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I learned some more things about express and i thought id share them in this new review. As i reassess the vpn and see if its still performing as well as before, and as per usual with these reviews, i will be looking into the privacy policy, speed streaming and torrenting capabilities as well as security and features. And, of course, if, at any point, youd like to check for pricing, youll find all the links you need in the description down below, including some discounts to save you guys some more cash so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well. If you end up getting yourself a subscription so when it comes to privacy and their no locks policy, its very well known at this point how much express value both and that could not have been demonstrated any better than in the real life situation. Where the turkish government seized an express vpn server as part of an investigation but were not able to extract any information out of the servers by virtue of express not having any stored information on their servers in the first place, thanks to their servers running on ram Disks, rather than physical, hard drives, which simply means that there is no physical drive for information to be stored in and any minimal information stored by the ram is erased with every machine reboot. Now i would mention that express being based in the british virgin. Islands also helps since theyre, not under the 5, 9 or 14 eyes jurisdiction, but i dont really think that jurisdictions make that much of a difference since its really about whether the provider collects the information or not, and in express case it wont matter where theyre based Due to their miniscule amount of collected data anyways and when it comes to high profile cases, providers will cooperate with governments to the best of their abilities, regardless of their privacy policies, and to add to that express also had multiple independent audits to verify their privacy policy.

Claims and pinpoint any potential flaws within the network in order to get them fixed, express hasnt made any announcements for any 2021 audits, but that could still happen within the second half of the year. So hopefully there will be news very soon regarding another audit in 2021. In terms of expresss privacy policy and the integrity of their no logs claims express is one of the leading vpns independent audits and the turkish investigation situation really just solidifies their claims and reassures me that my data is indeed in good hands. If i were to grade the privacy policy of expressvpn, i would give it an a plus now, in terms of speed, keep in mind that speed tests will vary depending on various factors like your own connection, speed server load and the distance between you and the server Youre connecting to, if you didnt know when you connect to a vpn, your speed will drop since youre, connecting to a server thats, essentially much farther than your isp servers and generally speaking, drops in between 10 and 20 percent are considered to be excellent for avpn and Anything in between 20 to 30 or even 40 is still quite good. Granted your base speed is fast enough to handle a 40 drop. With that in mind, my base speed in this speed test was at 4.88 megabits per second ive tested all the functional protocols, and here are the results. The best results were expectantly coming from openvpn udp and lightweight udp.

That is to be expected, of course, as udp is always going to be faster than tcp by nature of how the protocol is set up and realistically speaking, tcp is only meant to be used in rare cases when udp isnt working. So keep that in mind. So naturally, the worst i got was a 40 drop on the new york open, vpn tcp protocol at megabits per second, and all the other results were in between 11.4 and 16.4 percent. Now the thing about express is not exactly the lightning speed of its protocols. Wireguard protocols like nordvpns, north lynx or surfsharks wire guard are indeed capable of outputting faster speeds about half the time. However, the thing that really distinguishes expressvpn from all the other vpns is the high degree of consistency in speeds. As you can tell, the speed remained very consistent, no matter what server i chose, i experimented with servers from east to west north to south, and the speeds did not fluctuate in an unexpected or abrupt manner in any way, of course, when having a reliable test, its Best to stick to the most reliable protocol, which in expresss case is lightweight udp so overall, while express, is very quick, its not as quick as the true wire guard protocols in other vpns, so speed gets a b plus for consistency now for streaming express is simply Excellent, the level of consistency and unblocking geo restrictions is very high and what id recommend is using the lightweight udp protocol, as i found it to be the quickest to do the job express, can unblock many streaming services, including hbo, max hulu, amazon, prime netflix and many Others express also has a handy tool called media streamer, which allows users to unblock streaming devices from the us and the uk on smart devices without having to download the express application by simply using a dns provided by express.

This can be useful if your device may not support the expressvpn app, but at this point most devices do unless youre, using a particularly outdated device with torrenting express, also fully supports peer to peer activity without any restrictions on speed or bandwidth, and that support extends across All servers, though, you might need to make note of express, not supporting port forwarding if thats something you need, but port forwarding isnt something thats awfully necessary when downloading its more needed for file sharing and seating, although it could increase, download speeds again, it certainly is not Necessary if youd like to know exactly what port forwarding is ill leave a link in the description which will explain everything about port forwarding within the context of vpns. But it is worth mentioning that, according to support, expresss port forwarding focuses on accessing the router from outside. Of the network, but it cannot be used to host peer to peer activity for security reasons, but to grade the streaming and torrenting capabilities of express. I would give streaming an a plus for consistency and wide coverage and an a minus in torrenting for great speeds, but lacking in port options and forwarding now for security by default. Express uses aes 256 bit encryption in combination with the open bpm protocol, a 40 96 bit rsa key and sha 512 hmac authentication, which is about as good as encryption gets, while maintaining a high level of speed lightweight is another protocol that is like openvpn, open source, But not to the public, not yet at least and with much simpler code, making errors much easier to spot and apparently it has been audited by third parties.

But none of the audits have made the public yet, but they are working on providing public source code in the near future. Lightweight also uses wolf ssl, which has been extensively audited and certified. If you notice, you will also have options of aes and chat shot 20. Ciphers under the lightweight protocol, but to briefly inform you aes, is what you will mostly be using and cha cha 20 is meant for lower power devices like your phone, for example, which helps save on battery life. Other protocols are available, such as the tcp counterparts of open, vpn and lightweight. The lightweight tcp, of course, has been released very recently and is much faster than openvpns tcp, as well as ikev2 and l2tp, which are not very reliable but having the option is definitely appreciated. Now express isnt, exactly decked out with advanced features express was made with the average user in mind, but also very secure and consistent enough to intrigue. The advanced user express has a reliable and properly functional, kill switch, which severs your internet connection. Only when the vpn unexpectedly disconnects, which is how a kill switch, should work, you also get a comprehensively easy to use. Split tunneling feature to allow you to choose which applications bypass the vpn connection or the other way around by having only selected applications, use the vpn connection, while not affecting the rest of the network. Other great security features include dns, webrtc and ipv6 leak protection. So naturally, when i tested for leaks, there was no leak or data to relate to my relocation and by default.

Expressvpn also uses perfect forward secrecy, which adds another layer of protection by automatically creating a new encryption key for every session and then replacing it. Every 60 minutes in simple terms, this means that even if someone was able to intercept and decrypt your vpn connection, the most they would be able to get is 60 minutes of data. This is also backed up by the previously mentioned ram disk servers which promote the highest levels of privacy and the lowest levels of data collection, as for obfuscation, unlike most other vpns theres, no toggle for obfuscation in express as it is always on by default, and according To support it really doesnt matter which protocol you choose, your traffic will be obfuscated regardless express is one of the only vpns that still works in china, despite the countrys blocks on vpn traffic youre, also able to access chinese cv and websites, and your data will look Like any normal browsing data through expressvpns, proprietary obfuscation, meaning that the great firewall of china wont be able to identify your vpn traffic and the same goes for all the other, heavily restrictive countries like turkey and the uae, so security gets an a plus, whereas customization and Features get a b, though i would give it a b plus just for how well these features work, but the lack of customization keeps the score. At b, expressvpn operates more than 3 000 servers spread across 160 locations in 94 countries, which provides a wide variety of regions for users to choose from no matter their location express works on almost every modern smart device, including android apple ios, linux, mac, os windows, smart Tvs, roku and more browser extensions are also available and i know its obvious, but i also think its worth mentioning how clean and bug free the user interface of express is its nothing too fancy or attractive.

Very simple and easy to read as if express, are not really trying to impress you with looks, but with performance instead, so the user interface gets no more than an a for performing very well and never crashing. Not even once. In my experience, though, not more than an a for not offering a dark mode, for example, though, a dark mode would be a very nice addition, and i cant imagine that being too hard to implement. Now, when it comes to pricing, they have a monthly subscription for 12.95, a six month plan that goes down to 9.99 a month and a 12 month plan at 8 32 a month. Its also important to note that all plans have a 30 day money back guarantee and a very helpful 24 hour live chat. Support if youre having any sort of issue again, if youre interested in expressvpn be sure to check the description ill, be sure to include a discount code that will save more of your hard earned money. So overall expressvpn continues to lead the vpn industry, despite the lack of customization and minimal features. Every feature express has on offer is very well polished and is made to carry out tasks at the highest levels of security, consistency and efficient performance, and so the average grade would result in an a minus which is superb really most vpns would struggle to even get A b because, while they might exceed express in speed lets say by getting an a plus, they will struggle in areas like streaming or torrenting, where they will get no more than a c plus or a b minus at best.

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