 3d movies play games. I dont know what games you can play on a one gigabyte box, thats just absolutely ridiculous. So thats a terrible claim. I dont know if youre playing like pong um from you know an old school like uh classic arcade version, but youre not playing anything any games on this device. Youre, barely even browsing the web on it and, of course, like every other company that sells terrible boxes, one gigabyte of ram, which does absolutely nothing you cant stream, anything on it.

It just freezes every two seconds now lets just go over to this article. Actually, i want to show you guys this really quickly, so this is where, for example, companies would buy bulks amounts of these boxes, so you can see theres still 11 000 pieces available um for 21, each which is crazy, like whos, buying this device anymore and still Trying to sell it like some scumbag on like facebook marketplace pretty much um but yeah, just the worst of the worst devices, and we go to this article, where this guy actually bought one uh and wanted to see what he could do with a budget box. Uh and pretty much found out its garbage, it cant play even close to 1080p because it overheats um the ram is a low quality, one, a slower version, one which doesnt help at all uh and basically you can barely run so you know you spend 30 or 40 bucks on this or oh, i hope you guys didnt spend more, but sometimes people you know rip this off and uh theyll go ahead and try to sell it for a lot more by putting a few apps on it, but yeah its just absolute garbage guys. This is the number three box never buy it if you do own it rest in peace. Lets go ahead and get to number two on our list. All right guys and coming in at number two is the all bad and all worst one.

I dont even know how this is a number one guys and youll see why it isnt um is the mxq, the worst android box of all time and its not even number one youll see how that makes sense, uh, but guys theres, literally articles on articles written About this box and why its so bad and literally the worst box, but somehow the market got flooded with it and it got flooded with it, not because theyre selling a good product, but because they know how to advertise the crap out of it. They know what theyre doing and they know how to advertise to people and make it seem like its a great device that everybody wants and by building up this brand, they make it sound like a cool device when youre mxq youre, like wow, that that must be Pretty good but lets look at this first article here that uh pretty well outlines at the re at the start. You know when you read the article youre like oh, the pros and cons: okay, so whats whats, the pros yeah and this guy right away. Hes, like yeah, but after what spending 15 minutes there, there is no pros its its a terrible device. Um he talks about how all it does is buffering how its all it does is buffer uh it it just. You know it freezes constantly guys. This box was so well known, uh to freeze and get and get stuck on, um the the boot screen so often uh, where you have to try to reboot the firmware after now it doesnt mention chinese sellers.

I dont want to say, like 99 of these boxes are constructed in china, so its not that theyre, cheap chinese boxes, theyre just cheap boxes, guys its, not a chinese thing, its just no matter what product you get theres, always going to be super cheap versions of It and there theres no difference here, its just a cheap product that they advertised really well and they made it seem like a device that can be used and can be operated to the max capacity of another one um, so theres. Another thing i wanted to show you guys here and thats this guy, that talks about the mxq, the media, tv box from hell, uh and hes, pretty convinced its so bad that it had to have been hacked, listen, buddy, ashing, ashing tray. Nobody cares what videos youre watching. No, nobody wants to hack your mxq, its just a really bad box. My man theres just nothing good about it, its its, not a good device. Okay, your box isnt hacked. This is the worst device of all time guys and i i seriously want you to comment down below if youve ever owned, one of these and if you guys own one of these, i am so sorry to hear about that guys. I i will give you a discount on a new box if you, if you ever owned one of these, because that that is actually theres great links down below um to affiliate links.

If you guys want to purchase one of the boxes, i recommend i would never sell you guys anything like this. So dont worry about that or recommend anything like this guys, but now its the time, everybody has been waiting for lets, go ahead and get to the number one worst android box of all time, all right guys and coming in at number one is the mxq pro Or the mx pro now i can already see the comments below bro. You already said the mxq, its pretty much the same box. Why are you doing clickbait videos? Listen one or two. You guys are going to say that 100 percent im not doing a clickbait video guys. This video was also about which box you should still not buy, and unfortunately, the mxq made the exact same mistake when they built their next box and thats built the mx pro, which, for some reason, still has new version after new version, after new version and still Does not work well, anyways, i should say now i will say the new ones are usable, so you can buy them and they will function at an acceptable, acceptable rate. But that does not mean you should buy it guys. This box is so overpriced. It can go anywhere from 50 u.s or sometimes a little bit cheaper, 40 to 30, all the way up to ive, seen them for 100, which you know at that point. Why arent you just getting nvidia shield, or you know, one of the top android boxes um and this video kind of this this article – and you know this co, this article kind of outlines it like listen.

What they do is they make the box and, i will say, the design of the box isnt too bad like its really not. It looks in terms of android boxes, acceptable, um, and you would say that the design is actually sturdy uh and it looks good. But when you start to get inside of it and you start to, and you start to use it all, you notice is buffering and all you notice is freezing uh and time after time again, this device just does not cut what you need to do in order To use it – and you know its built on a cheap android operating system – uh, the mouse – barely moves half the time its hard to navigate uh its slow. I just cant say enough about how bad this is and its frustrating that companies still build and try to sell and market this towards people and thats. Why its a little bit of putting these guys on blast? And if you know anybody thats owned this box or you want to make sure people stay away from it, make sure you share this video, so people know absolutely stay away from these boxes and these brand boxes uh guys and im always going to be truthful with You im going to make sure i share the newest best information with you on. If i ever get sponsorships for doing this, i those reviews will be 100, truthful, guys, um, but this this is one device and one company that you you 100 have to stay away from um.

They use low amounts of ram. They. They use cheesy marketing techniques to make it seem like its better than it is um. They lie and theyre pretty much stealing money from people they they know. This is terrible and theyre just going with it. You know they know if they market enough theyre gon na get sales from it, and you can just look at the hundreds of reviews um, where this box does absolutely nothing but freezes um. Some of these reviews are kind of not very good uh, but yeah guys. Just share this video make sure people know what devices to stay away from if you guys are still watching. Thank you so much for checking this video out today. I really appreciate it guys i like to do more of these top three uh top five videos uh.

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FireTV, Amazon,, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Smart TV, Digital media player, 4K resolution 2pack Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa and Voice Remote

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