Fortnite, Battle pass, Carnage, Epic Games, Venom ARNAGE SKIN NOW in FORTNITE! (Fortnite X Spider-Man)

If you want the foundation skin unlocked on your fortnite account, yo whats up guys welcome back to a brand new video here on the channel and in todays video were going to be going over. All the brand new spider man rewards coming to fortnite battle, royale and trust me guys, theres going to be a lot of brand new upcoming spider man rewards coming over the next few months. We want to make sure youre staying tuned to the very end of this video. If you want to know about all the brand new upcoming spider man awards, making the way inside the fortnite bar royale. We have all of the leaks here on this channel, so make sure you stay tuned quickly before we get started into the video. Well, let you guys know that we are gifting, you and old, loyal subscribers every single day inside the brand new item shop. So if any of you guys are in need of a gift inside the item shop or even the brand new season, 8 battle pass, all you have to do is drop a like on this video make sure you are subscribed to the channel with the post notification Bell turned on and most importantly, make sure to drop a comment down below to your epic games, username and if, by any chance, any of you guys are picking up anything in the item shop do consider using codekeep version, as it really does support the channel and It allows me to do even more giveaways, for you guys, hashtag, and it really does help me out and with that being said, lets get straight into the video.

So we have a lot of brand new information about upcoming spider man, collabs coming to fortnite battle royale and the very first one that will be coming to the game will actually be taking place either this month or the very start of october. Now this is going to be for the brand new venom. Let there be carnage movie. What we know about this brand new collaboration is a few months ago, and insider deku has been spot on with so many leaks in the past, especially when it did come to the rift tour live event. He actually did come out and say that we would be getting a brand new current skin arriving here inside of fortnite, and obviously this would make sense. Considering we already do have venom in the game brand new venom, 2 letter b carnage movie will be releasing. I believe october 1st, as it was actually delayed from september to october, but there is a chance that we could be seeing this current collab actually arrive this month or possibly even when the movie does release, which obviously would make a little bit more sense. But you guys who dont know what carnage looks like this is more or less what he should look like when he does arrive in forney, obviously, is very similar to the way the venom skin does. Look. Only thing is hes a little bit more skinnier and hes red and black, and he looks a lot more like spider man, in my opinion, considering he more or less is a big spider man villain in the comics, but obviously the venom movie is completely different from Those when this club obviously does take place, the chances are the venom skin will also be returning to the item shop.

So if any of you guys have not picked up the venom skin chances are, it will also be re releasing with the release of this brand new carnage skin. The very next set of actual rewards coming that are related spider. Man are obviously going to be for the release of the spider man away home movie that will be releasing in december and, according to some insider leaks, we will be seeing that collab come up really really soon. We do know that just the other day, we did actually have a trailer for the brand new upcoming spider man, 2 ps5 game that well be releasing in two years, and this is obviously just to fuel all that spider man hype that is currently going on right Now, especially with the recent release of the spider man away home trailer itself – and everybody is super – super excited for this now there will be a brand new spider man skin coming to the game where, obviously, you will ever get the skin from the movie. According to the insider league, the skin will have edit styles from different movies and different animated cartoons, and just overall, a lot of different suits that you can use as different edit styles. Anybody who does play on the playstation 5 platform will actually be able to get some sort of exclusive edit style that only playstation users can get, and this is going to be in the form of the advanced playstation suit from the spider man ps4 a game.

The only major difference with this actual outfit itself is more or less that it just has a white spider logo and it does look slightly different compared to other suits spider. Man does wear this headed style. Most likely will be exclusive to that playstation device very similar to the way the kratos has an exclusive edit style that is basically only available for playstation users and also the alloy skin. That club should be coming over around the end of the year for the release of that brand new movie. I should expect to see this probably around the first week of december, or possibly even just right next to the release date for the movie, which is obviously december 17th. Obviously, spider man is one of marvels biggest superheroes. The chances are theyre gon na have a whole big spider man themed update when this skin does drop, possibly some brand new map changes and, according to the league, were probably going to be seeing a brand new spider man mpc on the map with brand new mythic Web shooter abilities, which is said to be able to actually stop your opponents briefly for a minute from enable actually shoot you or build, i believe, its probably going to have a few seconds of a cool down. This also has me super excited. Obviously, spider man does have a lot of villains, and so far in foreign, we only actually have one of spider mans major villains, which is obviously the venom skin that we already have now.

You may also be seeing some of spider mans villains, make their way into the fortnite item shop. Maybe even green goblin, doctor octopus, anybody we have so many different spider man villains that have a chance of showing up inside of forney in the form of a brand new skin. For the release of the movie the chances are. We might actually have some free challenges where we can get some pretty cool, free, emotes inside of warning from the complete and simple challenges slightly similar to the way we did have the wakanda forever challenges not too long ago, back inside of 400 season 5. But i will make sure i keep you guys updated on any more information. We do get about this brand new spider man event that will be coming up pretty soon, as were actually not that far away from it. Now a lot of people did say that marvel was more or less dumber for right now, but it turns out foreign came out and did recently say that they will be working with marvel for the next upcoming year, so the chances are were gon na, be seeing A lot of more marvel skins, probably even ones that will show up in between now and then chances are, were most likely gon na be seeing drax come as he is also a member of the guardians of the galaxy. I believe he is one of the final members of that actual team that is not yet inside of foreign.

Considering we already do have star lord, we have rocket, we have group, we have gamora and now or more or less, were just waiting for the drag skin. For a release date for that skin, the chances are most likely will be coming out for the release of the brand new guardians of the galaxy game, which will be coming out late october, as that game also will be featuring all of these characters that we already Do have inside of forney right now, obviously, drax being the exception and considering forney and epic games have obviously teamed up with square enix before when they did come to the avengers game, where you could obviously get those hulk, smasher pickaxes for absolutely free chances are we May see something even similar come when it does come to the brand new guardians of the galaxy game that is so far everything we do know about.

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