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What do you call a room with no doors, a mushroom? I tried to find a joke that would fit this video perfectly, but honestly man, i got nothing thats the best i got today because with fortnite season, 8 chapter 2 only being five days away. At this point, it is literally all i can think about operation. Skyfire live event will be taking place this sunday at 105 pacific time and then the following season will be released just eight hours later on monday. Most of us watching this video right now are probably going to be stuck in school on the very day that season 8 is released, and i dont know about you, but thats – definitely not how i want to spend my first day of the season. So if you dont want to go to school, the very first day of season 8, you can stay home and grind your battle. Pass hit the thumbs up button on this video and you wont have to go to school. That day. In the last video i posted here on the home and games channel, we focused entirely on the skyfire live event and all of the brand new leaks that continue to come out in this video were gon na switch gears a little bit and instead of focusing on The live event were gon na focus on season. Eight, more specifically, the battle pass. Speaking of the battle pass. Dont forget every time we get a new season.

I go crazy, hooking up as many subscribers as possible with the new seasons battle pass. If youre not subscribed, stop messing around man, you could be missing out on a free season. 8 battle pass gifted by yours, truly but alrighty. Ladies and gentlemen, with less than five days until the skyfire live event and season eight, we got a bunch of leaks to talk about lets, get into a game and lets get into it. Every time epic games is getting prepared to release another new season of fortnite. They obviously test it a ton of times they even go so far to invite actual members of the fortnite community to what they call a research opportunity where theyll get to actually play and experience the future of fortnite before its ever available. In exchange for their opinion. On the new update, epic games offers them a 150 dollar amazon gift card, but apparently epic games should have made it like a 300 amazon gift card or something like that, because a lot of the people who went and actually participated in this user research study ended Up leaking a bunch of info about the future of fortnite were obviously not supposed to say anything about what they actually witnessed there and if they do, then they clearly risk getting in a lot of trouble or maybe even going to jail. So, for that reason were not going to be mentioning any names or anything in this video just for their own security and privacy.

We all know how season 8 is gon na begin, and that is with dr sloanes plan to blow up the mothership using the counter measure device during operation. Skyfire live event. Its been confirmed that, upon the destroying of the mothership, it will crash into the fortnight map landing in three different parts at misty meadows dirty docks as well as pleasant park. The remains of the crash mothership will stay there throughout the entirety of fortnite season 8. Essentially, changing those three pois into something brand new, the rest of the new map. Changes that will be present in fortnite season 8 will all be generated by kevin thecube. Who, as we know, will be once again revealed to us during this live event, with all the powers that the cube has its not just going to be. Making tiny changes to a point of interest like maybe adding some purple or something like that, its actually gon na be much much more powerful. For example, we received two new biomes that have been leaked to be on the season: eight map, one of them being a little pyramid, point of interest and another point of interest that is gon na. Have many many cactuses on it similar to a desert, which honestly goes along absolutely perfectly with the pyramid point of interest, we rewind the clocks all the way back to chapter one season: five, when we originally saw the cube it actually spawned in the desert area of The map, which makes perfect sense that why we would have a desert biome in fortnite season, 8.

, now that we all have a good understanding of what we can expect on the brand new map that well get here in season 8. Its time that we move on to the actual season 8 battle pass now this info comes from a person who is very close with some insiders at epic games and, as it turns out, it looks like the foundation skin will not be included in the season. 8 battle pass. Dont worry because some super awesome skins will be included, one being the naruto skin, which weve already talked about many a times, but it is also came out that, through the season 8 battle pass, as well as the season 8 story, trailer that will actually have a Brand new member of the seven revealed to us and actually include it as a skin for us to use only name of this mysterious. Member of the seven that we have at the moment is the name within obviously thats, not a real name like the foundation or something like that. But it definitely implies that he is working inside of the loop and has more control of it than either the foundation or any other. Member of the seven. My best guess is that this mysterious member of the seven is likely the person who we see pictured with dr sloan in that nice little image that she has hanging in her office. You may remember in the last video we revealed that during the live event, a prisoner that the aliens have actually taken hostage on, the mothership will actually be revealed to us at the time.

We believe that this prisoner would actually be the foundation, but, with these new leaks about the season, 8 battle pass theres, also a decent chance that this could be the member of the 7 who goes by the name the within oh, this isnt good boys. All right. We got one rushing us right here: uh, oh Music, uh, oh uh, oh ah, ks, right here here i go here i go here. I go boom! No, i missed! Oh dear, ladies and gentlemen, this is not good at all. This is legitimately terrible. This is terrible boom uh, oh ah, no! Ah, ah, yes, there we go holy cow. Ladies and gentlemen, oh my goodness, theres still one more healing, though theres still one more healing. Where are they bro? I hear them. Oh theyre right here. Yes, ah no boom! Yes, thanks for playing, oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, im literally freaking out that was insane how in the world am i still alive. I have no idea boys, not a freaking clue were not done yet. Ladies and gentlemen, i got ta make my way over to this reboot van and hopefully get my teammates back in the match. Here we go teammates getting back in the game were in the zone, but who cares dog all right? You coming lads taking a little bit of damage in the storm, no worries yep. We got enemies right there, man enemies right there, uh, oh theres, even more right here, man boom youre going down; yes, yes boom; yes, thanks for playing all right bunch of guys up on this hill right here, man, a bunch of them im gon na sneak up Behind them thats the plan right here were sneaking up on them boys all right.

We got one right here, laser another one: okay, those guys were bots and enemies left boys lets bring this home. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh wheres! He at wheres. He at where is he at oh hes, right here, hes right here, its a default with no shield? Yes, thanks for playing all right, eight enemies left on the a to go yup and the right over here. Ladies and gentlemen, gunshots at the top of my screen, thats them right there boys the final squad right here – oh hes healing, oh buddy, boom boom. Yes, we got one big fight going on in there boys. Oh, yes, good, shot, teammate last ones right here. This is it final enemy: where are you going, sir hes, so weak too youre literally dead, bro youre literally dead boom? Oh boom? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the victory royale that was literally a great game. If thats not worth the thumbs up, i have no idea. What is thank you guys so much for watching this video, if youre hungry for more homey games content make sure you go check out the official second channel of homie games, homie games 2, where i do my best to stream every other day. Thanks again for watching this video everybody, i hope you guys enjoyed.

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