Fortnite, Battle royale game, Epic Games, Battle pass Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass (Trailer)

Also, we are going to have a look at game breaking glitches and also a glitch that gives you free skins in creative like and subscribe for, free skins and please use code smgm to help me out. First of all, i want to show you guys this super op glitch that you can do right now, so basically were gon na do this in party royale, but you can do this in any game mode. Basically, for this one youre gon na need a crash pad. So im gon na go to this vending machine right here, grab a bunch of crash pads, basically more the better, so im just gon na go ahead and pick up like inventory, full of crash pads, okay, so after grabbing all this so were gon na head over To this part of the map right here, as you can see right there, we are going to grab a quad crasher, because you can do this glitch using a bunch of vehicles like boats, a quad crasher, so im going to do this on this quad crusher right Here before i show you guys, other vehicles basically so place it right here. Just like this, but, like i said before, you can do this anywhere. You want okay, so what im gon na do is grab the crash pads and im, basically going to just throw them on the ground and just stack them just like this. So im just gon na go ahead and use all five of them, like i said before, more the better and then im gon na go into my vehicle and then basically what i need to do now is just drive through it and, as you can see right Here: bro, oh my god fam it will just send you flying im, not sure if i should have boosted right, they kind of slowed.

The momentum bro my quad vanished. You know what lets try that again without boosting also lets. Try do this like towards the ocean. Lets see where it basically takes me. Oh my god, bro look at this fam. You know. The cool thing is that you could actually do this in chapter one without using any crash pads. Oh my god bro. What just happened there? Okay! Now let me try this using a boat. Okay, ive got a bow right here and from what ive heard you can actually go even further using a boat. So let me just do this: oh my god, bro come on come on come on. Okay, that was a fail. All right lets try this again. Okay, so im gon na be really quick. Come on come on! Oh my god, bro! Look at this fam! I bet everyones like looking at me like what is this guy doing? Oh my god bro. I just went first person mode. I have no idea what is happening right now. Am i going down bro im just like floating right here? Oh my god, look at this fam im! Actually, first person. Oh my god, imagine all the people looking at me right there. They must be so confused, bro, okay, let me try like boosting and lets see what happens. Okay, okay, now, im falling down bro! Oh my god! Look at this! Am i gon na get like eliminated or something what happens if i hit the ground? Oh my god! Bro, look at this submarine im driving a submarine bro that is so op.

Do you want free skins in fortnite in creative? I got you bro okay, so im gon na go ahead and equipped a mystique and then select a game mode. That basically has that little changing booth in creative go ahead and start the game after that one there you go thats the changing booth that i was talking about, im trying to be careful not to get shot right here, so im should go ahead and build right. There and then, after that, one what you want to do is basically select a respawn, so im just going to go ahead and select respawn right there and after respawning, what you want to do is basically use the inbuilt emote of mystique. You know that emo that basically like changes her skin, so what you want to do is just go ahead and use this emote. Now you have to use this e mode twice: okay, okay, so ive done it once so im going to do it again, one more time and after this one what you want to do is basically go to the booth enter the booth. And now, if you select chapter 2 season 2 skins, so basically like miters, brooders and people like that, im going to go ahead and select t and tina and if you exit the booth now you can see right here. Ive just unlocked the ghost version of tientina, which i think looks super cool. You can actually play uh the game with it as well.

As you can see right here, get out of here fam. You know what i want to try out. Midas. Okay lets see. If i can actually get the ghost version of midas, so im just going to go ahead and select that one – oh, my god bro this is so clean. I think mighties is one of the coolest skin and i think this version is the coolest of all the midas versions. You know what now i want to do. Brutus actually brutus is actually one of my favorite characters as well. So let me go ahead and select this one and then leave the booth. Oh, my god lets go! Oh my god that is clean. The white suits, but the usually this version actually has a helmet on, but this doesnt okay, let me try using kits lets, see what you get. Okay, you get like this different pink version of kids, all right fam, so the alien mothership has started abducting corny complex, as you can see right there. Only a few days left before the season. 8 live events start and there are actually a bunch of secrets, thats hidden in this corny complex point of interest and im going to show you guys right now and everything has to do with the live event. As you can see right there, bro did that say 87 days what is going on bro whoa, look at all these stuff around bro, so obviously weve got all these buildings, but if you look underneath the floating island, as you can see right there, those are bombs.

Now lets take a closer look at those bombs right there, and these bombs will basically explode the mother ship taking down mothership and thats, why its called a fire sky fire operation or something like that, but lets see if we can actually exploded. These bombs are right here, uh. No, let me try getting closer, try to pickaxe the bomb lets see what happens if i pickaxe these bro nothing. I guess well just have to wait till the live event for this explosion to happen so far and these just dont explode. So let me quickly have a look at the main bomb thats hidden in this imagine orders headquarter. I will put it up in the screen. How it looks like so yeah this is going to be a massive bomb all right now. Let me quickly go down here, so this is obviously the imagine orders headquarter and lets see if this bomb is now like out there. You can actually see before it was like cased – oh my god, bro, no, its not its still under that case bro. So when are we able to see this bomb? Imagine like a crazy explosion that were gon na get, so we only have a few days left now. I guess we will be able to see the massive explosion. The mother ship is going to completely swallow all this poi and then the mothership is coming down. All right now. Lets talk about fortnite battle, pass skins.

All right now lets talk about possible season. Eight battle pass skins at number. One weve got king shark hype x, tweeted all these skins that are coming to fortnite very soon. Okay, now, if you guys dont know who king shark is king shark is a character from suicide squad and, as his name suggests, hes, basically half human half shark, and, to be honest with you, this is a very fitting fortnight. Skin i mean this could might as well be like fortnites original idea, because every battle pass kid has this little wacky kind of funny skin, for example, pili man cake. So my feeling is that next season this is going to be like a funny skin. Now, in my opinion, this skin is going to have two different variants. One is going to be a normal human form and then i thing is going to have like an inbuilt emote that you can only do with this skin and i think you can turn into a shark. If you do this emote or should i say, half human half shark, it would be very similar to like she hulks skin, but if you do an emote, you turn into like this green hulk at number, two weve got weasel thats right. This is another suicide squad. Skin – and this is kind of like a loki character than like a king shark, not a lot of people know about this character, but again very similar to king shark.

This character has the ability to turn into a weasel. I mean if you look at the image. Bro, this guy is super ugly, as you can see right here again that season 8 is going to take place during halloween season, so this skin makes a lot of sense. If you ask me again, similar to king shot, theres going to be an inbuilt emote and you can basically turn into this weasel character up next weve got jester king skin, so this was actually one of the skins hypec mentioned bunch of these skins. Right here was leaked by a company that makes skins for fortnite, and one of the skins was actually this skin right here and if you look carefully, they do look like a jester and if you dont know, gesture basically means like an old school clown and also They look like kings and queens as well, so my guessing is that these two might be part of the battle pass next season. If not, they might be available in the item shop up next weve got save the world halloween skin. Now i think this is going to be a super cool skin because, like i said before, halloween is going to take place during season 8 and we all know fortnite loves halloween, because if you think about it, fortnite is basically halloween like every day just running around. Wearing costumes also recently, we have seen a fortnight bring a lot of save the world skins to battle royale and according to hypex, a male version of save the world.

Halloween skin will come to br and i think its going to be this guy and to be honest with you, this is actually a really cool skin up next weve got minecraft. Recently, a bunch of codes has been leaked and theyre, basically all like minecraft codes and also they have just recently been added to the game and fortnite actually does this every time theyre bringing a new collaboration, and we all know that fortnite are doing bunch of collaboration. Recently, pretty much every season we get at least 20 to 30 collaboration and since minecraft has been growing a lot in popularity, we have seen people like tommy in it and dream blow up. I would not be surprised if we get like a minecraft collaboration next season, but theres a very high possibility. We might get like a minecraft skin or maybe like a minecraft rap in battle. Pass up. Next weve got spiderman. Okay. Now there has been a bunch of leaks that suggest that we might get spider man collaboration very soon, because spoilers fn says on twitter on 15th 8th 2021. I got a pm from someone anonymous. I think he means dm with information about a spiderman crossover, and now it looks like its coming true so heres some information i was given. Epic and playstations are in early development of a spider man. Crossover sony has stated that they want the offer to be exclusive to playstation users. Okay, now that is super interesting.

So if we get a spider man collaboration, it is going to be playstation exclusive skin. So if youre on xbox or pc, you will not be able to claim the skin. I guess, if you have a friend who owns a playstation, you can log in using the playstation and get the skin like that. And the reason for that is, sony is the one that actually owns spiderman and obviously playstation is owned by sony, and also we have seen like console exclusive skins before as well and also like phones. For example, galaxy skin was exclusive to people that own a samsung galaxy and also most of these skins were actually free as well. So there is a very high chance that spider man skin might be free. If you own playstation, i mean im a huge fan of spider man.

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Fortnite, Battle royale game, Epic Games, Battle pass Chapter 2 – Season 8 | Launch Trailer

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