Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Sony PlayStation I Played Rainbow Six Siege on MOBILE

If i show you now, if i win this game, im pretty sure im going to be diamond free, so the new diamond three of the new season, guys if i get more than five kills this game. Youll smash 5000 likes in this video im using my phone and my controller to get kills its only very hard teams there, a lot of people using mouse and keyboard, etc. So yeah so lets get straight into the video. We got. One kill thats on the recoil. One wait: weve got the kill, he left the game got the kill, thats new update. I actually killed that guy. Oh, my i forgot with the update i got fried pear play. Lets watch us overflow teammates win the trend. These are four diamonds. Remember five theyre five diamonds – they probably are champs pretty sure we got the fuse as well nice, its the vault, the shield as well, no its good for hands to win the lap. So far. If we win, this game, remember ill, replace diamond free from 10 games, which is pretty cool. This is my smith game member nice good good teammates at once. Oh no thats work lets go backside, thats, not good. What four and one so far, one more kill. We actually already completed the goal, get docked up so far. What were four and one against five champs ill? Take this ive, been to my main hes. Preferred me: fair play fair play effectiveness, dont, throw this thats been my fault to be fair.

They win this nice. Hopefully hes mystery. Hopefully i dont think hes. Seen me again. If i was a rooney, i would have punched that door and running hopefully hes missing me. I dont think he has miss jeremy as well. He mentioned me, you win this. I think two push an attack. Now, no, oh, no thats going to throw this! The freebie too one pick dont pick myself up me: hey the reinforced attic off. Okay, hes killed me fair play, so we got five kills so six and seven. If we can win this game, what we need? One more round after this is it a massive win. If we win this game, i dont think theyre gon na free a free v2 with like 10 seconds left, they shouldnt throw nice six and seven so far. We need to win this. Maybe a first game on the phone and a fierce win with over five kills well. Take that im pretty sure they can go bonfire. I think asus now help my teammate sex im all fat, so i got a fatcher. I think factors to play – i usually play with my hands next to each other, so its easier but leaning on a desk is actually so hard just jumped out killed two of us in the back nice. I knew if we push out, it would have won that. I dont know why i was trying to change the push. The team is gone at 4 4.

This is not great. This is not good as a i dont want to go jaeger. I feel like im, not good enough for jaeger playing the phone because remember, im delayed, like my everything i do is just delayed. I think mossy. Is it oh hes back, i got a shotgun. Ella shotgun might be the player a four four ls shotgun nah, a good bandit with a bandit banner trick. Theres no way we lose match, point theres, no way we lose after going four four. All this way, my phone dying, basically twice theres, no way we lose and the front hatches up lets go for five kills thats the goal of this game, but if youre gon na win as well – and i get my diamond free, this should be like a plus 150, i think for me, i think its a plus 150 thats fun one thats, the big pick thats the pick we needed no pick thats another pick, theres no way, theres actually no way, theres no way. We just won this game as well. Is there any big elo as well, no way for 2v1 theres? No chance, surely not right its nine and nine last round guys we got a freak in the last round.

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