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Skyfire event ends which we can clearly see is established now in terms of when its occurring in lobby and also in game, meaning perhaps were going to be getting not only an event in game that we can participate in according to data miners, but one for simply Being in the lobby, if we cant get into a game of this anyways like the black hole, initially, the first one sucking us into it, which were also going to be seeing reappear again straight after the event, obviously taking us into a set amount of downtime hours. Being around eight, with this, only being a few things that we know of currently the events going to be occurring, and then the next thing after down time, this were going to be seeing a fortnight for season 8. Initially is the trailer i figured wed go over. All the new leaks and details pouring out even now, 72 hours before the release of the brand new season that you guys definitely wont want to miss and is completely fresh trust me these final videos on the lead up to season 8. Now you wont want to miss out on so, of course, make sure youre sticking around and watching until the end of them. And whilst you sat there soaking in all the information enjoying yourself leave a like in the video down below as the uk is very hot. As of recently – and this will help call my pug gus down and despite being hot hes kind of sad anyways, considering hes, just discovered 70 of you watching right now, this video arent, subscribed and, of course, were incredibly close to 2.

2 million. Subscribers were less than 10k off, so if everybody subscribes right now well get there before season. Eight and after all, subscribing can only benefit you, despite staying in the loop with everything going on in the world of fortnite. In terms of news leaks information on whats in the game, i get five subscribers every day, which is about to be soon hundreds, and i mean hundreds of the season 8 battle pass. So, of course, if you want to receive that as a gift or a gift in the next video shown make sure youre simply subscribing to the channel. With all notifications turned on and then comment your epic games id down below and potentially what youd like to receive. So yeah this could be you in the very next video or upon the season 8 release with that brand new battle pass appearing on your fortnite account the first time you log on but anyways with that mentioned now, weve got so many map changes to go over Revealed for the first time in the season, eight trailer, the characters involved and, ultimately, the law getting very interesting to make sure you dont go anywhere, okay, so to understand whats going to be happening in the trailer before we leak a lot of information that actually is Coming out regarding that, we need to go over what to expect in the operation. Skyfire event, you know when this timer ends not only in the lobby but in game at kearney complex, which is now abducted.

If you havent logged on in the past few days and to recap on the lore or theme of the storyline for this season before we even dive into the leaks regarding the event and whats going to be happening during it all the map changes that occur because Of it season, seven obviously was an invasion based themed season, hence the title of that being revealed in the cinematic trailer itself and in this obviously, we saw the arrival of the mothership being the invasion of aliens that are trying to take over the fortnight island being Fought off secretly underneath corny complex that once was anywheres in the secret bases by the imagined order of which the leader of this organization is dr slur, weve known about dr sloan since chapter 2 season 5, as agent john jones used to work under her command before Betraying her and obviously taking side of his own anyways and then teaming up with the foundation when he was revealed in the chapter 2 season, 6 trailer or before the zero crisis, finale that we could play for the first time when logging in in chapter 2 season 6. and the important reason to clearly establish this law is because obviously, the motherships kind of been chilling above the map being bigger than it. This entire season, its been to slurpee, swamp, abducted that and obviously now left holes in the ground. The same thing with coral castle and seem to be corny complex and, as you can imagine, the imagined order.

Didnt want this or havent been liking. This happening so the whole time this has been going on. Theyve had a secret base to make all of these bombs. The first one of which is visible in replay mode right here and that cinematic was taken before corny complex, was abducted. Hence why now we can see them embedded underneath the debris thats flirting in the air, mid abduction from the mother ship. The purpose of these bombs that are going to be appearing more sir, on the lead up to the operation skyfire event in quantity anyways are to be abducted by the mothership, the chunks that we obviously see floating right now and then explode inside there actually destroying it. For those that havent been paying attention to the pay phone law kind of correlation from dr sloane around the map that we can even listen to right now, she said a few billion tons of flaming debris is about to cause some problems and obviously that this is A countermeasure or a backup plan that seems to be the main event now despite us. Knowing this event is going to be completely huge, considering not only is something bigger than the map involved in it or set to be destroyed, anyways being the mother, but the fact that its been revealed that were going to be going straight into downtime, like in the Black hole for chapter twos, transition, anyways or transitioning from the galactus event into chapter two season.

Five lets just say, despite fortnite tweeting out teasers, every single day to do with the event whats going to be involved, such as us having jetpacks strapped to our back again kind of liking, the galactus event where we got handed a jetpack by iron man. And if you want to see them every day, make sure to follow my twitter at friendly machine in the video description down below, as were so incredibly close, also to 10 000 followers, and i want to get verified soon. But yeah anyways data miners were able to discover that these bombs are obviously going to be exploded once abducted by the mothership. I dont know if this is straight away or when all chunks of the debris currently thats of corny complex floating in the sky are inside. It and with it, being kind of unbelievable that these bombs, all of them anyways combined together, even could destroy the mothership. Its definitely going to be happening, as weve had hints toward this from some of the new quests that were implemented in the v 17.50 update. And we now know that the fallout area or the area thats going to be destroyed or the main primary region anyways if theyre just landmarks and not named locations, are misty meadows. For a start, the data mines are able to determine and also dirty docks. Of course, this event is going to be full of surprises and small, easter eggs and even other things returning such as a cube, thats been hinted at by donald mustard for so long now, in chapter two as a whole, whether it was from this tweet saying he Might be gone forever, meaning also he might not be whether its from his appearance in this deja vu bubble, despite all the memories of which have already come true in the rift showing him on the chapter 2 island anyways its more than possible that we not only See kevin the cube return in this event, as data miners have been able to determine that theres files for him making a reappearance in this event in whatever way, shape or form, whether its just a small glimpse or appearance or even deja vu shot from whats to Come in the future after the event occurs and, of course, dont forget they want to make the trailer as juicy as possible the cinematic or story one explaining the law or the development after the events so yeah its more than likely kevin, the cube will be involved In the chapter two season x story or cinematic trailer, also speaking of laura whats, going to be affecting it largely, you know the foundation that we havent had as a skinning game.

Although weve known of since chapter 2 season 6 started despite him being a skin in the files and us because of this, knowing from pulling him into the locker early base of his description that hes, the leader of the seven well, it looks like him and kevin Are gon na be playing a big part in season eight, and probably both will be involved in the cinematic trailer when we actually see that, when loading up chapter two season 8, once its updated in downtime, has lifted for the first time based off what this guy? Who was staying at the same hotels, donald mustard actually managed to get out of him when asking him questions very fortunately, so lets roll that clip all right so im here with josh all right, so josh. If you could have any locker bundle, you want. What would you want so theres a candy, a candy cane that you guys posted on christmas? Beautiful bundle uh. It came in only on christmas, uh, the the angel wings from falling angel, beautiful and any type of pickaxe that you guys choose. Of course, that will be you. Okay, i want you to choose um. It will be all awesome: okay, yeah, thats, thats, cool thats, a cool thats, a cool live stream, so both of us can have that creativity all right. Do you have any question for me? You can ask me anything so what will happen with foundation and kevin? No, you youre going to find out with both of them.

Both amazing, theres, cool, stuff, cool stuff in store. Sounds amazing. Well, wait and see what you have in stores. It was amazing to meet you guys. It was amazing to meet you donald, so you heard it there straight from the horses mouth for the cc of epic games himself. Donald mustard well have to wait and see, meaning, yes, theres. Definitely things in store for not only kevin the cube, but the foundation too, as our last look at where he went to from being burst out of the zero point after it was abducted by the mother. Ship was into the water and we know hes not dead. Based off the red visor, turning back on as he slowly falls toward the water and then collides with it and speaking of him falling into the water pay close attention to the fact that this happened as were going to be seeing ultimately where he emerges out of Or where hes currently around our fortnight island, according to data miners, whove been able to quote candy wing being the guy who met with donald must at the hotel, which state things like in the season 8 trailer. We should see water. This will most likely show the whereabouts of the foundation and dont forget speaking of the location of one of the seven members of which we dont know the final three identities or what they look like in their suits. According to this, list of information were going to be revealed to the whereabouts of them all or where their hideout is or where theyve ultimately been plotting everything for the fortnight island or future.

This whole time in chapter three, which may even be straight after chapter two season, eight in itself, going into chapter three season, one. Instead of going up to chapter two season x, one of the main reasons we believe this will be. The case is because the title or theme of this next season kind of like we had invasion for the title of this one chapter two season, seven is chapter two season. Eight, the last reality again that this guy revealed after asking donald, muster the hotel he was staying at to describe season eight in one word and then yeah. He came out with three being the title of it. The last reality, with this event being so huge that were going back into definite downtime for a certain amount of hours or the black hole like state anyways and the title of this having last any meaning. This is kind of finalized. This chapter now after this next season, it definitely gives me vibes that were going straight after this into chapter three season. One again also data miners, like hypex, who have inside information sometimes too, have been trolling on twitter saying season. Six was the last season of chapter two which we know isnt the case currently and i asked yeah: did you mean season eight because yeah, it would make sense, also speaking of hypex, and what hes revealed about season. Eight more specifically map changes occurring because of the event and then whats shown development after that, in the season, eight cinematic trailer hypex had this to say, found something with ton.

Zim we might get a mummy skin in season, eight would be scrapped. It matches the theme of a poi coming in season eight and then a list of the pois that got leaked in the files anyways that are currently in there being pyramid, cubes and crash site, which again, we know, is gon na, be the outcome of the mothership Crashing down and speaking of the crash site and even the pyramids more specifically due to the fallout or destruction of the mother ships flaming debris billions of that in tons hitting the island. We have this leaked loading screen of a desert, like area of which would be definitely fit into this mummy skin theme, and also the pyramid that could definitely be located in this sandy region and with that covering the information today that we have regarding the cinematic trailer Believe it or not, despite the characters that are going to be shown off in the battle pass trailer, the naruto wont be one of them, although we know its definitely going to be coming in season 8, and we thought this was going to be the collaboration integrated Battle pass skin like we have superman. This season had neymar jr last season, obviously, in season five predator, how we know this is from the same guy, who was at the hotel again with donald mustard. He wanted him to clarify that the naruto wont be in the season 8 battle pass, but he will be upcoming at some point.

As epic games did obtain the rights to use the naruto in game and have been fighting for this since chapter 2 season 5 or even before then – and we know it – got leaked in the season 8 list of information. Initially, this first one that he will not only be upcoming and was expected to be in the battle pass, but he will be an npc mythic boss in game that drops a kunai explosive throwable weapon kind of like the batarang from chapter one season x with the Gotham city, rift updates, and with that now covering everything we know about both trailers. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below. Are you excited to see both of these premiere fortnites youtube channel for the first time showcase before anywhere else? I definitely know i am if you enjoyed todays video found it helpful or informative. I want to keep referring back to it: slap a like in the video down below and make sure youre subscribing to the channel, with all notifications turned on, so that you dont miss any future videos and get notified as soon as i post them. Now more than ever, as its very important and speaking of other videos make sure to interact with anything on screen right now, i guarantee you wont, regret clicking around. But most importantly, hopefully i can catch you.

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Fortnite, Battle royale game, Epic Games, Battle pass Chapter 2 – Season 8 Battle Pass

Fortnite, Battle royale game, Epic Games, Battle pass Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass (Trailer)