Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Sony PlayStation Far Cry 6 – offizieller Spiel-Übersicht-Trailer [DE] | Ubisoft [DE]

In far cry 6, you will join a guerrilla uprising against anton castillo. After decades of strife and unrest, castillo has unveiled a violent plan to drag yara from the shadows and towards a future of his own design. You play as danny rojas in far cry 6. Both male and female versions of dany are playable and share the same narrative experience at the beginning of their story. We find dany trying desperately to escape, but an encounter with diego castillo, the son of anton castillo, begins a chain of events that will thrust dany into the war for yaras future youre. Here thats. What matters just a second hermana im, getting the hell out of yara but youre in my camp as dany, plunges deeper into the conflict. They will begin to question their own views on freedom, identity, family and what it means to fight for an ideal. Are you ready for your uniform rojas yara? Is the richest far cry world, yet rustic, wild and unique in ways that only isolated cultures can be yares? Islands are a playground of mayhem and rough and tumble exploration, and this world can be experienced alone or with a friend, far cry 6s. Robust co. Op features include friend and public matchmaking, with xp and inventory progression that carry seamlessly between solo and co. Op experiences, free elections, free expression, free the outcasts, ayah free of gas deals simple, you dont believe me ill show you yara is broken into many regions of cultural and natural diversity, where dany will encounter key groups of locals and become entwined in their own, unique narratives.

Dany must gain the trust of each of these groups to resist castillos, tightening grip on yara and in the process uncover a wealth of mission, arcs and gameplay opportunities. Dany will meet the monteros, a family of tobacco farmers with deep roots in the yard and countryside, theres maximas matanzas and la morale. Two young groups, bracing to survive, castillos violence and hidden in yaras, mountainous jungles, dany, will meet the legends of 67. A band of ex revolutionaries whose experience in geria warfare will be essential in the turmoil to come fight until they die. These groups have different backgrounds, but all have been the victims of anton castillos master plan, as he ramps up production of vibido, a revolutionary cancer treatment. That castillo aims to wield as a bargaining chip on the global stage. Yaras regions all play a role in devitos production and bear the scars of castillos vision, forced labor, rampant pollution and military brutality have become a grave reality for its people. We have to stop casting on that yankee. We you kids, look like you, could use a little luck. Guerrilla camps are the heart of the rebellion where outcasts, misfits and ex military. Take action against castillos army. Welcome to libertad danny lets friata. Shall we? These camps embody the scrappy resolver guerrilla philosophy, and this is where youll plan assemble resources, gear and vehicles. Youll develop your caps based on your specific needs by constructing and upgrading barracks weapons. Caches, garrisons and many more success as a guerrilla is about adapting to all scenarios and finding ways to win against the odds.

Far cry 6 has a massive range of attachments, mods and ammo types which are customized at workbenches throughout yada and used with devastating effects, and just making do with what you have is inflicting chaos with everything. Youve got keep talking and this anything goes. Mindset extends to defense as youll scavenge any and everything you can to armor yourself against your opponents. Yara is a vast and varied world persistently woven with danger, mystery, unexpected challenges and adventure to uncover, and that adventure goes even further in a series of thrilling special operations. As dany aims to cut off key arteries of castillos back channel global network arrested my family in 67, me papa was dragged to this very cell. We used to talk every single night. Through this event, i loved it hes the same age. I was when you got a yes murdered, my father, a leader blinded by his vision, a nation caught in the flames of rebirth and the people fighting through it all to save their identity.

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