Fortnite *NEW* Fortnite SEASON 7 *LIVE EVENT* Official Reveal! ALL DETAILS & LEAKS!

This is a game changing moment. Ah, there we go aliens and humans can be friends after all, now time to destroy some noobs huh Music garbage get out of here. Oh no, its slon. She has portrayed our alien human friendship time for dr sloan to pay oh well. It looks like sloan betrayed us, looks like sloan cant be trusted. Oh, that is right. Maybe we cant trust, dr sloan after all, but guys welcome back to fortnite with one day six hours and two minutes until this seasons. Final event begins. It would seem were on the doorstep of this epic event literally. This is like the day before the last day to this seasons. Final events and everything to do with the build up is happening right now, literally in this video were talking about secrets, dialogue that epic games has just added, confirming that we shouldnt trust dr sloan holy jonesy. Did you just see that llama jump off? Sorry i i know i should never interrupt these coming up moments, but, oh, my goodness, that llama just literally went off hello, oh hes, okay, hes alive! You can see that hes still got okay, hes, just drowning thats, fine, okay, great brand, new official teasers, revealing that something is on the mothership that is going to be released in the new season, as well as the last leaks, but all going live just before this Event actually goes down guys its gon na be absolutely crazy.

Its gon na be insane. Oh, no, oh yo, speaking of not trusting dr sloan guys. If you want to support the channel, you can use the support to create a code that is on screen right now. Apart from all that, skies lets get into it, okay, with the sun setting and the moon rising its time to get into this video weve come to a very specific location in fortnite, because you may be wondering why we keep talking about dr salon and not being Able to trust her well turns out bunker jonesy actually has the answers for us. Oh, my goodness, yo just a super quick recap: you guys dr sloan is one of the main characters that is taking down the mothership, but bunker jones over here has actually been looking at everything. Apparently that has been going on this season. Unfortunately, hes the conspirator and hes putting all the information together revealing something that only now the end of the season that we discovered. Apparently when players now come up to bunker jonesy in the final days before the end of this season. He gives us a secret piece of dialogue that is going to change everything that we thought was the case in fortnite check this out. Players whove been completing. His quests are now receiving this dialogue. Sloans done it now, thats, not gon na end. Well, this seems to be the case if you complete all ivanka joness quests. He now delivers us this secret dialogue.

He seems to be skeptical that dr sloan has got something up our sleeves and its not going to turn out well, hey just in case you guys be thinking. Bunker jones is like a crazy dude. I mean he kind of is but bunker jonesy was actually one of the few that predicted that the giant monster versus the mega team leader events was actually going to go down. Bunga jonesy has a history of predicting whats going on in fortnite, and it would seem that if he seems to think dr slans plans, arent gon na turn out well well im entitled to believe him. Hey with that being said, this place is a wreck. I dont know how you live here, bro. What are these ducks ducks? Oh hes got a bunch of other craziness here yo. I have not been following this board throughout this season. There is a bunch of stutters as an alien yo whats up alien. Oh this agent jones, theres pili – oh my goodness, guy you are a creep creep, hey, actually bucky is pretty cool, but hey. We aint got time for this, because there is an even bigger brands. New teaser revealed in the games files literally right now that you guys have got to see okay, so you guys know. Doug deslane has been one of the main characters this season. That has been updating us on what is actually going on to do with that up. There you know the giants: mothership, ufo, hey, i dont know if youve seen it, but there has actually been another character that has been making an appearance.

Well, maybe not an appearance but shes been making her inputs throughout the season. In fortnight there has been a quest line to interact with these specific radios and a character from a radio station has been giving us pieces of information to do with ufos and aliens. In fact, she was one of the first to predict that aliens would come to our game. This was done in the form of teasers, literally at the end of last season. Well, it would seem her leaked audio has been revealed once again and at the end of this season, just as the mothership ufos plans to be destroyed are about to take place. She has a warning to tell us, and you guys might want to hear hey im sure youre planning on saving the day with your buddy, dr sloan part of me is super relieved and the other is honestly really really scared for you. I dont trust sloane. Just be careful, take care of yourself, dont count on her to do it. There might be something on that ship that not even sloan knows about. I want to lead you down a panic spiral, but whatever you think the worst thing ever is Applause. Oh hey! You guys done yet: oh you are oh okay, great great great! Oh, yes, thats right! This literal radio signal that has been revealed online is literally telling us several things about this seasons. Final events that we did not already know, speaking of did not already know.

Have you noticed whats going on right now we got an egg, we got another egg egg. Again! Oh! Oh! What that what that just happened! Sorry about that dont! Mind me uh! I was saying theres some pretty interesting information that we need to take away from this. So check this out the character on the end of the radio says i dont trust sloane. This is something we literally just talked about at the start of this video with bunker jonesy telling us that he was unsure of her secret plans and that they wouldnt go well. Whoever this character is that predicted, the ufos would be coming to our game. Also, doesnt trust sloane. This character also goes on to say the following: there might be something on that ship thats, not even sloan, knows about whatever you think the worst thing ever is. This might be way way way worse. Oh my goodness, if i think about what the worst thing ever is, i think of a really really big spider. You know, like the one thats the size, of your thumb, that crawls across the floor when you dont see it and if its way worse than that im not sure i want to play next season. Hey im partially playing, i mean spiders, pretty crazy, but there is something deep inside the mothership ufo that we all need to be aware of something that we might. Unfortunately, at the end of this next season, find out what it is.

If the mothership ufo crash lands on our islands, whatever is inside, is gon na be revealed to all of us and it looks like somebodys after me. Oh snap, someone is after me, bro leave, go away. Im gon na keep it attacked with you. I think your garbo bro, i think your garbo bro, give me that purple. I mean this whole season. We sort of thought dr slum might have been one of the good guys in the imagined order. She had plans to take down the giant mothership ufo, even though she was on the side of the imagined order and not the storm, oh my goodness, but now literally days before the end of this seasons. Final events, all of these iconic characters are warning us that this mothership crash landing event might not go down the way. We think i dont trust sloane. There might be something on that ship thats, not even sloan, knows about whatever you think the worst thing ever is. This might be way way worse. I may be a brain in a glass jar, but one things for sure is that even creeps me out as well as gets me pretty hyped for this seasons? Final events, Applause, yo, big damage that boy you see that hey brahma, keep it stacked with yo. I dont have much hp at all. Oh hes, on the run bro you out of your mind. If you think i cant see you dog youre out of your mind, hello, come get this brain bro.

What the heck not really sure how i lost that im, literally kind of speechless, i dont, have anything to say. I literally killed that guy on my screen, but im the one thats out of the game: huh amazing! Oh sorry, i i really didnt mean for that. To be at the yo bro, you were right in the way of my bullets. Bro im. Sorry! Where was i oh yeah? Oh thats, right some creepy crazy noises, ive begun playing. Did you guys really need to know about what is going on? Well, a brand new sound effect has begun playing. Unfortunately, this sound effect is not a game right now, but this is because it has everything to do with this seasons. Final event labelled impending doom, this phage gadget starts loop. Sound effect has been discovered in the games. Files and it would seem that it has something to do with the final showdown with the mothership, a warning signal being released, possibly from dr sloan or maybe from within side the mothership for the aliens to communicate. This warning sound is giving players the creeps and is giving us maybe a possible insight to what might actually go down in the final event, sound effects are always a tricky one, because we never really know exactly what theyre for, of course, until the events goes, live Hey but one things for sure impending doom now that sounds like a sound effect that is going to lead to something amazing and by amazing i mean terrifying, bro speaking of terrifying, back back up bro.

How did you get in who? Let you in bro guys this? What bro stop go? Wait, get out of here, dude im, trying to do this jump pad thing and then im going to transition into the next scene get out of here. Oh my goodness, bro! Oh guys! This is it the next time i release a video. I think its gon na be the event today, where we uncover everything that went on inside the event. Is there anything we need to know? Is there any information that you guys can provide in the comment section that is gon na help? All of us understand what is about to go down in the final events for this season, whose side is slan on, is the mothership ufo going to crash, and what is inside, that we all need to know about guys. If you want to support the channel, you can use the support creator code that is on screen or right now guys one day, five hours and 25 minutes. At the time of this recording. Oh snap, hey bro, im, keeping a stack with you. I was just doing something ow. We were both in the air. How does that work? Music? It was probably cut from the video, but i just spent the last 10 minutes thinking about how that guy beat me and the results. Well, he didnt beat me amazing. It was literally impossible: okay, guys ill catch you on the next crazy season.

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