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Okay! Is that the way through yes, therell be more of them inside you, dont have to do this, cant get rid of me so easily. I still need some monsters, then theres no time to waste. This path will take us all the way through the mountain. My people use these ways until the soviets arrived and began digging. What did they find down here enough to make them curious? They used machines and explosives to dig deeper did quite a lot of damage. Many of the old paths collapsed, but its safe now or it used to be that doesnt. Sound good trinity must have found the old mining equipment theyre, trying to finish what the soviets started and theres no other way through im afraid not not anymore. This complicates things theyre gon na bring the whole place down. Trinity is here: oh jacob, jacob are you there? Can you hear me this is bad? Okay? Okay! I can get power to that console. I know. Let me this should come in handy Music. Oh, oh now, what Applause Music ugh? Could this be part of the lost city too close these ruins are incredible. The source has this wall looks like it was put up in a hurry. I can feel air coming through im gon na see if i cannothing on the radio, no theres tons of rock and ice in the way, if were lucky, they might get a few bursts of static were under attack, keep recovering fire.

I got her. I got you covered uh uh. Hmm, someone tried to get through this door before what Music, uh uh, so uh shes there open fire moving in huh, taking position later on: hey uh uh right that should work that did it. What uh this statue must be the immortal prophet and this it shows the exodus of his people from the deserts of syria. They settled in a hidden valley and built a great city catash to protect the city and its people. The prophet raised an army of warriors, but what is this showing its? Not the divine source theyre holding something else something else, but what and his warriors forged for him, an atlas that the prophet might always know his city and its secrets, a map of the city. It could show the way to the divine source. Stop right. There easy easy. You know im not with trinity. Why should we believe you? I escaped with one of yours, a man named jacob. Where is he now we were together, but we got separated in the mines. She killed him. No, no, no, no jacob would never trust an outsider. Please listen! I am not your enemy. I warned you. You should have left sofia enough father. I thought i lost you im glad you made it out of there forgive sophia. She is cautious and her position id be the same way. What did you find out? Trinity is coming in force.

We must prepare her shes, a friend on my word. No harm will come to her these ruins. We must be near the prophets, lost city. Come you. Do not have much time prepare the weapons stores secure the battlements. Go now theyre almost here, but were outnumbered. The children and elders are vulnerable, go get them into the catacombs light. The fires, the valley, must be alerted incredible. Sofia master our fighters, then meet me in the upper village.

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