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So before we get, if you guys are interested in nordvpn, you find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below, as well as a full on review. If youd like to know the ins and outs of nordvpn in terms of privacy policy, speed streaming torrenting capabilities as well as security and features so be sure to keep that in mind. If you guys are interested now getting into the security features of nordvpn. Nord does have a good variety of advanced options, with first of all, top of the line protocols were talking about nord links, openvpn openvpn tcp for the most part. Now, if youre looking for extra security, you could go for openvpn, udp, openvpn, tcp or tcp for even more security but nine times out of ten 99.99 of the times. All you need is nord links, and that will be the best protocol you can get now. Of course, you also have cybersec, which will block ads in malicious, adware or malware for that matter. It may not be as good as a dedicated antivirus software, but it still does the job uh. You also have a kill, switch, an internet kill switch which will disable, of course, your internet connection, when the vpn disconnects unexpectedly – and you also have the option of the app kill switch, which you dont see much in too many vpns, which will disconnect or actually will Close selected applications uh, rather than closing your entire connection or terminating your entire connection and with regards to encryption by the way nordvpn uses aes 256 gcm encryption with a 40 96 bit dh key and of course you have the option of split tunneling, which will let You decide which apps are included or exempt from the vpn tunnel, not just that if you go to the actually were going to have to switch to openvpn in order to get access to a double vpn and dedicated ip uh, so double vpn will route your connection Through two servers, rather than one uh, to give you just extra security, as you can tell here.

So if i pick netherlands youll notice that i have a bunch of combinations here, of course you also have dedicated ip if thats something youre interested in a lot of other vpns will charge for that. But you can get your own personalized dedicated ip, but you still get the option here to get uh just specific servers with the same ip every single time, so thats, pretty cool onion overvpn is a great security tool that will give you access to the dark web. Without having to use the tor browser peer to peer will support peer to peer activities such as torrenting, which can also be very useful. Of course, youve got dns leak, protection and obfuscation tools uh. So if we go to advanced here, though, for obfuscation, you dont really need to use it unless the regular servers are not working and by the way, obfuscation will only work with openvpn tcp. So if i go to openvpn tcp here ill be able to access or turn on obfuscated servers, but notice, youll notice that it will isolate the obfuscation servers and i wont be able to use anything else. But you can, of course, use tcp without obfuscation if thats something you would like to also do. But overall, as i said earlier, you dont really need much more than nord links. It is the greatest protocol you can ever use and, as i stated earlier, you wont need obfuscation unless youre living in a country with heavy restrictions like china and youre having trouble accessing the regular servers or a country where vpn usage may be banned, since obfuscation will Essentially, obfuscate your browsing data and make your browsing look like any other normal data, so that even your isp wont be able to tell that using a vpn.

It will also help you of course, bypass the great firewall of china, and you know another cool feature. Of course, is the custom dns. This is easy. This is an easy way to change your dns. So if thats something youre interested in, you can definitely do that, and not just that. Of course, nordvpn uses ram disks rather than hard drives, so that theres no actual physical drive to store data in so that whatever minimal data is stored on the uh ram, servers will be deleted within every machine reboot. So that is very useful and thats pretty much it really when it comes to security. Nord is really just super solid, its as solid as it gets, and you do get the special or extra features which is double vpn and uh. You know, on top of the 256 bit encryption, as well as the 4096 key and double vpn uh thats about as much security as you can get with a vpn. You know. Nordvpn is very, very useful when it comes to just uh. You know streaming services uh, securing your data using it for peer to peer activity or onion or vpn. Youve got many uses for nordvpn its packed with features and its just. You know its got a very visually appealing ui, so whether youre a beginner or an advanced user, whatever youre looking at of nordvpn youll, find something to like now. Of course, if you guys are interested in learning more about nordvpn, you will find a full review down below ill.

Give you more of an in depth, look into the advantages and disadvantages of the vpn and also find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below. If you guys are interested so feel free to take advantage of those while they last so thatll.

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